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  1. Club Regionals 2022: Mega-Preview (Mixed)

    Breaking down every region and all your contenders.

  2. New York XIST 2022 Roster

    A banner 2021 took XIST to Nationals, and they’ve added some intriguing elite club talent to make more of a potential followup trip.

  3. Club Power Rankings [8/17/22]

    Plus, a check-in on the early seasons of all 25 ranked Mixed team.

  4. Day One and Done: What Could Have Been in Mixed Pool Play

    They may be out of the bracket, but their work in San Diego isn't finished.

  5. Club Championships 2021: Day One Recap Roundup (Mixed)

    shame. sinks, NOISE rises, and a pool comes down to a tricky point differential.

  6. Club Championships 2021: Pool D Preview (Mixed)

    A two-time defending champion in the second pool seed? They don't call it the Pool of Death for nothing.

  7. Universe Point, Presented by UP Cleats: XIST vs. Wild Card

    Devens delivers once again!

  8. Northeast Club Regionals 2021: Tournament Recap (Mixed)

    Devens lived up to its reputation in another classic mixed showdown.

  9. Opening Pull: 32 Teams Natties-Bound After Regionals Week One, WMUCC to Limerick, College Ramps Up

    Who's buying tickets to San Diego?

  10. Club Regionals 2021: Mega-Preview (Mixed)

    Breaking down every region and all your contenders.

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