2017 Club Championships: Day 1 Live Coverage

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Orion Burt October 19, 20179:07 am

Welcome everyone to Ultiworld’s live coverage of the 2017 Club Championships, presented by VC Ultimate, Spin Ultimate, and Tokay Cleats!

We’ll be updating this post throughout the day with key highlights, game recaps, and more to keep you up on all the action from Sarasota. key


Orion Burt October 19, 20179:15 am

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Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 20179:37 am

Wind is already a factor here early. Flags are whipping. Showcase field is pure upwind/downwind right now.

Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 20179:46 am

Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 20179:47 am

Lots of tight games because of upwind/downwind! Stay up to date with the latest with our live Twitter updates.

Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 20179:55 am

Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 201710:12 am

Orion Burt October 19, 201710:13 am

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Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 201710:35 am

Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 201710:35 am

Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 201710:40 am

Our first livestream — Johnny Bravo v. Dig — is coming up at 11:05! Don’t miss the pregame. Watch right here.

Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 201710:40 am


Simon Pollock Simon Pollock October 19, 201711:00 am

Denver Johnny Bravo 13-11 Santa Barbara Condors (Men’s Pool B)

In the other game from Men’s Pool B, Mark Lloyd makes his presence felt with a cool 2G, 2A assist performance in Denver Johnny Bravo’s 13-11 win over Santa Barbara Condors.

Bravo jumped out to a 5-2 lead before, but Condors tightened down on Denver’s vertical stack reset pattern and started forcing turns. Hunter Corbett had a two-block point to keep the energy going for the Condors D-line.

In the second half, Bravo cleaned up some of their crossfield looks, which were getting eaten up by a steady diagonal wind on the showcase field.

Going downwind on offense for game point for Bravo, Owen Westbrook threw a no 👏 look 👏 scoober for a ~30-yard gainer and got himself the winning goal.

Bravo had their big lead and their mistakes. Tougher defense from higher seeds could make for a real challenge if they keep relying on these difficult breakmark throws.

Daniel Prentice October 19, 201711:04 am

Vancouver Traffic 14-8 Portland Schwa (Women’s Pool C)

After Schwa broke on the game’s opening point, it looked like Traffic might be in for a battle. But in the windy first round matchup, the Vancouver squad was too much for the Northwest rivals over the course of the game. Both teams shared bouts of sloppy play in the wind, but Traffic’s depth and top end talent were simply too much for Schwa to match.

Catherine Hui and Laura Mason each had three points for Traffic. All of Hui’s came from goals scored, while Mason had one goal and two assists. Julia Sherwood matched the pair’s game high three points with two assists and a goal for Schwa.

Katie Raynolds October 19, 201711:04 am

Riot 15-6 Showdown (Women’s Pool A)

Despite a shaky start to the game, Riot tightened up their offense to take down no. 3 seed Showdown 15-6.

The first day in Sarasota began with the perennial jitters
and nerve-induced drops from teams across the board. The story was no different for Riot and Showdown. Showdown would break early for a 2-1 lead, but points were long in the first half as both teams calibrated to a dewy disc and the light wind.

Riot earned their first break to take the lead at 4-3, and they buckled in to execute like the no. 1 seed that they are. Their marks tightened on Showdown’s handlers, and their person pressure downfield was relentless. They’d outscore Showdown 4-1 to take half 8-4.

Showdown’s handling core – particularly Katey Forth and Tina Woodings – worked hard in the Riot defense to reset the disc, but as Seattle’s efficiency ramped up, Showdown couldn’t force turns.

Riot’s depth on the field was apparent; they cycled systematically through their roster, and their stats sheet displayed the kind of diversity elite teams need. They would outscore Showdown 7-2 in the second half with excellent around breaks, despite the increasing gusts.

Preston Thompson October 19, 201711:11 am

Pool C in the Men’s Division was nearly thrown into chaos. Both Patrol and GOAT had late leads on Ironside and Ring of Fire respectively, but neither could hang on. Details on these games coming soon.

Daniel Prentice October 19, 201711:14 am

San Francisco Fury 15-4 San Francisco Nightlock (Women’s Pool D)

Fury blitzed past their intracity rivals with a dominating performance. The 15-4 scoreline was reflective of the gulf between two sides and may have even been flattering of Nightlock. Fury opened the game on a 10-0 run and it wasn’t until Fury opened their lines a bit that Nightlock was able to get a foothold in the game. Nightlock simply could not work the disc in the wind against Fury’s zone, and a few early breaks snowballed into the blowout final score.

Washington DC Scandal 15-6 Chicago Nemesis (Women’s Pool D)

The pool 2 and 4 seeds battled through long, windy points to begin the game, but it didn’t take long for Scandal to break away for the comfortable 15-6 win. An 8-4 halftime lead for Scandal only grew in the second half as it was clear that Nemesis just didn’t have the top end talent to match Scandal’s. Scandal looked sloppy for stretches, but they were able to use the depths of the roster on some of the longer points in the second half thanks to the comfortable lead.

