High School National Invite 2023: What You Need To Know

All of the info you need this weekend!

The 2023 High School National Invite is just four days away! The tournament preview will be out soon, but we wanted to make sure everyone was fully up to speed on the important details of this weekend, whether you’re a player, coach, parent, or fan. Questions? Leave them in the comments and we’ll get them answered.

Here’s what you need to know about the HSNI.

The Basics

Schedule: The schedule is LIVE and is available here.

Field Address: Regional Athletic Complex, 2280 Rose Park Ln, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Coaches/Captains’ Meeting: We will be having two coaches/captains meetings since teams are starting at different times: 8:00 AM Friday for teams starting in the first round and 10:00 AM Friday for teams starting in the second round.

Check-In: The complex opens at 7:00 AM on both Friday and Saturday. There, we will verify with you that your roster and player registrations match and give you your team pack.

Rosters: Teams should already have submitted rosters to the HSNI event committee. The roster of players must match the list of players that have registered for your team.

Messaging & Alerts: 

  1. Phone – If you need immediate assistance at your field or require an athletic trainer, call the tournament director (TD) or find your nearest tournament volunteer and they will pass on the information.  The TD’s phone number can be found on the landing page of the schedule.
  2. GroupMe – We will be using GroupMe as our quick tournament messaging app for the weekend. Download the app to get started! Invites will be sent out by Friday to the phone numbers given for each team during the online registration. Updates to schedule, food scheduling, and weather delays will be communicated through this method first. Ultiworld will also communicate information via Twitter and possibly website updates.
  3. Email – Will be used to communicate details for the GroupMe notifications if needed. This will be a slower method of communication
  4. Twitter – Is for supplemental information, competition updates, weekend highlights, etc. Please do not use this method of communication for reaching out to the tournament staff.

Health & Safety

Athletic Trainers: We will have two trainers at the fields on Friday and Saturday. They will be there from 45 minutes before games start through the final round each day. Please get to the fields early if you want to get taped before the games. Athletic trainers have a golf cart so that they can come out to injured players on the field. Call the TD or notify the nearest tournament volunteer if emergency attention is needed.

Hospital: The closest hospital is University of Utah Hospital, 50 Medical Dr N, Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Inclement Weather Information: In the event of a severe storm, participants should seek shelter in their cars. A blast of 5+ horns signifies a weather emergency. The Tournament Staff will make every attempt to provide as much advance notice as possible if a storm is approaching the area. Coaches should ensure that they have their bus driver’s cell phone number (if applicable) so the buses can be summoned quickly. Updates during a weather delay will be given first via the GroupMe and second via email (also on Ultiworld’s Twitter).  The Google Doc Schedule will be the “MASTER” version of the schedule if changes are needed.

Weather Contingency Plan: If lightning is spotted within 10 miles, we will suspend games and continue the delay until 30 minutes passes with no lightning inside the 10 mile radius. If games are interrupted during the day, we will consider the following in making changes to the schedule:

  • Games may go until 10 PM on Friday evening
  • Games may start at 8 AM on Saturday morning
  • Games may be shortened in time or point total
  • Pool play or prequarters may be clipped in favor of a straight bracket

Spirit of the Game

Spirit Captains: In a sport that depends on fairness and sportsmanship for quality competition, we take Spirit of the Game very seriously and will help encourage all teams to have great Spirit. Each team needs to elect a “Spirit Captain” for the weekend to make sure their team upholds these values all weekend. 

Observers: Select games will feature USA Ultimate certified observers. The observers this weekend will be operating as fully fledged observers that monitor time, make in/out calls, provide rulings on contested calls if requested by the players, and, if necessary, discipline players with TMFs and PMFs. We expect to have observers on all of the semifinals and finals, select early bracket games, and select pool play games.

More notes on SOTG:

  • Winning is important, but not at the cost of sportsmanship and respect for your opponents
  • We will be using a Google Form for reporting Spirit Scores
  • Spirit captains and spirit timeouts: Every team will have a spirit captain. That spirit captain can call spirit timeouts. The teams meet in a circle and discuss the issues and come to a resolution to continue to play with spirit.
  • If any team demonstrates bad spirit, the Tournament Director will talk to the team and give them a warning. If bad spirit persists, repercussions are possible.


Halftime: 10 minutes.

Soft Cap: All pool play and early bracket games will have a +1 soft cap at 95 minutes. When 95 minutes is reached and the horn sounds, finish the point. Add one to the team with the higher score. That is the new game total. There is no overtime: the game ends when one team reaches the new point total. 

