Ep. 17 The Unintended Receiver: Interview with Sneha Patil

Hear stories from Sneha Patil!

We put the spotlight on Sneha Patil, well-regraded as one of India’ top athletes, in this episode of the Unintended Receiver (UR) podcast. Sneha, who is usually not seen sharing much of her inner workings, shares thoughts around elite athlete training, preparation for World Championships and competitive Ultimate in India. UR co-hosts, Jaidip Patel and Richa Patel, dig deep to also reveal Sneha’s journey from a teenage hurdler to a bronze medallist with Team India.

Listen in for tips on training and mental toughness from Sneha, a speedy, determined, and an elite athlete with few but mighty words. Don’t miss the bonus banter in the quick fire round with some surprising answers!

The Unintended Receiver podcast will attempt to bring coverage on Ultiworld from different Ultimate communities across Asia-Oceania. For folks in Asia-Oceania, please write to us with ideas, interview requests or feedback via IG @the.unintended.receiver or drop an email on [email protected].

The Unintended Receiver: Interview with Sneha Patil

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  1. Jaidip Patel
    Jaidip Patel

    British born ‘Desi’ boy, Jaidip Patel is a seasoned Ultimate athlete, has made many friends as an Ultimate Frisbee coach nationwide, and served as the first President of the Ultimate Players Association of India. Jaidip co-founded the outfit 91 Ultimate, which sells Ultimate gear and provides coaching services.He has represented India at various international championships including WBCU 2011, WCBU 2015, WUGC 2016, AOBUC 2019. Currently, helps to run the UR Podcast, coaches and plays Ultimate in Bangalore (India) and volunteers with the UPAI.

  2. Richa Patel
    Richa Patel

    Richa Patel picked up the sport of Ultimate Frisbee at 30 to fight off Asthma. Now she fights off patriarchal norms both on-the-field as a tiny defensive beast and off-the-field as part of multiple grassroots initiatives for gender equity in Ultimate. Her Ultimate career started in the west coast of India with club teams like West Coast Rascals. She has represented India at the AOBUC 2019 and was selected for the WUMC 2020. As a recent immigrant in London, U.K., she is on the hunt for a team rich in diversity and bad puns.

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