Katie Raynolds October 19, 201711:15 am

Denver Molly Brown 15-6 Madison Heist (Women’s Pool C)

Denver Molly Brown beat Madison Heist 15-6 in an exciting first game for Pool B. Heist set pressure on Molly Brown in the first half, but they couldn’t run for two full halves with Denver’s talent.

Heist looked focused early in the game. They fought back from 0-2 to tie the game, and the rapid fire handling of Robyn Wiseman and Georgia Bosscher proved why people fan over this power duo. Yet Molly Brown played well in the cutting lanes, often nabbing discs intended for Heist cutters. They took half 8-6 on a beautiful OI flick huck from Lisa Pitcaithley to the waiting Liza Minor.

As the wind picked up, so did Molly Brown’s execution. Heist wouldn’t score in the second half as Molly Brown capitalized on errors and reveled in fast breaks. Everyone’s favorite Colombian handled with ease for Molly Brown’s defense, playing her role capably.

She’s a bona fide star: during the game the volunteer score keeper commented, “I can’t wait until this game is over to fanboy over Manuela.”

Cody Mills Cody Mills October 19, 201711:15 am

Revolver 15-10 Doublewide (Men’s Pool A)

It was smooth sailing for the much-hyped #1 overall seed Revolver in the first round of the day. They took half 8-5 over Austin Doublewide and continued on to notch a 15-10 win.

Doublewide did their homework and frequently challenged Revolver with a handful of different junk looks, including a four-person cup, a directional mark with handler lane poaches, and a diamond zone (similar to the one Doublewide players Carter Hollo, Matt Bennett, and Ben Lewis played in college at Texas A&M). It worked the first time: Revolver ground out 50 yards on the strength of tough popping shots from Joye but he eventually turfed a break that Doublewide was able to cash in for the goal. After that, though, the San Francisco men were were equal to the challenge, exhibiting poise and patience. Joye continued to show the ability to break the mark whenever he needed to, and took apart the defense several times with hammers to Simon Higgins. The Revolver O-line gave up only two breaks on the game (the second came after Joel Schlachet dropped a huck in the endzone).

In addition to their clean offense, San Francisco continued to show excellence on the D-line; they put on a complete performance. Revolver is deep and their 1-7 pressure is outstanding. They also showcased a full arsenal of sets, throwing directional forces, force middle, the pull-play-stopping junk, and even their trap zone (a rare sight since 2015). They got turns out of all their sets, but looked best playing FM to counter Doublewide’s deep game and force them into numerous resets. Revolver punished the turnovers with impressive D-line offense, led by the dynamic throwing of Eli Kerns.

Doublewide got impressive performances from Jay Froude and Abe Coffin, who were difficult to contain. Coffin and Dalton Smith are a solid handler battery that can open up the field with their throws but they gave up more reset turnovers than they would have liked. Downfield, Froude’s prowess is well-documented but he showed off an expanded skill set this game as a dynamic thrower.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 201711:16 am

Fort Collins shame. 15-13 Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust (Mixed Pool C)

In a game that will surely have an impact on the championship bracket, Fort Collins shame. shocked Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust with a first round upset. Teams traded downwind holds on few turnovers throughout the first half, with upwind opportunities mostly being squandered on ill-advised deep throws. The second half was a different story, as shame. switched up defensive tactics enough to shake Minneapolis’s downwind offense and started connecting on upwind shots. To their credit, Drag’n’s O line was a perfect 3/3 going upwind but the D line couldn’t get the upwind breaks to ever take the lead. On their first game point opportunity, Hugh Carey of shame. picked up a midfield turnover and ripped an upwind shot for a laying out Zach Fleming for the win.

Jaime Glader was phenomenal for Drag’n, contributing to three of their first four scores and getting open underneath relentlessly once defenders started backing her. Brian Schoenrock had a pair of second half blocks and a shoestring catch to keep Minneapolis in the game. Nick Snuszka finished with a whopping 6 goals with an assist to boot for shame.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 201711:16 am

Boston Slow White 15-10 Cincinnati Steamboat (Mixed Pool D)

In a game that was never close, Boston Slow White demonstrated their prowess in the wind over Cincinnati Steamboat, taking an 8-3 lead at half and cruising to a 15-10 victory. Steamboat quickly turned to punting and playing zone downwind, but Slow was able to convert possessions early with patient upwind offense. The second half got a bit ugly with several marathon points but Steamboat never really threatened to score upwind to get back in the game.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 201711:16 am

Seattle BFG 15-7 Minneapolis No touching! (Mixed Pool D)

Minneapolis No Touching! came out to prove they’re not just
happy to be here as the #16 seed, and took a 5-4 lead over Seattle BFG, but was
unable to muster much beyond that as BFG scored four straight to take half and
dominated the second half en route to a 15-7 win. The Seattle offense was
clinical, utilizing their veteran throwers to lead receivers into space, and
the Minneapolis defense couldn’t keep up.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 201711:17 am

Dallas Public Enemy 15-12 San Francisco Mischief (Mixed Pool A)

Public Enemy pulled off a first round upset win over Mischief 15-12 on the back of a 7A performance from Kevin Christian. Mischief did well limiting Chris Mazur’s effectiveness with a flat mark, but Christian ably picked up the slack, slicing through the Mischief defense.