Hard Cap (Pool & Early Bracket): There is no hard cap.

Halftime Cap: There will be a halftime cap at 50 minutes. When the horn sounds, if the game has not yet reached halftime, finish the point. Add one to the team with the higher score. That is the new target score for halftime. DO NOT take halftime when the horn sounds.

Timeouts: Each team will have two timeouts per half (for the entire tournament). You can use any remaining timeouts in the soft cap.

Tie Breakers: If there is a two or three-way tie in pool play, it will be resolved as follows:

  1. Head-to-head between the tied teams.
  2. Point differential between the teams that are tied using only the games in which those teams played each other. For example, if A2, A3 and A4 have equivalent records, you would only use the point differential from A2vA3, A2vA4 and A3vA4. The games against A1 would not count towards the tie breaker.
  3. If point differential is tied between two teams, then you go back to the head-to-head result of those two teams.

Score Reporting: Teams are going to report scores via a Google Form (that also contains Spirit scoring). The link will be made available on Friday (and posted to the schedule).


  • 1 blast – game start
  • 2 blasts – soft cap
  • 5+ blasts – weather emergency, get to shelter immediately

Site Rules

  • Large buses, RVs, and other non-standard vehicles that take more than two parking spots should park in the overflow parking area.
  • Lock doors and don’t leave valuables in the car.
  • Pick up your trash
  • No stakes in the grass
  • No alcohol
  • No glass
  • Pets are allowed but must be on leash

Tournament Amenities

Merchandise: The merch tent will open at 7:30 AM on Friday! Sunhoodies, shorts, jerseys, jackets, reversibles, hats, pants, and discs will be available for sale.

Saturday Dinner: Every player will get a voucher to redeem at our food truck park. The food options are:

  • Smoke Billy: 1/3 pound chicken or pulled pork sandwiches. Choice of 1 large side or 2 small sides (pork and beans, potato salad, mac salad, Lays chips)
  • Pizza Cone Zone: Any flavor of pizza with a side of garlic knots and sauce
  • Comfort Bowl: Choice of chicken katsu with steamed rice and Thai salad, or grilled chicken teriyaki with steamed rice and Thai salad (gluten free)
  • Jurassic Taco: 3 tacos with a choice of protein and chips

Water: Will be easily accessible all weekend. There will be a water station at every field.

Shade Tents: We will have a 10′ x 10′ shade tent at every field.

Food For Sale: There will be food trucks on site serving food this weekend!

  • LivAcai: Acai bowls and smoothies.
  • El Jaripeo: Mexican food.
  • Yuchi’s Crepes: Savory and sweet crepes.
  • Up North Gelati: Italian ice and custard

Food To Bring: One of the keys to a successful day of ultimate is managing your energy and food intake throughout the day.  We recommend bringing a supply of your own snacks and food to keep your body energized.  Suggestions: fruit, granola bars, nuts, fruit leather, summer sausage, apple sauce, Bugles, Goldfish crackers, trail mix, etc. 


Photography:  UltiPhotos will be providing Official Tournament Photography all weekend! Nightly highlights will be posted online, with full coverage to follow shortly afterwards. Follow UltiPhotos on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know when photos are available.

Reporting & Video: Ultiworld will be reporting, live tweeting, and livestreaming games all weekend! Showcase live games will be available on Ultiworld.com/live. Additional streams will be available on the HSNI YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter (@Ultiworld and @Ultiworldlive) and on Facebook. We will be streaming two games per round throughout the event! The full livestreaming schedule will be published soon.

Twitter Accounts@Ultiworld, @CUTCamps. Follow us on Twitter to get any scores updates and more!


Public Parking: There is plenty of parking at the Regional Athletic Complex. Please look at the complex map for parking locations. Buses should park in the overflow parking lot.

Dogs: Dogs are allowed at the Regional Athletic Complex. 

Salt Lake Shred Game: HSNI players can get into the AUDL’s Salt Lake Shred v. Colorado Summit game for just $5! Just wear your high school team’s jersey. The game is on Friday night at 7:30 PM at Zion’s Bank Stadium.

Sponsors: We are excited to have amazing sponsors, including the following:

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    Charlie Eisenhood

    Charlie Eisenhood is the editor-in-chief of Ultiworld.You can reach him by email ([email protected]) or on Twitter (@ceisenhood).

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