Tuesday Tips: How to Make the Best Ultimate Frisbee Memes

Be funnier.

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This article was written by Calvin Ciorba, the creator of the popular @discmemes Instagram page, and submitted as part of our Tuesday Tip Jar program.

As the owner of the Instagram page @discmemes, which I have grown to more than 29,000 followers and one million likes, I believe I have developed the perfect formula for creating the best ultimate frisbee memes. This formula can get you lots of those ever-satisfying hearts on your GroupMe messages, a repost on your team Instagram page, or those 100 likes on Twitter you desperately want so Sin The Fields notices you. Here’s how to do it.

Step 0: Understand Memes

A meme is (usually) an image with a caption that, if done well, is relatable and funny. What is an ultimate meme? The same thing that includes something funny about the sport.

Step 1: Get a Quality App

I cannot stress this enough–you need a good meme making app. Without a quality app, your memes will not look professional, which, in turn, will detract from their humor. I suggest the app Mematic. It is free and provides the standard meme format of a white box with the modern meme font. When I say modern meme font, this is not to be confused with the 2012 Bold Impact font seen below on the left. That font is way out of style: it cannot give enough information in the caption, and it makes you look like a Facebook boomer who pronounces meme meh-may or mee-mee.

Left: An out of style format. Right: A good example of a modern day meme format.

Step 2: Choose the Right Image

There are a couple of routes you can take for this step, depending on who your audience is. A less-popular but still viable option would be to use a funny image of one of your teammates and slap on a caption. However, please, keep these in the GroupMe or team Instagram, because normally these types of memes are only enjoyed by those on the team, not the public.

The second, more popular option is an image (or “template,” as they are called in the meme business) that you can put a very specific and funny caption on. Often, these images can either be a famous person doing a weird face/pose, or a person saying something (usually a line from a tv show/movie). A method that works for me is browsing through templates on your app (or a template Instagram page) and trying to think of a caption that would be funny for that image. These types of memes can be enjoyed by the general public and will be approved by the ever harsh world of Ultimate Twitter — if you follow the next step correctly.

Pro tip: Using relevant images will make the meme 10 times more funny. No one wants to see another meme of the sideways Drake head. They want fresh content.

Step 3: Make a Funny Caption

This is easily the most important step. Like step two, there are multiple approaches to a quality caption. The most popular caption is one that either roasts other people or yourself about something that happens to ultimate players. These captions need to be relatable to be funny. This can be anywhere from the classic ‘stall 4 crossfield hammer’ memes, to the ‘watching the newbie try to throw flicks’ memes.

If this is being sent to your group chat, make sure to put your teammates name to make it funnier.

The second option is the “current event” meme caption. These are usually just easy roasts like the good ol’ fashioned ‘Carleton missing Nationals’ or the ‘video of the #liveultimate ambassadors walking out of the airport’ memes. These are the best for Ultimate Twitter.

It is my firm belief that the best and funniest captions are the ones that pop immediately into your head. Write them down quickly, and then revise them if you think they need it. If you are thinking too long about a caption, use a different template.

Step 4: Post It!

After you post, that is it! You are now ready to earn a higher status (or lower, don’t make bad memes please) on your team, gain 10 random twitter followers, or get a free sticker from Spin Ultimate at tournaments when you use your meme as your joke! If you ever need more inspiration, check out my page for daily content!

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