Chris Pleshek (4G) and Dani Runzo (3G) both scored with impunity, finding seams against Mischief and taking advantage of a sluggish start for the San Francisco team. Early throwaways hurt the Mischief offense, despite the best efforts of Gina Schumacher. Schumacher, Audrey Wei, and Jordan Jeffrey were all effective once Mischief woke up, but after coming out of half down three breaks, it was an uphill battle to fight their way back into it.

While Mischief closed the gap to 9-10 with some help from the strengthening wind, the teams traded downwind holds before Veronica Coombs grabbed a poach D and Paul Utesch found Michael Hays to put away the upset.

Cody Mills Cody Mills October 19, 201711:26 am

High Five 15-10 Sub Zero (Men’s Pool A)

Pool two-seed High Five got a 15-10 win over their four-seed Sub Zero, winning the second half after Minneapolis took half up 8-7 (on-serve). The first half of the game was remarkable clean, with each team giving up one break. The atmosphere was one of two teams feeling out each other and the environment in Sarasota. The wind was certainly a factor, though it didn’t impact the overall quality of the game.

Well, perhaps until the second half. The teams traded to 9s but High Five finally broke through with an upwind break. They completed the downwind side and got another up/down pair before it was over. Both the Minneapolis O-line and the High Five D-line showed the willingness to grind upwind with small passes, but Minnesota frequently got held up at the goal line and eventually turned a reset. High Five would punish these mistakes by quickly fast breaking with a huck, often to Joe White. Several marathon points gave Zero the opportunity to seize back momentum, but they never quite capitalized.

Johnny Bansfield and Paul Arters stood out for High Five, leading the offenses of the D-line and O-line, respectively. Both were the main sources of deep offense for the Michigan/Ohio team, with Arters throwing cross field OI flick hucks for goals and Bansfield relentlessly hucking from both sides on the turn. Joe White also had a big all-around game for High Five, playing both ways and collecting blocks and goals. Minnesota put in a team-oriented effort, but the cutting and continuation throwing of Greg Cousins stood out all game.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 201711:28 am

Seattle Mixtape 15-10 Madison NOISE (Mixed Pool A)

Despite an early dropped pull, Mixtape’s defense carried them to a 15-10 victory over a NOISE squad which started strong but couldn’t hold on. Mark Burton had 6 assists to propel the Mixtape O-line, with big contributions from Paige Kercher (3G, 1A) to keep the disc moving.

On defense, Khalif El-Salaam (1G, 3A) was instrumental in pushing the pace on a turn, and helped Mixtape pull away in the second half.

For NOISE, Ari Davidson (4A) was at the center of their handler movement, and Lorraine Guerin (2G, 1A) was regularly open against the Mixtape defense. When their deep game was clicking, NOISE looked tough to stop, but as the wind picked up, a few errant hucks gave Mixtape more break opportunities, and they eventually put the game away.

Preston Thompson October 19, 201711:39 am

Men’s Pool C: Boston Ironside 13 – 12 Philadelphia Patrol

Ironside avoided an early upset with an upwind hold on Double Game Point. They struggled offensively for a majority of the game, but when the game was on the line they had the patience needed to work through the Patrol defense.

After several marathon points with turnovers from both sides, Patrol was in a position to control the game early. A deep shot to Jimmy Zuraw would have given Philadelphia a 4-2 lead, but he couldn’t reel in what should have been a routine grab.

Sloppy Ironside offense kept Patrol in the game, but credit goes to the Philly defense as well. Nick Patel took the hardest possible assignment, rotating between Kurt Gibson and Josh Markette.

After trading downwind holds for a majority of the game, Ironside gave up a break at a crucial moment. With the game tied at 11s, Kurt Gibson floated a short upline throw into the wind. After sailing out of bounds Patrol worked their defensive line the best they had all game, securing a 12-11 lead with the wind advantage. Gibson atoned for his mishap with a full field toss to tie the game an force Double Game Point.

A quick turnover from Patrol gave Ironside the chance to score upwind, something they had struggled with all game. Patience against the strong Patrol defense gave Ironside the win. After leading 12-11, Patrol gave up two to the favorites and came away thinking “what if.”

