People’s Choice Awards: Reddit’s Picks for Team USA

Tryouts for the US national team are underway. Last weekend, the west coast tryouts took place and have been called the toughest weekend of ultimate ever by many of the top talents in the US.

It seems like one of the toughest aspects of this process will be who to cut and who to put on the final squad. A few days before the tryouts, I put out a poll on r/ultimate on Reddit and asked users to predict who will make the final team, allowing entries up until tryouts started. The rules were fairly simple: Look at the tryout list and select 28 men for Open, 28 women for Women’s, and 14 men and women for Mixed. 56 people submitted picks; here is a breakdown of who was selected, as well as a crowd-sourced shot at the final selection based on everyone’s picks.


100% of voters chose Kurt Gibson. Sorry Beau, one person didn’t choose you for the squad; Kurt gets some props here. Aside from that, there aren’t too many surprises down the line. It is a fairly diverse group of players from many different parts of the country.

Men's Team USA Reddit Votes


The out and out winner of Women’s is Octavia ‘Opi’ Payne with 95% of voters choosing her for the team. The next step down is Riot’s Rohre Titcomb with 88% of voters choosing her. No surprise here with a majority makeup of Riot, Fury, Brute Squad, and Scandal with a few members of the All Star Tour like Jesse Shofner peppered in as well. Another interesting note is that there was not a single woman with 0 votes.

Women's Team USA Reddit Votes


Things get tricky here as people are picking from the same pool as the single gender teams.1 Some big players get top votes on the single gender teams but things are much less clear here. Khalif El-Salaam destroyed the men’s side of mixed getting 70% of the vote; the next in line was Bob Liu with 48%. The women’s side of this was even more flat with the winner here being Lisa Pitcaithley with a mere 50% of voters choosing her and Sarah Meckstroth getting second place with 36% of voters.

Mixed Men Team USA Reddit VotesMixed Women Team USA Reddit Votes

Your People’s Choice Teams

So the raw data is all up above, but I decided to take it a step further. Mixed people may get slightly offended but I had to choose something to do and I basically gave the top 28 Open and Women’s players spots on the team and then the top 14 Men and top 14 Women that were not selected for open and Women’s spots on the Mixed team. There were only a handful of people who made both the top 28 in their single gender team and the top 14 of their gender on the Mixed team.

Open Team

  1. Kurt Gibson
  2. Beau Kittredge
  3. Cassidy Rasmussen
  4. Ashlin Joye
  5. Jimmy Mickle
  6. Jonathan Helton
  7. Tyler DeGirolamo
  8. Matthew Rehder
  9. Dylan Freechild
  10. Brett Matzuka
  11. Peter Prial
  12. Will Driscoll
  13. Alan Kolick
  14. Daniel Karlinsky
  15. Nicholas Spiva
  16. Robbie Cahill
  17. Ryan Farrell
  18. Simon Higgins
  19. Jonathan Nethercutt
  20. Josh Markette
  21. Lucas Dallmann
  22. Justin Allen
  23. Reid Koss
  24. Jack Hatchett
  25. Simon Montague
  26. Hylke Snieder
  27. Mac Taylor
  28. Russell Wynne*

Women’s Team

  1. Octavia Payne
  2. Rohre Titcomb
  3. Claire Desmond
  4. Sandy Jorgensen
  5. Alex Snyder
  6. Leila Tunnell
  7. Kelly Johnson
  8. Anna Nazarov
  9. Claire Chastain
  10. Jaclyn Verzuh
  11. Qxhna Titcomb
  12. Sarah Griffith
  13. Georgia Bosscher
  14. Kaela Jorgenson
  15. Robyn Wiseman
  16. Emily Baecher
  17. Jesse Shofner
  18. Cree Howard
  19. Lisa Pitcaithley
  20. Jenny Fey
  21. Lien Hoffmann
  22. Becky Malinowski
  23. Hannah Leathers
  24. Kami Groom
  25. Shira Stern
  26. Hana Kawai
  27. Sarah Itoh
  28. Lauren Sadler

Mixed Team


  1. Khalif El-Salaam
  2. Bob Liu2
  3. Eli Kerns
  4. Alex Thorne
  5. Brian Schoenrock
  6. Jay Drescher
  7. Austin Lien
  8. Chris LaRocque
  9. Asa Wilson
  10. Colin Camp
  11. Jay Froude
  12. Nathan White
  13. Elliott Erickson
  14. Markham Shofner3


  1. Sarah Meckstroth
  2. India Stubbs
  3. Magon Liu
  4. Claire Revere
  5. Leah Farris
  6. Sarah Anciaux
  7. Raha Mozaffari
  8. Cassandra Wong
  9. Erynn Schroeder
  10. Megan Cousins
  11. Sarah Davis
  12. Carolyn Finney
  13. Laura Bitterman
  14. Caitlyn Fitzgerald

  1. There was no rule in the contest saying that you couldn’t put people on both the mixed and single gender teams. 

  2. Bob Liu and Russell Wynne tied for 28th in Open but Bob Liu was the second pick for mixed, so I put him on the mixed squad. 

  3. Jacob Janin had the same amount of votes as the bottom four guys on the mixed team. I used their Open Division votes as a tie breaker and Janin had the lowest among Froude, White, Erickson, and Shofner. 

  1. Ravi Vasudevan

    Ravi Vasudevan has served as Ultiworld's European editor and a host of the podcast EuroZone. Emails about EuroZone should go to [email protected]. Ravi played for WPI in the US until 2008. He has been living and playing in Europe since 2009 and has competed at WUGC 2012, WUCC 2014 and WUCC 2018.

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