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  1. Club Championships 2021: It’s Underdog vs. Underdog in NOISE-Hybrid Semi (Mixed Semifinal Preview)

    A classic ninth-seed vs. twelfth-seed matchup in the second mixed semi.

  2. Club Championships 2021: Sockeye And PoNY Lined Up For Epic Semi Rematch (Men’s Semifinal Preview)

    Can this game live up the narrative heft of the teams' recent history against each other?

  3. Club Championships 2021: Rhino Slam! Charge to Matchup with Undefeated Ring of Fire (Men’s Semifinal Preview)

    Rhino are on their deepest bracket run in a generation, but for a shot at the ring, they'll have to go through Ring.

  4. Club Championships 2021: Seattle Showdown in Semis (Mixed Semifinal Preview)

    There's only room for one Seattle team in the mixed final!

  5. Club Championships 2021: Molly Brown Take Wind-Swept Win Over Nemesis (Women’s Quarterfinal)

    Nemesis end their deepest bracket run in years, while Molly Brown advance to a familiar semifinal matchup with Brute Squad.

  6. Club Championships 2021: Fury Roars Back For Decisive Win Against Traditional Rivals Riot (Women’s Quarterfinal)

    An age-old rivalry gets its latest chapter.

  7. Club Championships 2021: Rhino’s Quarterfinal Redemption (Men’s Quarterfinal)

    Portland advance to semis for the first time since 1993!

  8. Club Championships 2021: Semifinals Live Coverage

    Live updates of all the action from San Diego throughout the day! You can follow our livestreams, twitter feeds, articles, as well as our liveblog updates, on

  9. Club Championships 2021: PoNY Push Past Machine (Men’s Quarterfinal)

    In 2019, Machine knocked out PoNY. This year PoNY flipped the script!

  10. Club Championships 2021: Brute Wins Decisively Over Traffic (Women’s Quarterfinal)

    Brute Squad shows they're still the team to beat!

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