Past Articles in Callahan

  1. BE Ultimate Play Of The Day: Metro North’s John Geraghty


  2. GIF: USA’s John Stubbs Gets An Awesome Callahan

    Check out this play from the USA Men’s National Team’s John Stubbs, who got a Callahan for a break against Canada today at the World…

  3. Marisa Rafter Wins the 2016 Callahan Award

    Marisa Rafter wins the 2016 Callahan Award. Photo: Paul Andris — In a surprise upset, Cal’s Marisa Rafter was selected as the winner of…

  4. Trent Dillon Wins The 2016 Callahan Award

    The Pittsburgh and US National team star edges out Jeff Babbitt, Khalif El-Salaam, Bobby Ley, and Dalton Smith for the award.

  5. A Very Serious Evaluation Of The 2016 Callahan Videos

    Because Callahan videos are what the award is all about.

  6. 2016 Callahan Award Finalists

    In addition to deciding the DI College National Champions, this weekend in Raleigh we will also learn who wins the 2016 Callahan Awards. Earlier this…

  7. Cal Poly SLO’s Christopher Cogswell For Callahan

    It’s a late addition to the Callahan video field, but here’s Cal Poly SLO’s Christopher Cogswell: Christopher Cogswell | Callahan Award 2016

  8. Tufts’ Skyler Tom For Callahan

    The Tufts E-Men have nominated Skyler Tom for Callahan. Skyler Tom | Callahan 2016

  9. Auburn’s Blake Galloway For Callahan

    While Ryan Landry got most of the press when he came back for a fifth year, Blake Galloway has been another key to Auburn’s success…

  10. Stanford’s Annë Rempel For Callahan

    Superfly nominates Annë Rempel for Callahan. Annë Rempel | Callahan 2016

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