Weekend Update: Conferences!

The majority of the US college teams were in action this weekend for the conference championships, the first round of the USA Ultimate Series on the road to Madison. Here are the results of the weekend's tournaments.

2013 USA Ultimate College Series logo.The majority of the US college teams were in action this weekend for the conference championships, the first round of the USA Ultimate Series on the road to Madison.

Here’s a look at D-I Regionals qualifiers from every event, with some commentary about interesting and/or notable results.

Ultiworld Power Rankings are noted where applicable.




1. North Carolina (#5)
2. UNC-Wilmington (#16)
3. Appalachian State
4. Clemson
5. North Carolina State
6. South Carolina

UNC dominated their biggest rival, UNC-Wilmington, 15-8 in the finals of the Carolinas Conference. Both teams stood above the rest of the pack, but UNC continues to look like a quarterfinals level team at Nationals.


1. Maryland
2. Georgetown
3. George Washington
4. Johns Hopkins
5. Delaware


1. Virginia
2. James Madison (#25)
3. Virginia Tech
4. William and Mary
5. George Mason

Virginia didn’t have great results during the regular season, but they handed JMU their second loss of the season in the conference championship game, 12-10. Nice win for Night Train.

Also notable, George Mason made it to Regionals for the first time in program history. That was their goal for the season. We focus a lot here on Ultiworld on the country’s top teams, but it’s good to remember that not everyone is trying to win a National Championship.


East Plains

1. Notre Dame
2. Indiana
3. Purdue
4. Kentucky


1. Illinois
2. Illinois State
3. Eastern Illinois
4. Loyola-Chicago
5. Chicago
6. Northwestern
7. Southern Illinois


1. Michigan (#21)
2. Michigan State
3. Eastern Michigan

After beating Eastern Michigan on Saturday, Western Michigan lost to them in the game to go 15-11, a disappointing finish to the season for a team that deserved to be at Regionals. Gotta get those sanctioned games!

The EMU Hellfish, with Nationals ambitions, sneak into Regionals.



1. NYU
2. Princeton
3. Columbia
4. Rutgers
5. SUNY – Stony Brook
6. Rowan/Hofstra

NYU never faced much of a challenge en route to their 3rd straight conference title. They jumped out to a huge early lead against Princeton in the finals, going up 12-5 before letting Princeton go on a bit of a run. But it was too little, too late as NYU cruised to the 15-10 win, putting themselves among the top Metro East contenders.

NYU lost to Princeton earlier in the weekend, but didn’t play their offensive line starters in that game.

The Western NY and Hudson Valley conferences play next weekend.


Metro Boston

1. Tufts (#15)
2. Harvard (#14)
3. Boston College
4. Boston University
5. Northeastern
6. Massachusetts-Dartmouth

With a 15-6 win in the Championship game, Tufts embarrassed Harvard to take the Boston title. With the win (and a 12-8 win earlier in the weekend), Tufts has erased any idea that Harvard has their number. Regionals is going to be a blast.

North New England

1. Vermont
2. New Hampshire
3. Salem State

South New England

1. Brown
2. Massachusetts
3. Williams
4. Rhode Island

Brown, as expected, won the SNE conference, but not without a fight from Massachusetts. In what proved to be the Championship game, Brown beat UMass 16-15. Since all four teams qualified to Regionals, they did not have bracket play.


Lake Superior

1. Wisconsin (#4)
2. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
3. Wisconsin-Stevens Point
4. Wisconsin-Eau Claire
5. Marquette

West Plains

1. Luther
2. Northern Iowa
3. Iowa State
4. Nebraska
5. Iowa
6. Nebraska-Omaha

With all of the discussion squarely on Northern Iowa the past few weeks, nobody has been talking about Luther, a team that many thought wouldn’t be able to do much after losing Eric Johnson. But Luther thrashed everyone this weekend, taking down UNI in the finals 13-9 in what was easily their closest game. It’s hard to ignore a +61 point differential.

Can Luther take down one of the top teams in the North Central, though? And what to make of UNI? Too much hype about a weather-shortened season? Lots to watch for at Regionals.

The Northwoods Conferences will take place next weekend.


Big Sky

1. Whitman (#19)
2. Montana
3. Washington State
4. Boise State
5. Montana State

The Cascadia Conferences will take place next weekend.


West Penn

1. Pittsburgh (#6)
2. Carnegie-Mellon
3. Penn State
4. Shippensburg


1. Ohio (#17)
2. Cincinnati
3. Ohio State
4. Case Western
5. Dayton
6. Wright State
7. Kent State

The East Penn Conferences will take place next weekend.


North Texas

1. North Texas
2. Baylor


1. Oklahoma
2. Kansas
3. Missouri
4. Washington University
5. Kansas State
6. St. Louis
7. Central Arkansas

South Texas

1. Texas (#9)
2. Texas A&M (#20)
3. Texas State
4. Texas-B

Texas gets an important 15-12 win over Texas A&M in their first meeting of the season. A&M narrowly missed earning the South Central region a third bid, so they will have to beat either Texas or Colorado to punch their ticket to Madison.

