Dylan Freechild for Callahan

Commenter Patrick Stegemoeller makes the case for Dylan Freechild over Tyler DeGirolamo for Callahan.

[quote][Here is] the argument for Freechild as a more valuable, if not necessarily more dominant player than TD:

You could put Freechild on any team, and his outrageous skill set would make the rest of the team’s offense much better. He is simply unstoppable in handler isolation plays, and has the best give-and-go handler movement in the college game. His ability to get open and find teammates in good position is unparalleled. You could build your offense around him working the disc up the field, getting every other touch, almost regardless of the skill of his teammates.

DeGiorlamo’s game is only as effective as his teammates. It doesn’t surprise me that he has ridiculous Nexgen Tour stats, as he is probably the best weapon in the college game. However, you need other good players around him to exploit his talents, and while it is clear that he can be a great player on a great team, I’m not so sure he could be a great player on an okay team. TD has been consistent all year, and when Pitt struggled the most it was not because Tyler was playing poorly, it was because his surrounding cast of throwers were hurt/not play well. Doesn’t that say something about the effect he has on his team’s ability to win or lose?

If you are voting for the player who is most capable of scoring goals, the most “dominant” player, then DeGiorlamo would to be the right choice. But If I was starting a team tomorrow, my first pick would be Freechild because I believe he has more of an effect on the game and is therefore more “valuable.” I guess it comes down to what you think the Callahan award means, which is pretty subjective (note all the people who believe that SoTG should play a role, which is a fair position that they are entitled to). For me, it should be the guy I would most want to build a team around, which is why I voted for Freechild.[/quote]


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