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Universe Point, Presented by UP Cleats: Portland vs. Lewis & Clark (Women’s)

In-region rivals go to a winner-take-all postseason point.

The most climactic point in ultimate is double game point–also known as “Universe Point”–when the pressure is on and a single goal will decide who will be the victor. This college season, Universe Point cleats is presenting every double game point we film. Check out Universe Point if you’re looking for an edge to help you win your next double game point, or any other time you take the field.

To watch this game and the rest of our college games in full, check out our subscription options! Any rankings below are from the time of the matchup.

The second place final at the Northwest D-III Conference Championships pit two familiar friends against one another: #8 Portland and #15 Lewis & Clark. It was the close of a dramatic weekend. Portland had already played to double game point against L&C in pool play and then in the championship game against Puget Sound. While both teams had already secured bids to Nationals, seeding was on the line, and perhaps more importantly, pride.

Portland vs. Lewis & Clark (Universe Point at NW D-III Conferences 2019)

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