Ironside will play GOAT at 1:30, and Patrol will play Ring of Fire in the same round.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 201711:43 am

Reminder that we are live with Bravo v. Dig right now. Watch on our Live page.

Graham Gerhart October 19, 201711:43 am

Toronto 6ixers 13 – 12 Seattle Underground (Women’s Pool A)

Before everything went to seed and the Toronto 6ixers defeated Seattle Underground on double game point, both Seattle and Toronto started out their Nationals with first game jitters.

Both sides were throwing multiple turnovers and overshooting their receivers downwind. 6ixers came away with a few of the early points and Underground couldn’t develop a rhythm to their offense. 6ixers smaller but plucky cutters started using the width of the field to their advantage and Underground seemed sluggish and dejected.

After rattling off a few breaks, 6ixers were definitely in command. Underground’s zone was doing the job but every time they transitioned to man or turned the disc 6ixers capitalized. Sarah Bobak and Lauren Kimura both looked well adjusted and played without fear against the fierce Underground defense.

Just before half Underground locked into the game and began to apply greater pressure on the 6ixers handlers. Where once the 6ixers had been able to get open with ease, suddenly they were relying on dump resets without any forward traction. The wind wasn’t doing them any favors either. Underground’s larger athletic defenders also began to bully the 6ixers after the turn and prevented the Canadian women from getting around them for a bid.

Underground used their newfound energy to get them within one break before the 6ixers stopped the bleeding to take half. Katey Craley and Lindsey Wilson led the charge for underground and the Seattle team played with the wind far better than Toront.

Carrying the same drive out of half, Underground threw out their zone again. This time the 6ixers could not get around it or use their fast-break to put Underground behind them. The zone was causing too many problems for an interesting offensive structure that Toronto played, two handlers against a zone was not the solution in the wind. The problems compiled when 6ixer resets kept losing ground and could not regain it. Underground scored a few successive points from short-field turns.

The confidence that had once defined the Toronto team fled and even though the 2nd half largely saw the teams trading, Underground was playing the better game. It took a couple great endzone saves for 6ixers to regain their pose and Underground was relying on a tighter roster which was beginning to tire.

Underground led at 11-10 but the wind reared its ugly head and their energy could not save some poor miscues when they had the disc in hand. A 6ixers hold took the game to double game point and Underground worked the disc up confidently before a slight handler error caused the disc to fly over the receiver.

Underground was never given a second chance, 6ixers used this opportunity well and managed to hit their players dead-on before scoring.

Preston Thompson October 19, 201711:53 am

Raleigh Ring of Fire 15-12 Toronto GOAT (Men’s Pool C)

Toronto GOAT put up quite a fight against the third overall seed, but late upwind breaks for Raleigh shut the door on the upset and gave Ring the 15-12 win.

Early in the game, both teams struggled to find their offensive rhythm. Multiple turnover points are not the norm for either offense, but the rising wind and early nerves kept the matchup close.

In the second half, GOAT found a golden opportunity to go up two scores with an upwind break. From 20 yards out, a backhand sailed too high and Jack Williams came in with a clutch sky block. Two throws later, Williams would save the Ring possession with another sky, and follow it up with a full field toss to Henry Fisher.

The individual performance pushed Raleigh forward, and the D line found their groove with a three upwind breaks. After a sloppy start, Ring of Fire sealed the win 15-12.

Ring will take on Patrol at 1:30, while GOAT plays Ironside on the neighboring field.

Charlie Eisenhood October 19, 201711:54 am


Graham Gerhart October 19, 201712:16 pm

Boston Wild Card 14 – 13 Denver Love Tractor (Mixed Pool C)

Love Tractor proved themselves as a threatening fourth seed but couldn’t close the game against Wild Card. A thrilling game ended with a very casual double-game point hold from Boston

As the game started both teams seemed content to allow the other many opportunities to break. Blame the wind or the early game but there were plenty of turnovers. Love Tractor was the first team to figure out the wind and Jack McShane was everywhere on the field, resetting the disc if there was ever a problem. Wild Card had confident offense but their defense didn’t keep the same intensity early and Love Tractor did not seem challenged. The Denver squad had deep options constantly and when Wild Card could cause a turn they still wouldn’t convert

The real turning point in the first half was a run-through block by the endzone from Fern Beetle-Moorcroft that put Love Tractor confidently in the lead. Love Tractor was hitting their men wide and used the entire width of the field

Wild Card’s reemergence was subtle. They were able to claw back into the game through tight handler defense that caused errors downfield. It took many turns but eventually, the Boston team locked in and tied the game at 7s. Casey Terp and Eva Petzinger played well under pressure and Love Tractor no longer had the discipline that gave them an early lead. Despite Boston’s resurgence, Love tractor took half and still seemed able to finish the game ahead

Straight after half Love Tractor took another point and seemed to be returning to their structured offense. All credit goes to Wild Card for using the wind and smart poaches to disrupt this structure. As the game progressed it was clear that Wild Card’s experience with big games was helping them and the lead swayed in their favor. Jack McShane and Love Tractor could not figure out their offense in time to return a lead but a smart defensive line pulled the Denver squad to a double game point contest. However, this final point was anything but extraordinary as Wild Card played a standard horizontal offense and used fundamentals to find one of their women in the endzone

Love Tractor looked threatening. Their athleticism cannot be understated.

