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Past Articles in Power Rankings

  1. Club Power Rankings [October 6, 2021]

    The penultimate rankings set of the 2021 club season.

  2. Club Power Rankings [September 29, 2021]

    One weekend of Regionals down, one to go.

  3. Club Power Rankings [September 22, 2021]

    Some shakeups heading into Regionals.

  4. Club Power Rankings [September 15, 2021]

    Only minimal movement after the first weekend of the Series.

  5. Club Power Rankings [September 1, 2021]

    The Top 25s in each division have been remade over the past two weeks.

  6. Club Power Rankings [August 18, 2021]

    Backend movement in all three divisions before a big upcoming weekend.

  7. Club Power Rankings [August 11, 2021]

    A mostly quiet week in the club division sees just a single move in three Top 25s.

  8. Club Power Rankings [August 4, 2021]

    A mostly quiet week in the club division sees just a single move in three Top 25s.

  9. AUDL Power Rankings 2021: Week 9 Update

    We're coming down the final weeks of the season.

  10. Club Power Rankings [July 28, 2021]

    See how teams stack up a month into the 2021 season.

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