FAQ About 12 Weeks To Game Time

Get ready for your season with serious strength training built for ultimate players.

12 Weeks To Game TimeThis post is brought to you by 12 Weeks To Game Time and Melissa Witmer’s Ultimate Athlete Project.

Tired of borrowing from programing made for other sports? Wondering how exactly your various workouts should fit together? Stop guessing or worrying if you’re doing it correctly. Instead, you can use a premade program that tells you exactly what you do five days a week. The 12 Weeks to Game Time program is a comprehensive athletic training plan built specifically for ultimate. Build athletic strength and power that you can be confident will translate into on the field performance.

What is 12 Weeks to Game Time?

The program includes a strength phase, a power phase, and a conditioning-focused phase. There is also an optional preparation phase which can extend the program to 16 weeks (this extra phase can also be used as an in-season phase).

A common mistake ultimate players make is to get stuck always training for general fitness and trying to increase performance in every athletic quality at the same time. But in this simple periodized program we put more focus on one athletic quality at a time which allows for better adaptation.

What equipment do I need?

These programs were designed with access to a weight room in mind. A gym with plenty of free weights, a cable column, and a squat rack should be all you need. Many of the exercises also use a Swiss ball and some use a medicine ball. If you are not interested in getting stronger through actual strength training, then you definitely should not purchase this program.

What’s the difference between 12 Weeks to Game time and The Ultimate Athlete Project?

You may have heard of my main program, the Ultimate Athlete Project, which has now been used by over 1200 athletes. A common question is “what’s the difference between 12 Weeks to Game Time and the UAP?”

Honestly the 12 Week Program is a bit like UAP-lite. The programming is very similar so it will still get you results. I say “lite” not because of the programming, but because the timeframe is shorter and it does not have the same community aspect that the UAP has. The UAP has a lot of little extras: More access to me, and now also Ren Caldwell. Extra info on nutrition, mental toughness etc. Training discussion and help from other UAP athletes in our Facebook group.

The 12 Week Program uses the same philosophy and even a lot of the same exercises as the UAP. I made the 12 week program mainly for people who miss the UAP opening windows. (FYI get on the waitlist if you don’t want to miss the next opening day in September.)

The 12 Week Program is also great for people who want to test drive a bit of periodized programming without as much commitment as the UAP. In some ways it is easier to use than the UAP because I tell you exactly what to do every day 5 days/week for 12 weeks. The UAP is more flexible with players building their own schedule from 2-6 days/week of training. There’s also flexibility in when you switch from offseason to preseason to in-season training. The tradeoff for more flexibility in the UAP is that you do have to do some thinking.

A one time payment of $57 gets you full and immediate access to the 12 week program. The UAP involves a recurring monthly membership fee (most athletes choose to stay almost a full year).

Quite a few players have started with the 12 week program and then joined the UAP the following year to have a longer off season and take full advantage of all that the UAP has to offer.

Will 12 Weeks to Game Time work for me?

My programming is most easily used by those who have at least some experience in the weight room. If you can stick to a regular training schedule, you’ll see results. If you need someone to motivate you or if you don’t feel comfortable in the weight room then 12 Weeks to Game Time is not a good fit for you.

Who else has used this program?

Over 200 people have used 12 Weeks to Game Time. Many people start with 12 Weeks to Game time and later join the UAP. Valley Renshaw (formerly of Doublewide and Prairie Fire) is probably the most well known user of 12 Weeks to Game Time. He’s a great example of a player with a lot of training experience who got excellent results on a more organized, periodized program. He also decided to upgrade to the UAP for the following off season and got much of the team on board to do the same.

This week only!

If you’d like to give periodized ultimate specific programming a try, now is a good time! For this week only when you buy 12 Weeks to Game Time you’ll also get a bonus five page e-book about nutrition for athletes as well as access to a talk from Mental Toughness coach Anna Rogacki on goal setting. Get everything you need to make this season better than your last!


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