12 Days of College Ultimate: 9 Elite Social Media Accounts

Some of the best accounts in college ultimate.

It’s time to unwrap some presents as we introduce the 12 Days of College Ultimate. Over the next few weeks of December, we will be releasing one gift per day, though don’t count on getting any partridges in pear trees: it’s all college ultimate. From top players to strength bid predictions to highlights, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

Today’s topic: On the ninth day, we’ll look at 9 social media accounts that amuse us and their growing audiences.

With hundreds of teams and thousands of ultimate players scattered around the country, it is tough to keep track of everything that will happen this college season. As the sport has developed, using Twitter and other social media to follow the sport has become vital to being an engaged fan. Most teams use Twitter to report scores in real time, and many have developed Instagram or Snapchat accounts to showcase player life off the field or provide team announcements to players, parents, and fans. While not a pure ranking of the best social media accounts, here are a bunch to follow that are sure to provide good entertainment.

Twitter: UT Dallas Woof

While the team itself has underperformed compared to breakout expectations, UT-Dallas Woof’s team Twitter account has done a great job providing relevant, entertaining content. They also interact well with local organizations, other teams, and prominent ultimate Twitter accounts.

Twitter: Northeastern’s Clara Stewart

The lone individual account on our list, Stewart’s musings have garnered a fast-growing following on Twitter. The sophomore combines a strong personality, neurotic yet relateable anecdotes and observations, and cultural ultimate commentary. It’s not always rated E for everybody, but the likes and retweets have come in droves.

Twitter: Emory Juice

Emory Juice is probably most famous for their topical jerseys each year, but their Twitter account is right up there with the best, as well. They often add complimentary commentary to their score update tweets, rather than just posting the numbers of the score. While a lot of their content might be team-specific, they tend to write the kind of captions that even those outside the joke can understand and laugh with.

Twitter: Carleton Syzygy

Carleton has already gotten talk as a potential national title contender, but they’ve social media game is already near the top of the division. Their account shares offseason team fun, player successes, and outdated memes. They aren’t afraid to mix it up with other teams, but mostly just hype up their players, even when they succeed at other sports.

Instagram: Colorado Quandary

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Lol throwback to #mudtex when the coaches bet us, lost, and Claire had to eat a worm. Centex 2018, here we come!!

A post shared by Quandary Ultimate (@quandaryultimate) on

Instagram is not as popular for following ultimate teams as Twitter is, but Quandary’s account is a must follow. They combine amazing pictures with helpful information like team announcements and player profiles, and always look like they are having fun. With a new team name, expect some new branding as they go into the spring.

Twitter: Cal Poly SLO SLOCORE

Cal Poly SLO SLOCORE is probably better known for their high quality videos, but their Twitter account is just as compelling. Clear love for their team and individual players, and some well-timed self-deprecating humor. They also find amusement with other teams.

Instagram: Grand Canyon University Lopes

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Starting D Line for today's tourney ? #gcuultimate #lopesrising

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Grand Canyon University men’s ultimate team’s Instagram the top tier social media account you haven’t heard of yet, simply because their team hasn’t won many notable events. From professional looking starting lineup graphics to game and schedule updates, coaching quotes, player insights, birthday announcements, and highlights, this account has it all.

Instagram: Washington Element

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Celebrate with us. Grind with us. Be a team with us!! FIRST practice is TONIGHT, 8-10pm @ the IMA Sports Turf Field across the U village Safeway! Just bring a water bottle, white & dark shirt, cleats (or tennis shoes if you don’t have cleats), and YOURSELF! We can’t WAIT to meet you and get to know you and dance with you all night long ?? ** for more info stop by our website — sites.uw.edu/wwuf

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Whether digital or drawn, Element knows how to make a good graphic. The professional presentation strikes a balance between looking polished and showing off personality. They post player profiles, team news, and show off the team’s incredibly fun side.

Twitter: Washington Sundodgers

Just like the team itself, the account runners behind the Washington Sundodgers Twitter are unabashedly themselves. Not afraid to put themselves out there, they’ll steal their rivals’ traditions, make their opinions known and spark online debate, or even mock their own coach. Let them spice up your Twitter feed this season.

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