2014 Ultiworld High School Power Rankings – 1st Edition

Ultiworld announces its first-ever High School Power Rankings after the completion of the major Regional tournaments in 2014.

Trophies at the 2014 Southern Regional High School Championships.
Photo by Terry Nelson — UltiPhotos.com

After the completion of the major high school Regional tournaments and many of the State Championships, Ultiworld announces its first-ever High School Power Rankings.

While ranking teams that often don’t travel more than a few hours for tournaments and compete with few, if any, teams outside of their regions is difficult, we used a combination of live reporting, conversations with coaches, and program legacy to formulate these rankings.

1. Holy Family Catholic (35-1 — Cincinnati, OH)
Key Wins: Neuqua Valley (13-10), Carolina Friends x2, Paideia x2, De Smet (12-9), Hopkins (15-5)
Key Loss: Hopkins (4-13)

Notes: Ohio State, Paideia Cup, Chicago Invite, and Deep Freeze Champions. Had the longest winning streak in the country (35 games). Only loss was last game of season in Central Regional Final.

2. Carolina Friends School (48-2 — Durham, NC)
Key Wins: Independence x2, Paideia x2, Hopkins (12-9), Neuqua Valley (12-8)
Key Losses: Holy Family Catholic x2

Notes: Southern Region, North Carolina State, YULA Invite, and Queen City Tune-Up Champions. Finished with only two losses during two tournament finals (Paideia Cup & Deep Freeze); was undefeated against all schools in their region.

3. Masconomet (30-3 — Topsfield, MA)
Key Wins: Lexington (15-12), Pennsbury x3, Amherst x2
Key Losses: Lexington x3

Notes: Massachusetts State and Northeastern Region Champions. Redeemed only losses during season in a great come-from-behind win in the state final.

4. Northwest (6-0 — Seattle, WA)
Key Wins: Berkeley (13-8), Roosevelt 10-8
Key Losses: N/A

Notes: Western Region Champion. Elite program from Seattle, Washington. The team has not lost a game in three years.

5. Hopkins (30-7 — Minnetonka, MN)
Key Wins: Holy Family Catholic (13-4), Neuqua Valley x3, Center Grove x2
Key Losses: Holy Family Catholic (5-15), Lone Peak (3-13), Edina (14-16)

Notes: Gave Holy Family Catholic only loss of the season but then lost to in-state rival at Conference tournament a week after.

6. Pennsbury (34-4 — Yadley, PA)
Key Wins: Lexington x2, Amherst x3, Needham (15-10)
Key Losses: Masconomet x3

Notes: Pennsylvania State, Amherst Invite, Born to Dive, and Bring the Huckus Champions. Northeast Regional runner-up had great season but seemed to be a bad match up against Masconomet.

7. Independence (37-4 — Thompsons Station, TN)
Key Wins: Paideia (13-4), Yorktown (13-5), De Smet (13-12), Neuqua Valley (13-11)
Key Losses: Carolina Friends x2, Paideia (10-12)

Notes: Season is complete and defeated Paideia for the first time in program history in convincing fashion. Their season came to a close as the runner-up at the Southern Regional Championship.

8. Berkeley (15-2 — Berkeley, CA)
Key Wins: Atascadero x3
Key Losses: Lone Peak (7-12), Northwest (8-13)

Notes: California State and Spaghetti Western Champions. Solid performance at multiple top western region tournaments against top teams.

9. De Smet (12-3 — St. Louis, MO)
Key Wins: Paideia (10-6), Neuqua Valley (10-8), Hopkins (13-12)
Key Losses: Independence (12-13), Holy Family Catholic (9-12), Carolina Friends (8-12)

Notes: Missouri State Champion. Short season is over. Although the team was unable to compete at the Central Region Championships, De Smet competed at a high level every chance they were given. Placed 3rd at Paideia Cup.

10. Paideia (23-6 — Atlanta, GA)
Key Wins: Carrboro (11-6), Chapel Hill (14-10), Independence (12-10), Neuqua Valley (13-7)
Key Losses: De Smet (6-10), Carolina Friends x2, Holy Family Catholic x2

Notes: Georgia State and Music City Mash-Up Champions. Continued dominance within state competition but their season ended early at the Southern Regional semifinals and finished in third place.

11. Lexington (20-5 — Lexington, MA)
Key Wins: Masconomet x3, Stuyvesant (13-8), Amherst (12-10)
Key Losses: Needham (3-7), Pennsbury x2, Masconomet (12-15)

Notes: Runners up at the Amherst Invite and state championship also 4th place finisher at the Northeastern Regional Championship.

12. Four Rivers Charter (30-3 — Greenfield, MA)
Key Wins: Amherst (15-13), Needham x2, Lexington (15-11)
Key Losses: Lexington (12-14), Masconomet (9-15), Pennsbury (9-11)

Notes: Team from Greenfield, MA, that had a spectacular season, coming in third at states.

