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Montana MOONDOG 2021 Roster

Can MOONDOG get back to San Diego again in the stacked Northwest?

Of all the mixed teams at the Club Championships in 2019, Montana Moondog had the most balance among touches between men and women. Photo: Rodney Chen --
Montana MOONDOG at the 2019 Club Championships. Photo: Rodney Chen —

The 2019 breakout fan favorite with some of the sweetest threads in the game, Montana MOONDOG have their paws out and are ready to claw their way to the top this fall. Here’s their 2021 roster.

Captains in bold.

Albany Jessop
Ben Perkel
Caleb Stanek
Casey Brandon
Catie Carson
Davis Mossman
Demri Horton
Drew Shanafelt
Elysia Crockett
Emily Grimes
Ethan Yourd
Genesea Meha
Hallie Widner
Kari Shelkey
Kevin Ryder
Kyla Crisp
Lisa Keller
Lucy Williams
Matt Konen
Sam Berkelhammer
Sam Hines
Sarah Megyesi
Scott Glickman
Shaela Wallen
Tara Santi
Tyler Albrethsen
Tyler Honsinger
Zach Baumann


Albany Jessop
Ben Perkel
Caleb Stanek
Catie Carson
Genesea Meha
Davis Mossman


Brain Mitchell
Drew Mozzer
Jack Lokowich
Justin Myhre
Kelton Enich
Lauren Allin
Natalie Hamel
Samantha Treu
Scott Albrethesen
Thomas Walz

Practice Players

Abbey Hustis
Billy Silva
Jacob Ralston
Matt Hart
Noah Fisher
Sarah Delaney
Shelbie White
Taylor Gilman
Ty Lynch
Tymer Moses
Zain Wedemeyer

  1. Olivia Alongi
    Olivia Alongi

    Olivia Alongi is a Temple alumna with a Bachelor's in Journalism. She works at CBS Sports as a news associate, researching college basketball and the NFL. She started playing ultimate in high school and has been for the past 8 years. Throwing hammers at ill-advised times is her specialty. In her spare time, she creates upcycled art with soda/beer cans and bottle caps check it out @Caps.By.Liv & she also tweets on occasion @AlongiSports !



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