Orion Burt October 19, 20171:00 pm

Florida over Sockeye!

Orion Burt October 19, 20171:09 pm

More upsets:



Katie Raynolds October 19, 20171:12 pm

Boston Brute Squad 14 – 3 Minneapolis Pop (Women’s Pool B)

The tournament no. 2 seed handled Minneapolis Pop capably, winning 14-3 despite the gusty wind. Boston’s defense earned them an early 8-1 lead for half, setting a zone on Pop to force a high volume of throws from Minneapolis’ handling core.

The wind tampered with Brute Squad’s efficiency, and Pop had chances to break. But they could only score two more points out of half, one on a deep shot to Bekah Swanson and again from Anna Reed to Biz Cook.

Cody Mills Cody Mills October 19, 20171:14 pm

Revolver 15-9 Sub Zero (Men’s Pool A, Round 2)

Revolver came out of the gate on fire against Sub Zero, taking half 8-1 over Minneapolis in just shy of 23 minutes. San Francisco’s D-line came force middle and person and was deadly efficient on the turn. The second was mostly coasting and trading, with Sub earning back one net break but never truly threatening to make a comeback

Preston Thompson October 19, 20171:17 pm

New York Pony 14 – 11 Chicago Machine (Men’s Pool C)

Pony scored two breaks early, then showed offensive consistency in the second half to take their first game 14-11 over Machine.

After trading scores for the first eight points, Pony’s two breaks gave them a healthy lead going into halftime. Neither team could break upwind in the second half, despite standout performances from Machine’s Pawel Janas and Pony’s Harper Garvey.

The first upwind break came off of a short field for Pony. Patient offense, something that had been lacking all game, let them grind out the score. The break gave them the 14-11 lead and the win.

Janas finished with three assists and two goals, and Garvey finished with four assists and two goals.

Cody Mills Cody Mills October 19, 20171:19 pm

Doublewide 14-12 High Five (Men’s Pool A, Round 2)

Doublewide rebounded nicely from their loss to Revolver and asserted themselves early on a High Five team coming off a sloppy finish in their prior game. They took the game 14-12 after taking half 8-5. Doublewide showed solid downfield defense, locking down cutters and forcing High Five into tons of resets— the source of many of their turns. On offense, Doublewide was connecting deep at a much higher rate than their match against Revolver. Dan Emmons and Jay Froude were monsters deep, and Kai Marshall did well with his under cuts. Abe Coffin continued to be his reliable and effective self.

High Five’s big names played solid but not great games. Bansfield and Arters got their throws in, and Joe White made a few big plays, but they were just a tad too sloppy with possession. They, in contrast to Doublewide, saw less success deep than in previous games. When they did cough the disc up, Doublewide showed the ability to grind out small ball possessions as well, often led by Matt Bennett.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 20171:19 pm

Seattle BFG 15 – 12 Cincinnati Steamboat (Mixed Pool D, Round 2)

BFG survived a tight matchup against Steamboat, with the Cincinnati team working their zone on both their D-line and the O-line defense to slow down the BFG offense. BFG seemed frustrated, needing to make far more throws than they wanted inside the Steamboat cup.

Kieran Kelly (4G, 2A) was a standout cutter for BFG, finding open areas behind the Steamboat zone to keep the disc moving, and Alexa Kirkland (1G, 3A) made some excellent continuation throws to space to help BFG find tough holds.

Steamboat got key contributions from Brittany Winner (2G, 1A) and Ryan Gorman (2G, 2A) to keep the game close, and breaks were plentiful for both sides, but BFG showed just a bit more consistency on offense to capitalize on their opportunities and close out the game.

Katie Raynolds October 19, 20171:20 pm

Texas Showdown 12 – Toronto 6ixers 11 (Women’s Pool A, Round 2)

In the division’s first upset of the day, Showdown rallied back from behind to edge out the Toronto 6ixers 12-11. The game’s first half would be defined by the wind: the teams traded holds early until the 6ixers boosted the disc to get an upwind break and a downwind hold. Toronto moved the disc ably through handlers Jordan Meron, Erica Tucker, and Anouchka Beaudry. Downfield Sarah Innes burned up the turf for Toronto, and Showdown struggled to contain her movements.

