2014 College Championships Prop Bets

2014 USA Ultimate Division I College Championships logo.Here are 30 proposition bets to play for fun, profit, or both. Bet with friends and post your picks in the comments!

Wins Picks

  • More wins: Canadian teams (UBC-W, UVic-W) or North Carolina teams (UNC-M, UNCW-M)?
  • More wins: Ohio Valley (OSU-W, Pitt-M) or Boston teams (Tufts-M, Tufts-W, Northeastern-W)?
  • How many games will five seeds win in pool play: Over/under 1.5?
  • More wins in pool play: Whitman-W (tie) or Wisconsin-M?
  • More wins in pool play: State of California (UCSD-M, UCLA-W, UCSB-W) or Michigan (Michigan-W, Michigan-M, EMU-M) (tie)?

Stats Picks

  • More assists/game: Sunny Harris (tie) or Julia Snyder?
  • More assists/game: Bobby Ley (tie) or Chris Larocque?
  • More assists + goals/game: Lisa Pitcaithley or Jimmy Mickle (tie)?
  • More assists + goals/game: Dylan Freechild or Sophie Darch (tie)?
  • Higher total: Will Driscoll (Texas) Goals + Assists (tie) or Mark Vandenberg (Harvard) Assists + John Best (UCF) Assists
  • More goals/game: Colin Camp (Wisconsin) (tie) or Christian Johnson (UNC)?
  • Higher total: Mariel Hammond (UCF) Goals + Assists (tie) or Mira Donaldson (UBC) Assists + Alika Johnston (Virginia) Assists?
  • More assists/game: Danie Proby (Victoria-W) or Marcus Ranii-Dropcho (Pitt-M) (tie)?
  • More assists + goals/game: Callie Mah + Abbie Abramovich (Western Washington-W) or Matt Bennett + Dalton Smith (Texas A&M-M) (tie)?
  • Higher total: Mike Ogren (UCF) Goals + Assists (tie) or Gene Buonaccorsi (Tufts) Assists + Robert Goode (UNCW) Goals?

Placement/Advancement Picks

  • How many Northwest Region teams make semis: Over/under 2.5?
  • How many one seeds make semifinals: Over/under 5.5?
  • More quarterfinalists: North Central Region (Wisconsin-M, Carleton-W, Carleton-M) or State of Washington (Washington-W, Western Washington-W, Whitman-W) (tie)?
  • How many South Central teams makes Quarters: Over/under 2.5?
  • Higher placement: UBC Women’s (tie) or UCF Men’s?
  • Which Metro East team places higher: Rutgers-M or Cornell-W (tie)?

Assorted/Random Picks

  • Higher point diff. after pool play: Ohio State-W or Oregon-W (tie)?
  • Higher point diff. after pool play: Colorado-M or Pitt-M (tie)?
  • Who wins the Women’s Callahan? Cassie Swafford/Sophie Darch or The Field?
  • Men’s Pool D Winner: Oregon/Carleton or Other?
  • Higher point diff after pool play: Carleton-M (tie) or Northeastern-W?
  • Higher total: Charlie Eisenhood (Ultiworld) correct quarterfinalist picks or Keith Raynor (Ultiworld) (tie) correct quarterfinalist picks?
  • Which team will win the flip (Fri, 2:30): Texas-M or UNC-M?
  • More total points in 4/5 game: Washington-W vs. UCSB-W or Oregon-M vs. UNCW-M (tie)?
  • Number of Friday games with 1 point margin of victory: Over/under 6.5?
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