Past Articles in Nationals

  1. Bid Watch: What Teams Need To Do This Weekend

    Win and you're in? It's not quite that simple.

  2. Deep Look: Early College Stories, AUDL Mixed, Sarasota

    Hot takes!

  3. USAU Considering San Diego, Sarasota For 2017 Club National Championships

    Nationals could return to Sarasota this year. USA Ultimate has narrowed the search for the location of the 2017 Club National Championships to San Diego,…

  4. Here Is The 2017 Triple Crown Tour Schedule

    Now we await locations.

  5. The Story Of The ‘Equity Through Visibility’ Project

    Donate to help continue content production.

  6. USA Ultimate Releases 2016 Nationals Games On YouTube

    The 2016 National Championships semifinals and finals are now available on YouTube (be sure not to miss Ultiworld’s coverage of Fury v. Riot, which we…

  7. READ: BYU’s Proposal To USAU For Rule Changes, Sunday Accommodations

    BYU won a change in the College Guidelines.

  8. Sin The Fields: Nationals Wrap, Freechild Comment Bot

    Recovering from a Nationals hangover.

  9. 2016 Men’s Club Player Of The Year: Johnny Bravo’s Jimmy Mickle

    Jimmy Mickle is just hitting his prime.

  10. Watch The Sockeye v. Dig Prequarter From Nationals

    Charles Cleary has full game footage up from the Seattle Sockeye/Boston Dig prequarter at Nationals. Check it out below: Sockeye v. Dig Prequarter | 2016…

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