Past Articles in World Games

  1. EuroZone: World Games, Kamil Osiecki, German Nationals, EuroStars

    Lorcan and Ravi talk World Games as well the start of the EuroStars tour and German Nationals.

  2. USA’s Chris Kocher Hits #2 On SportsCenter Top 10

    Chris Kocher’s big layout score in the final of the World Games against Colombia made it to #2 on ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10 last night.

  3. World Games 2017: Closing Thoughts, Play Styles, And Atmosphere

    Some wrap-up thoughts on the prestigious tournament.

  4. USA’s Grant Lindsley On Living In A Buddhist Monastery (And A Cave)

    The Olympic Channel did a short segment on USA’s Grant Lindsley’s experience living in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. Check it out.

  5. Canada Holds Off Australia To Claim World Games Bronze

    This is Canada's second straight 3rd place finish at the World Games.

  6. Defense Carries USA Over Colombia To Gold At The World Games

    USA finally found their rhythm

  7. GIF: Canada’s Mark Lloyd Launches Full Field Flick To Diving Geoff Powell

    This is as good of a throw-catch combination as you’ll ever see.

  8. World Games 2017: Day Two Recap

    Colombia and USA will rematch in the gold medal match.

  9. Deep Look: World Games, Colombia Tops USA, EuroStars Tour, ESPN2

    Breaking down what happened on day one in Poland.

  10. World Games 2017: Day One Recap

    Saturday is set up to be epic.

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