Showdown capitalized on a turn to break twice and take half 8-7 through blocks from Dre Esparza and Laura Gerencser. The rest of the game was a windy, brutal battle for holds. The teams marched the score up to 12-12 in close person defense, with Toronto challenging every under cut and Texas locking down on the mark.

Showdown’s breaks in the first half were enough in the Sarasota blustery wind: Texas’ Katey Forth popped a nice high release backhand to Tina Woodings for the game and the upset.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 20171:21 pm

Philadelphia AMP 14-11 Durham Toro (Mixed Pool B, Round 2)

Philadelphia’s offense had some hiccups in the wind but capitalized on their ability to win long points as they fended off Durham Toro, 14-11. After trading points to 4-4 and failing to get a break opportunity, AMP threw a zone look that allowed Nick Purifico to get a catch block and feed Anna Thompson for the quick assist to Matt Carter, the only upwind goal of the first half. Toro nearly answered upwind but bobbled the goal and Luke Ryan was there for the block, and AMP went 70 in about 5 seconds for the downwind conversion. Teams traded all the way to 12-10 before Toro finally broke upwind, but Matt Zumbrum skied the crowd for the 13-11 upwind hold for AMP. Philly finished on a break as Matt Carter acrobatically toed the side of the end zone.

Philly spread the disc around but got nice offensive contributions from Linda Morse (2G, 1A, 1B) and Nico Lake (1G, 2A). Ryan was a defensive presence all game for AMP. Andrew Ryan stood out for Toro (4G, 1A).

Simon Pollock Simon Pollock October 19, 20171:27 pm

Florida United 14-8 Seattle Sockeye (Men’s Pool B, Round 2)

Let the upsets roll in! Mischa Freystatter posted a monstrous 5(G), 5(A) game in Florida United’s call-filled slog over Seattle Sockeye. Cole Sullivan led a huck and play defense strategy, gunning for Freystatter and hitting often.

In the first half, Seattle’s marks could not contain Sullivan. But they threw everything at Freystatter, bringing a healthy Matt Rehder over to D-line to double team the 6’7″ alongside Husayn Carnegie.

The calls came out quickly as Florida’s humungous zone descended on Seattle, stunning the turbo-charged handlers. As both teams got into the picks, travels, and fouls, the action peaked when Florida’s Jeremy Langdon caught a big break, turned, and nearly spiked on the head of his Seattle defender. The observers doled out an immediate PMF as the teams rushed the field. And few players were separated, nearly coming to blows after some brief shoving.

Florida took half 8-4.

Sockeye battled themselves into two points right out of half to make it 8-6, but by the time soft cap sounded, they were down three again and the fouls had piled onto both teams. Sockeye’s Chris Kosednar picked up a PMF on an upwind O-point. More TMFs were assessed for physical play.

Sockeye found answers for the Florida zone in a few well-placed hammers, with Sam “Moose” Hart ripping a couple of big ones down. But the offense couldn’t stay composed after the clutch plays, and kept turning it downfield.

Time ran out, and the deficit was too large for Seattle to overcome. Florida won the game going upwind.

The result looks and sounds exciting, but the ultimate on the field was ugly. Florida’s hucks were excellent most of the time, but as the calls came out, both teams descended into unsavory play.

Seattle takes on PoNY next, while Machine will face a charged-up Florida. Florida captain Chris Larocque noted in postgame that, should the TMFs and PMFs continue for his team, the captains would address the behavior.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 20171:28 pm

Seattle Riot 12-6 Seattle Underground (Women’s Pool A, Round 2)

Seattle Underground threatened early on, capitalizing on short field Riot turnovers to take 3-0 and 5-2 leads. Yet crosstown rivals Riot got their footing, tightened up, and finished the game on an 11-1 run. Sarah “Surge” Griffith (4G, 1A) led the comeback, including a high release break to Kirstin Gruver to take half. Kelly Johnson and Paige Soper added a pair of assists each, while Shira Stern and Lucy Williams made their presence felt on both sides of the disc.

Graham Gerhart October 19, 20171:30 pm

Seattle Mixtape 13 – 12 Dallas/Fort Worth Public Enemy (Mixed Pool A, Round 2)

In a game with only 3 breaks, a streaky Mixtape team stole a victory from the almost perfect Dallas offense.

Despite being polar opposites in seeding, both Mixtape and Public Enemy showed the skill and poise necessary to win their pool. The Dallas game was incredibly clean on offense, they were able to get around the tenacious Mixtape defenders with patient swinging and cuts that took advantage of face-marking. Public Enemy ran the majority of their offense through the fearless Chris Mazur and not a single defender on Mixtape could prevent him from getting the disc when he wanted it. Public Enemy’s Danielle Ruzzo also played above the competition and had many game-saving throws or catches that kept Mixtape honest on defense. For the most part, Dallas refused to huck it deep unless there was notable separation.

