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  1. Deep Look: Club Season Canceled, USAU Board Prez Robyn Fennig

    At least ultimate's back in Europe!

  2. Stall Seven: AUDL Season Canceled, Anti-Racism Panel

    The bubble got popped.

  3. Sin The Fields: Summer League Viking Funeral

    Pouring one out for summer league.

  4. Deep Look: AUDL Canceled, Who Won The Decade Bracket

    Keith Raynor takes over the show this week. He offers his thought on the AUDL’s bubble plan and subsequent cancellation.

  5. Deep Look: Club Costs & Solutions, Return to Play

    Is this our chance to really rethink the club season?

  6. EuroZone: xEUCF Bids, WUGC Budget, New WFDF Rules

    Deep Dive into the Rules!

  7. The College Postseason Simulation 2020: D-I National Championship & Box Score (Men’s)

    The simulated title match!

  8. The College Postseason Simulation 2020: D-I Nationals Championship & Box Score (Women’s)

    Carleton and UNC are the final two, but only one can be champion.

  9. Sin The Fields: Our First Club Seasons

    Time to move to New Zealand!

  10. 7500 Club: D-III Team Names Draft

    Another draft!

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