Rocky Mountain

1. Colorado (#7)
2. Colorado College
3. Colorado State


Gulf Coast

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Tulane
4. Auburn
5. Southern Mississippi
6. Mississippi State


1. Central Florida (#3)
2. Florida State
3. Florida
4. South Florida

UCF left no questions about who the best team in Florida is. With a 13-6 win over Florida State in the finals, they head into Southeast Regionals as the obvious one seed. FSU beat Florida 13-11 in their first full length matchup of the season after their game at Easterns was cut short due to inclement weather.

Southern Appalachian

1. Georgia
2. Georgia Tech
3. Tennessee
4. Kennesaw State
5. Georgia Southern



1. Arizona State
2. Arizona (#10)

Arizona State gets the biggest upset of the weekend, a 15-11 win over top 10 ranked Arizona in the tiny Desert conferences. The seeding implications could be rough for Arizona, making their path to a bid that much tougher in the deep Southwest region.


1. Stanford (#11)
2. Las Positas
3. UC-Davis
4. California
5. UC-Santa Cruz
6. Chico State

Stanford went on a 4-0 run to take down UC Davis 15-14 in the semifinals before beating Las Positas 13-11 in the finals. With Arizona’s loss, Stanford is almost certainly set to be the top seed at Southwest Regionals.

The SoCal Conferences are set for next weekend.




1. Maryland
2. Towson
3. American
4. Delaware
5. Georgetown
6. George Washington


1. Virginia (#10)
2. Virginia Tech
3. James Madison
4. Virginia Commonwealth

The Carolina Conferences were postponed until next weekend due to rain.


Eastern Great Lakes

1. Notre Dame
2. Michigan (#23)
3. Michigan State
4. Purdue
5. Indiana
6. Michigan-B

Michigan had a bad start to the day, losing in semifinals 12-9 to Michigan State. But they got them back in the 2nd place game with a statement win, 14-3 (they led at half 8-0). Notre Dame walk away as the EGL champions.


1. Northwestern
2. Illinois State
3. Illinois
4. Chicago
5. Loyola-Chicago
6. Northwestern-B


Eastern Metro East

1. NYU
2. Yale
3. Columbia
4. Hofstra
5. Princeton
6. Central Connecticut State
7. Rutgers

NYU went undefeated to take down the EME Conference and solidify their position as the team most likely to upset Ottawa at the Metro East Regionals.

The Western NY Conferences are set for next weekend.


Greater New England

1. Tufts (#8)
2. Northeastern
3. MIT
4. Boston College
5. Harvard
6. Boston University

The Greater New England Conferences are set for next weekend.


Lake Superior

1. Wisconsin (#11)
2. Wisconsin-Eau Claire
3. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
4. Wisconsin-Stevens Point
5. Marquette

Western North Central

1. Iowa State (#3)
2. Iowa (#5)
3. Carleton College (#6)
4. Minnesota (#12)
5. Northern Iowa
6. Nebraska

One of the most competitive conferences went down as we expected, but every game was a nailbiter. Iowa State beat Carleton in the finals 12-10 and Iowa took 2nd 13-10 over Carleton. In fact, every game in the championship bracket and 2nd place bracket was won by no more than three points. Expect the same at Regionals.


Both the Pacific Coast and Big Sky Sectionals are set for next weekend.



1. Pennsylvania
2. Carnegie-Mellon
3. Pittsburgh
4. Penn State
5. Edinboro
6. West Virginia
7. West Chester
8. Shippensburg


1. Ohio State (#7)
2. Case Western Reserve
3. Ohio
4. Toledo
5. Miami (OH)



1. Missouri State
2. Kansas
3. Washington University
4. St. Louis


1. Texas A&M
2. Texas (#21)
3. Texas Christian
4. Rice
5. North Texas

The Rocky Mountain Conferences are set for next Sunday.



1. Central Florida (#16)
2. Florida State (#18)
3. Florida
4. South Florida
5. Florida State-B

Central Florida took the championship game over Florida State 7-4 after the game was cancelled due to lightning. The Sirens remain the team to beat in the Southeast.

Gulf Coast

1. Vanderbilt

4 seed Vanderbilt lost early in the weekend to top seed Tulane but pulled out an 11-7 finals victory to take the lone bid from the Gulf Coast.

Southern Appalachian

1. Georgia (#19)
2. Georgia College
3. Emory
4. Georgia Tech



1. Stanford (#13)
2. Sonoma State (#17)
3. California (#22)
4. Humboldt State
5. UC-Davis


1. UC-Santa Barbara (#9)
2. UC-San Diego
4. San Diego State
5. Claremont
6. Southern California

The Desert Conferences are set for next weekend.

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