Sin The Fields: Skip Sewell, Tattoos, Spirit Timeouts

Skip Sewell was the 2nd ever guest on STF.

The guys go deep on the scandal of the year and look at every angle of the Skip Sewell drug kingpin story. Tad gives the story of his tattoo before picking out the best of the Ultimate Ink tattoos, and a dramatic scene from fall league is unpacked. Meanwhile, Pat drinks 12 beers and eats 24 donuts. It’s a weird one!

Sin The Fields: Skip Sewell, Tattoos, Spirit Timeouts

In this week’s subscriber-only lounge, forget the Ironman or the decathalon. Pat reports from the depths of attempting the truest test of mental, physical, and spiritual strength: the 6/12/18/24 challenge.

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  1. Tad Wissel

    Tad Wissel is an Ultiworld reporter.

  2. Patrick Stegemoeller

    Patrick Stegemoeller is a Senior Staff Writer for Ultiworld, co-host of the Sin The Fields podcast, and also a lawyer who lives in Brooklyn.

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