On the other hand, Mixtape was fully geared towards deep throws, gaining as many yards as possible as soon as possible. Mixtape had far more turnovers on offense but was able to snatch them back with some great defense after the turn. Mixtape never dropped their heads after a miscue so Public Enemy could never take the advantage there.

There were only two breaks in the entire first half. On point #12 a smart deep poach from Mixtape gave them the disc and they refused to allow Public Enemy the chance to find it back. Mazur’s constant presence on the field was not enough to stop a focused Mixtape unit and the field eventually opened to a beautiful goal from Seattle.

It would take another 5 points before it happened again. Public Enemy returned the favor right before half. Jesse Bolton was a little too cavalier with a downfield throw and his receiver could not come down with the disc. Public Enemy was ready with a quick offense that kept Mixtape guessing. Smart handler resets and a tight margin throw allowed the disc to squeak into the endzone.

The second half was filled with injuries and stunted play. There were many stoppages but a distinct lack of breaks. As the game wore on Chris Mazur finally started subbing but the rest of his team still played to form, Chris Casey played particularly well and Public Enemy stubbornly refused to be beaten on offense.

As the game reached its zenith, Public Enemy started on offense and got off to a great start. However, the Mixtape pressure finally got to the Dallas squad and an open receiver bobbled the disc. Mixtape would work it for a few points before calling a timeout. Once they had a chance to collect themselves it was all over. Mixtape kept the disc and moved it laterally until an opening in the endzone resulted in their goal. 13-12. This was only Public Enemy’s 2nd break of the enitre game.

With only 3 breaks all game, both teams showed the quality that a potential bracket game could entail. Every team in Mixed should fear Public Enemy.

Katie Raynolds October 19, 20171:31 pm

Atlanta Ozone 15 – 12 Columbus Rival (Women’s Pool B, Round 2)
‘Twas a game of downwind holds until (almost) the very end. At the last moment, Atlanta Ozone broke twice to nearly beat Columbus Rival 15-12.

In the gusting wind, each team had the chance to showcase their strengths. Rival played crafty through Ozone’s zone again and again to score. Becky “Tots” Moore took over for Columbus with 5 goals and 2 assists in the game, while her teammates Sara Scott and Hannah Henkin accounted for another 5 combined assists and 2 goals.

Ozone’s Paula Seville and Katherine Wooten dominated the O- and D-line respectively, for a combined 8 assists. Ozone took their away shots early and often, and Mira Walker and Kate Hines were ready in the endzone. Together, these four women were part of 14 of Ozone’s 15 goals.

Ozone would convert a late Rival error from Talia Barth into their first break, and then after one turn, they could convert another to win 15-12.

Daniel Prentice October 19, 20171:32 pm

Washington DC Scandal 12-11 San Francisco Nightlock (Women’s Pool D Round 2)

In a game in which neither played well, Scandal survived a serious scare against Nightlock, just holding on for a 12-11 win on double game point. The first half consisted of long, poorly played points from both sides, but Scandal took a fairly comfortable 8-5 lead into the break.

But the sloppiness continued throughout the second half and when Scandal had chances to put the game away, they failed to do so. Nightlock broke out of half and remained within point for the rest of the half. Up 11-10 with a chance to end the game, the Scandal O-line committed numerous turnovers. A layout grab from Loryn Kanemaru in the back of the endzone tied the game up for the San Francisco quad to force double game point.

Scandal almost immediately turned the disc near midfield, but a drop from Nightlock gave away the chance to win the game. Jenny Fey made sure her team did not repeat its mistakes from throughout the game, and dropped a pinpoint forehand into a streaking Sandy Jorgensen for the win.

Neither team played at all well and both were clearly affected by the windy conditions.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 20171:35 pm

Boston Slow White 14 – 9 Minneapolis No Touching! (Mixed Pool D, Round 2)

In the other mixed pool D matchup, Slow White never relinquished control, and after trading to start the game, ran off a pair of breaks to take half 8-4, en route to a 14-9 victory. Slow White’s Todd Herman (3G, 3A) was impossible for No Touching! to guard, cutting deep at will and providing an easy over-the-top target for the Boston handlers.

No Touching! was led by Sam Valesano (3G) and Patrick Jensen (1G, 2A), but the team was reliant on the deep game and the wind, combined with some heads-up Slow White defense, caused several errant or short hucks. The Minneapolis outfit managed some competitive points, but couldn’t find the firepower to generate any breaks.

Daniel Prentice October 19, 20171:39 pm

San Francisco Fury 15-7 Chicago Nemesis (Women’s Pool D, Round 2)

Fury cruised to their second win of the day over the pool 4 seed Nemesis with an easy 15-7 victory. Their 8-3 halftime lead never diminished, and Fury still has not really had to push for a victory today.

Opi Payne had a nice game for Fury, leading the team with three points, and icing the game with a money, laser backhand to a fully extended Magon Liu for the game ending score.