13. Chapel Hill (32-8 — Chapel Hill, NC)
Key Wins: Neuqua Valley (13-11), Yorktown x4, Hopkins (13-11)
Key Losses: Carolina Friends x5, Paideia (10-14), Holy Family Catholic (7-15)

Notes: Season is over for a small part of a strong youth presence in North Carolina; YULA Invite and NC State Championship runner-ups.

14. Amherst (25-7 — Amherst, MA)
Key Wins: Middletown x2, Needham (15-10)
Key Losses: Pennsbury x3, Lexington (10-12), Masconomet x2

Notes: Regionally dominant program has shown vulnerability.

15. Chase Collegiate (26-0 — Waterbury, CT)
Key Wins: Middletown x3
Key Loss: N/A

Notes: Did not participate at Northeastern Regional Championship, 15th year program has not allowed an opponent to score double digits all season long.

16. Atascadero (13-7 — Atascadero, CA)
Key Wins: Lone Peak (13-12), Seattle Fryz (11-10)
Key Losses: Berkeley x3

Notes: California and Spaghetti Western runner-ups have a pair of impressive double game point wins during third season as a program but suffered a big drop at Western Region Championship.

17. Lone Peak (27-2 — Highland, UT)
Key Wins: Berkeley (12-7), Hopkins (13-3), Neuqua Valley (9-7)
Key Losses: Seattle Fryz (8-9), Atascadero (12-13)

Notes: Utah State and Lone Peak Invite Champions. Dominant against in-state competition since 2011, both losses were only by one point. Due to inability to play on Sundays (religious reasons), the team’s strength over the course of a full two-day competition is up for debate.

18. Middletown (15-8 — Middletown, CT)
Key Wins: Stuyvesant (13-6), Amherst (10-5), Hampton (11-9)
Key Losses: Chase Collegiate x3, Amherst x2

Notes: Ninth season for Connecticut program, finished second place at state and sixth place at Northeastern Region Championship.

19. Harry D. Jacobs (14-4 — Algonquin, IL)
Key Win: Neuqua Valley (12-7)
Key Losses: Neuqua Valley x2, Holy Family Catholic (10-15), Lone Peak (3-13)

Notes: Illinois State Champions. Emerging program from Algonquin that was unable to attend Centrals due to graduation.

20. HB Woodlawn (17-7 — Arlington, VA)
Key Win: Yorktown (14-9)
Key Losses: Carrboro x2, Chapel Hill (6-13), Paideia (5-12)

Notes: Virginia State and Huck to the Moon Champions. Season complete, solid program from Arlington.

21. Needham (11-10 — Needham, MA)
Key Wins: Lexington (7-3), Middletown (12-11), Columbia (12-9)
Key Losses: Masconomet x3, Pennsbury (10-15), Amherst x2

Notes: Established program since 2001, had an up and down season at many tough tournaments.

22. Yorktown (14-10 — Arlington, VA)
Key Wins: Neuqua Valley (15-12), Lakeside (11-9), Stuyvesant (13-7)
Key Losses: Independence (5-13), Hopkins (8-10), HB Woodlawn (9-14)

Notes: Virginia State runner-up and tied for fifth place at Southern Regional Championship.

23. Stuyvesant (23-7 — New York, NY)
Key Wins: HB Woodlawn (9-6), Yorktown (13-12), Columbia (13-3)
Key Losses: Middletown (6-13), Lexington (8-13), Carolina Friends (7-12)

Notes: New York State and NJ Spring DEVYL Champion. Best HS program from NY went 4-2 at Northeastern Regional Championships.

24. Neuqua Valley (20-14 — Naperville, IL)
Key Wins: Edina x3, Columbia (13-5)
Key Losses: Holy Family Catholic (10-13), Hopkins x3, Yorktown (12-15)

Notes: Madison Mud Bath Champions. Finished tied for third for Central Region but went winless at Paideia Cup and lost State championship.

25. Edina (32-4 — Edina. MN)
Key Wins: Hopkins (16-14), Ames (11-6)
Key Losses: Neuqua Valley x2, Hopkins (4-8), Center Grove (8-10)

Notes: Large upcoming team from Minnesota got their first marquee victory over Hopkins that gives signs of a rising program.

*Rankings only include teams that have participated in a USA Ultimate sanctioned State or Regional Championship

Missed the Cut: Center Grove (IN), Monarch (CO), Sheldon (OR), Radnor (PA), Crescent Valley (OR)

  1. Eric Williams

    Eric Williams is a youth reporter for the Southern Region. His passion for youth ultimate began his senior year of high school. Eric flipped from playing in high school to coaching his alma mater, Independence High School, for four years. He plans to graduate by the end of 2016 from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and pursue becoming a full-time, multi-media journalist for the sport of Ultimate.

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