WUCC Seedings Posted, Presented By VC Ultimate

The World Ultimate Club Championships have been seeded. Who will bring home gold?

The seedings for the 2014 World Club Championships were released today by WFDF. Check them out below, presented by VC Ultimate.


1stUSA 1Revolver
2ndUSA 2Seattle Sockeye
3rdJapan 1Buzz Bullets
4thUSA 3Ironside
5thUSA 4Johnny Bravo
6thAustralia 1Colony
7thCanada 1Furious
8thUK 1Clapham
9thSwitzerland 1Flying Angels
10thGermany 1Bad Skid
11thSwitzerland 2Free Speed
12thUK 2Chevron Action Flash
Bracket of 13 to 18
13thColombia 1Euforia
14thCanada 2Phoenix
15thItaly 1CUSB
16thNew Zealand 1Magon
17thCanada 3Mephisto
18thSweden 1Viksjöfors IF Ultimate
Bracket of 19 to 24
19thFinland 1Otso
20thJapan 2Loquitos
21thAustralia 3Melbourne Juggernauts
22thUK 3EMO
23thDenmark 1Ragnarok
24thBelgium 1Mooncatchers
Bracket of 25 to 30
25thJapan 3Nomadic Tribe
26thPoland 1Mojra
27thFrance 1Iznogood
28thCzech Rep 1Prague Devils
29thGermany 2Frizzly Bears
30thRussia 1Lucky Grass
Bracket of 31 to 36
31thSlovakia 1Mor ho!
32thSweden 2KFUM Örebro
33thCanada 4Gecko
34thColombia 2Comunidad el Oso
35thAustria 1FWD
36thGermany 3Heidees
Bracket of 37 to 42
37thNew Zealand 2Vic Wildcats
38thHungary 1Lézer Pávák
39thDom Rep 1Relámpagos Ultimate Club
40thFrance 2Tchac
41thIreland 1Ranelagh
42thNetherlands 1Cambo Cakes
Bracket of 43 to 48
43thMexico 1Fénix Ulitmate
44thSlovenia 1Base
45thUkraine 1Gigolo
47thAustralia 3Sublime Ultimate Club
48thSpain 1Mubidisc


Seeding PosCountryTeam Name
1stUSA 1Scandal
2ndJapan 1MUD
3rdUSA 2Fury
4thUSA 3Riot
5thJapan 2HUCK
6thJapan 3UNO
7thCanada 1Traffic
Bracket of 9 to 12
9thSwitzerland 1ZUF
10thGermany 1U de Cologne
11thCanada 2QUB
12thUSA 4Showdown
Bracket of 13 to 16
13thRussia 1Cosmic Girls
14thRussia 2Brilliance
16thCananda 3Fusion
Bracket of 17 to 20
17thFrance 1YAKA
18thAustralia 1Sporting Team Box Althetico Unitde
19thGermany 2Woodchicas
20thDenmark 1Copenhagen Hucks
Bracket of 21 to 24
21thNew ZealandArtemis
22thItaly 1CUSB Shout
23thCzech Rep 1Prague Devils
24thUK 2Nice Bristols
Bracket of 25 to 28
25thFinland 1Atletico
26thAustralia 2Rogue
27thSlovakia 1LayDs
28thSweden 1E6
Bracket of 29 to 32
29thSingaporeSin City
30thIrelandLMS Ultimate
31thFinland 2UFO Tampere


Seeding PosCountryTeam Name
1stUSA 1Drag’n Thrust
2ndCanada 1Union
3rdUSA 2Polar Bears
4thUSA 3The Ghosts
5thAustralia 1Roadkill
6thAustralia 2Batmania
7thUSA 4Wild Card
8thUK1Bear Cavalry
9thCanada 2Stache
10thAustralia 3Hippo
11thCanada 3TFP
12thItaly 1Croccali
Bracket of 13 to 18
14thLatvia 1Salaspils FK
15thNew Zealand 1Black Sheep
16thJapan 1Hanabi
17thNetherlands 1UFO – NL
Bracket of 19 to 24
19thFinland 1Vaasa Saints
20thGermany 1Disco-o-Fever
21thFrance 1BonDiscManche
22thJapan 2IKU!
23thColombia 1Discountry
24thSpain 1Corocotta
Bracket of 25 to 30
25thAustria 1Catchup
26thBrazil 17 Bees Ultimate Team
27thUK 3Royal Goaltimate Society
28thFrance 2Friselis
29thCanada 4Gecko
30thGermany 2Heidees Mixed
Bracket of 31 to 36
31thSwitzerland 1Disc Club Panthers
32thMexico 1Slash
33thCzech Rep 1FUJ
34thBelgium 1Freezzz Beezzz
35thPoland 1Grandmaster Flash
36thGermany 3Saxy Divers
Bracket of 37 to 42
37thRussia 1Bivni
38thUK 3Black Eagles
39thAustria 2Wunderteam
40thSlovakia 1Outsiterz
41thEstoniaSexy Legs
42thChinaChina Utimale Party
Bracket of 43 to 48
44thColombia 2Macondo
45thSouth KoreaLast Stand
46thTurkeyFire of Anatolia
47thHong KongJunk
48thSouth AfricaGhost Ultimate
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