[UPDATED] Throwing Form Project: A Video Archive Of Elite Throwers’ Mechanics

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Revolution’s Manuela Cardenas. Photo: Kevin Leclaire — UltiPhotos.com

This summer, I attended the World Ultimate Club Championships as a videographer for Ultiworld. While I was there, I continued to add to my collection of throwing form videos.

My inspiration for this project is pretty simple. As a player who spends a lot of time working on my throws, I have found that watching elite throwers make throws is the easiest way for me to improve. As a young player, I watched guys like Alex Thorne and Nick Lance and tried to emulate their throwing styles. Even now, as I try to master new throws in new situations, watching other elite throwers gives me an easy way to visualize these throws being made.

published the first two sets of videos last year but had a chance to get some more footage at WUCC. I’ve now added Claire Chastain, Essi Inkinen, Jonah Wisch, Manuela Cardenas, Valeria Cardenas, Yina Cartagena, Yukie Yamaguchi, Mike Ing, and Yuko Suzuki to the collection.

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I hope that anyone that reads this will consider trying to add to this collection. If you happen to have a camera, go out and film somebody! It only takes a few minutes per person, and the value it may provide to players around the world could be huge. And, although I focused on just forehands and backhands, it would be great to see some other throws, pulls, etc. added on here as well. Get filming!

The full throwing form collection is available on Ultiworld’s YouTube channel. Some of the new videos are embedded below. Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in adding additional videos to the collection.

Manuela Cardenas

Manuela Cardenas Forehands

Jonah Wisch

Jonah Wisch Backhands

Claire Chastain

Claire Chastain Backhands

Yukie Yamaguchi

Yukie Yamaguchi Forehands

  1. Joseph Marmerstein

    Joseph Marmerstein started playing ultimate as a freshman at Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied biomedical engineering and captained WashU Contra. A native of Cleveland, he has played with Lake Effect, caSTLe, Smokestack, Temper, and the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds. He is now a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, where he coaches the women's team.

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