Stats Package Available For Club Championships

Ultiworld, partnering with the top statistical mobile application Ultiapps and VC Ultimate, will be tracking statistics on some top teams at the Club Championships this week. The statistical metrics, which we’ve written about on Ultiworld, were incorporated into Ultiworld’s coverage and ESPN broadcasts at the US Open. They will be available for purchase this weekend.

Our goal is to go beneath the traditional “goals, assist, and Ds” narrative that has dominated Ultimate discussion for far too long. The Ultiapps system, combined with Ultiworld algorithms, allows us to track defenders who are good at denying touches, offensive players whose incompletions only occur on difficult deep throws, teams that struggle in their red zone offense, and the top-heaviness of various playing styles.

And our Expected Contribution metric, based on spatial reasoning, assigns an objective number to every on-disc involvement of every player.  While our numbers aren’t perfect — no statistical system is — it’s an essential step towards increasing our knowledge of the game.

What Will You Get?

  • Player performance graphs and stat lines for select teams* that includes Club Championships and US Open data.
  • Cheat sheets with data-driven story lines that we think are most important heading into key Saturday and Sunday match ups.
  • Information of team’s O Line and D Line effectiveness and spatial scoring graphs.
  • Exclusive live chat: On Saturday, subscribers can email a stat question on any of the teams we’ve tracked and I’ll tweet out the answer via @Ultiworldstats.1.
  • Purchasing helps support Ultimate journalism, our Ultiworld stat project, and our stat tracking volunteers at the Club Championships.

Buy here:

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*Currently, we plan to track the following teams: Fury, Riot, Scandal, Nemesis, Revolver, GOAT, Doublewide, Bravo, Machine, Ironside, and Sockeye.  This schedule is subject to some changes, however, because the Nationals schedule makes it difficult to predict exactly what teams will be playing, when, and what the labor need will be at any given time.

  1. I’ll do my best to get to all of them 

  1. Sean Childers

    Sean Childers is Ultiworld's Editor Emeritus. He started playing ultimate in 2008 for UNC-Chapel Hill Darkside, where he studied Political Science and Computer Science before graduating from NYU School of Law. He has played for LOS, District 5, Empire, PoNY, Truck Stop, Polar Bears, and Mischief (current team). You can email him at [email protected].


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