Bring It In: Listen Up, Because We Haven’t Covered This Yet

You've got a great new drill, but how will you introduce it to the team?

Coach Lauren Boyle talks with her team, Colorado, during a huddle. Photo: Kevin Leclaire —

Bring It In is a new coaching-focused column by Keith Raynor.

Most coaches have learned, developed, and discovered plenty of drills in their time on the sidelines. Maybe your old coach had you do a given exercise before games, maybe a summer league teammate regaled you with tales of how much some practice activity leveled up their game, or maybe you just made it up driving home from a tournament while reflecting on challenges your team faced over the weekend. While the functional traits of a drill are important to its efficacy, the ‘how’ of bringing it to your team is often neglected. What should practice leaders be thinking about when considering the introduction of a new activity to practice?

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