The Top 10 Most Exciting Club Sectionals Tournaments

2016 USA Ultimate Series Disc LogoThe USA Ultimate Club Series begins this weekend as 71 different Sectionals tournaments kick off around the country. Many of the tournaments are mere formalities, a chance for teams to get a final tune up before Regionals in September. But others are competitive or otherwise especially compelling. Here are the top 10 most exciting Sectionals tournaments.

10. Texas Men’s Sectionals

You don’t expect anything other than Houston H.I.P. domination here, but could someone give them a game?

9. Central Plains Men’s Sectionals

Three solid Chicago area teams will battle with the upstart Indianapolis team, Brickyard, for the right to be called the biggest upset threat at Great Lakes Regionals. None of these teams are world beaters, but they are all solid and should play very competitive games. Seeding at Regionals could be a big deal if you’re looking for a shot in the game-to-go.

8. Washington Mixed Sectionals

Second-seeded Seattle Pegasus cracked the top 25 earlier this year. Can they challenge the new Seattle super team BFG?

7. Founders Mixed Sectionals

Pittsburgh Alloy and West Chester Bang! will get an early look at one another before Regionals. While each team earned a bid, they will surely be a bit nervous if they lose here: Ambiguous Grey will be lurking at Regionals.

6. SoCal Men’s Sectionals

The SoCal Condors want to go to Worlds in 2018. They’ll have to start by fending off Phoenix Sprawl and LA Renegade at Sectionals.

5. SoCal Women’s Sectionals

San Diego Wildfire has been playing their best ultimate in years. But Los Angeles Viva is a formidable Sectionals threat.

4. North Carolina Men’s Sectionals

Raleigh Ring of Fire is hoping to avoid missing Nationals for the first time in 20 years. They’ll have to start through the postseason gauntlet with former players on Durham Turbine and Wilmington Right Coast breathing down their neck.

3. SoCal Mixed Sectionals

It’s not a deep section, but San Diego Dorado and Los Angeles 7 Figures should play a barnburner final. With only two bids available at Regionals, a win here is critical for seeding.

2. Rocky Mountain Mixed Sectionals

Is #11 Fort Collins shame. the real deal? They will have their first chance to prove it by getting past some tough Regionals-level competition — like Denver Mesteño — to kick off the postseason.

1. NorCal Mixed Sectionals

This Sectional tournament is going to be wild, as 19 teams battle it out for 11 bids with four games on Saturday and at least three more on Sunday. It looks like Regionals, with teams like Mischief, the Polar Bears, and Blackbird all competing.

The teams that finish at the top here will be the favorites to take the bids at Regionals as well. Strap in.

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    Charlie Eisenhood

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