Past Articles in Ultimate Central College Nationals 2015

  1. UNC Steamrolls Oregon To National Title, Presented By Ultimate Central

    It was a wire-to-wire Nationals performance from UNC Darkside.

  2. Oregon Wins National Championship Over Stanford, Presented By Ultimate Central

    Oregon won their 3rd title in five years in Milwaukee.

  3. Finals Preview: Can The Hot Oregon Offense Survive Tough UNC Defense? Presented By Ultimate Central

    It’s been near impossible to talk about the top of the Men’s division without mentioning Oregon Ego or North Carolina Darkside in the conversation for…

  4. Finals Preview: Long Awaited Rematch Sets Stage For Epic Final, Presented By Ultimate Central

    #1 v. #2. Here we go.

  5. Semis Recap: UNC Romps Central Florida To Get Back To Finals, Presented By Ultimate Central

    A win is a win. It doesn’t have to be pretty.

  6. Semis Recap: The Fourth Time’s The Charm For Oregon, Presented By Ultimate Central

    Florida State got the better of an unfocused Oregon on day one of this tournament, but Ego managed a major mental turnaround and went on…

  7. Semis Recap: Stanford Cruises Past Carleton To Finals, Presented By Ultimate Central

    Stanford rolled through Carleton on their way to a rematch with Oregon in the final.

  8. Semifinal Preview: Can Florida State Beat Oregon Again to Reach the Final? Presented By Ultimate Central

    To continue the storybook rise of their program, Florida State DUF will have to beat the same team twice in the same tournament: Oregon Ego.

  9. Central Florida and UNC Both Look For Return To National Final: Preview Presented By Ultimate Central

    In 2013, UCF shocked the country with their semifinals domination of a stacked Carleton team.

  10. Heavy Favorite Stanford To Face Off Against Carleton In Semis: Preview Presented By Ultimate Central

    Stanford has been red hot all weekend long.

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