Past Articles in highlight reel

  1. Florida Warm Up 2017: Highlights

    Hot plays from the Sunshine State!

  2. Breaking Down The Year’s Best Highlight Reel

    Nathan Kolakovic's 2016 WJUC Finals highlight reel raised the bar.

  3. Highlight Reel: Ultiworld Women’s 2016 All-Club Teams

    Check out these highlight reels featuring the fourteen athletes on the Ultiworld Women’s Division All-Club First and Second Teams, thanks to the wonderful work of Fulcrum Pro: All-Club…

  4. WJUC 2016: Highlights

    Check out these 2016 World Junior Ultimate Championships highlights from Nathan Kolakovic: WJUC 2016 Ultimate Frisbee Video Highlights

  5. Men’s Highlights: 2016 Club Championships

    These guys are good.

  6. Women’s Highlights: 2016 National Championships

    Huge plays from a huge tournament.

  7. 2016 Club Championships: Day 2 Highlights, Presented by BE Ultimate

    Check out the Day 2 video highlights from the 2016 Club Championships in Rockford, IL. These highlights are brought to you by BE Ultimate. 2016 Club…

  8. 2016 Club Championships: Day 1 Highlights, Presented by BE Ultimate

    Big plays from Day 1!

  9. Pro Flight Finale 2016: Highlights [Presented By BE Ultimate]


  10. Prairie Fire’s Jay Froude Makes Two Insane Layout Grabs In A Row

    This has to be seen to be believed.

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