Past Articles in AMP Invite 2021

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  1. AMP Invite 2021 Highlights

    Some top mixed teams getting it going in preparation for Nationals.

  2. Universe Point, Presented by UP Cleats: AMP vs. Drag’N Thrust

    Down to the wire in Philly!

  3. Bonus video from AMP Invite

    Philadelphia AMP and Minneapolis Drag'N Thrust play 2 games to 5!

  4. Universe Point, Presented by UP Cleats: AMP vs. Sprocket

    Round 2 between Boston & Philly!

  5. Club Update: The Biggest Weekend Of The 2021 Regular Season

    Club teams are getting tuned up before the Series.

  6. AMP Invite 2021: Tournament Recap

    Space Heater set themselves apart with a great performance.

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