Patrick Stegemoeller October 19, 20171:43 pm

Denver Johnny Bravo 14 – 13 Boston Dig (Men’s Pool D, Round 2)

In a listless display from both teams, Johnny Bravo held on to beat Dig on hard cap and now are in command of Pool D.

Both teams had won their first round games, meaning that this clash would put the winner in the driver’s seat in the pool. There may have been a bit of a hangover from the wins though, as the first point has multiple turnovers. Ben Sadok was able to give Dig the 1-0 lead with an exclamation point, taking off deep from the handler space and spearing a bladey huck at the pinnacle of his jump. It would be the high point for Sadok, literally and figuratively. Dig’s offensive focal point tallied a goal and two assists, but was hampered by five turnovers.

Jimmy Mickle carried Bravo’s offense in the early going, assisting on their opening two scores and doing most of the work to move the disc. Denver was solid if not spectacular on offense in the first half, giving up a few break opportunities, but no breaks. It was a different story for Dig, who gave up three straight breaks to trail 8-4 at half time. Endzone offense was a big problem for Boston, as they couldn’t seem to summon the patience necessary to finish points.

The second half was much of the same, with Bravo managing easy holds against lackluster defense. But as the game descended into a casual affair, Bravo’s offense started to slip. With some bad turnovers on hucks and a few turfed forehands, Denver opened the door for Dig to come back. The score went from 14-9 to 14-12, before hard cap blew, cutting Dig’s comeback just short.

Boston scored the final point on a huck from Spencer Diamond to Tim Schoch, which had no bearing on this game’s result but could become important if Truck Stop beats Denver next round and the pool goes to tiebreaker.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 20171:46 pm

San Francisco Blackbird 12 – 9 Connecticut Metro North (Mixed Pool B, Round 2)

Marathon points were the order of the game for Blackbird and Metro North, but Blackbird pulled away just enough around halftime to build an insurmountable lead. Barrs Lang (4A) Tim Gilligan (2G, 1A) led the scoring for Blackbird, buoyed by the typically excellent initiating cuts of VY Chow.

The matchup between Blackbird’s Mac Taylor and Metro North’s John Korber put on a clinic of cutting and defending, and while Korber was able to get away for three goals, nothing came easy for the Metro North offense. Blackbird did well to limit the deep looks from Metro North, slowing the game pace to a crawl and forcing endless resets. Metro North only broke once during the game despite forcing many turns, and Blackbird proved too strong in the end.

Daniel Prentice October 19, 20173:27 pm

Denver Molly Brown 15-10 Portland Schwa (Women’s Pool C Round 3)

Molly Brown never looked their best on defense, but their explosive offense was on full display as they comfortably dispatched Schwa. In the second half, Schwa also held their offensive points with relative ease, with Molly never really ratcheting up the pressure. The high heat of the middle of the afternoon may have played an impact, but it also never felt like Schwa was capable of making a run to get back in it due to Molly’s offensive efficiency.

Claire Chastain, Liza Minor, Lisa Picaithley all put on a show, playing daring and sensational ultimate, often doing it with seemingly minimal effort. Molly’s O was good enough to give their defense a game off, but it will likely have to be better in the following rounds if Molly is going to advance beyond semis.

Orion Burt October 19, 20173:27 pm

Katie Raynolds October 19, 20173:29 pm

Seattle Underground 12 – 6 Texas Showdown

With this upset, Underground takes the no.2 seed in the pool over Showdown and the 6ixers.

Preston Thompson October 19, 20173:31 pm

Raleigh Ring of Fire 14 – 7 Philadelphia Patrol (Men’s Pool C, Round 3)

Ring of Fire scored early breaks on Patrol to take a 4-1 lead, and never looked back. Five different players threw an assist for Ring in the first half as they began to loosen up lines later in the game. Patrol couldn’t fight their way back as Ring of Fire rolled to a 14-7 win.

Raleigh will play Boston Ironside to win the pool, and Philadelphia Patrol will go up against GOAT to stay alive.

Graham Gerhart October 19, 20173:31 pm

Seattle Riot 15 – 7 Toronto 6ixers (Women’s Pool A, Round 3)

With a nearly flawless first half, Riot controlled the entire game against a visibly tired 6ixers team.

After their first two breaks, it was fairly obvious Riot was going to run away with the game.

The 6ixers had just come off two close games against Underground and Showdown, fatigue plagued their offense. Riot was particularly effective on defense against a vert stack. They play a clamp defense which chokes the cutters and tidy handler D which gave 6ixers no room.

It was unclear whether they were playing open lines or not because the team played methodically and yet was not reliant on any few players to make all their big bids. Still, Calise Cardenas and Dom Fontenette both played exceptionally well in the game.
It was not all bad news for the 6ixers. Even though Riot smothered them on the under cuts, many of their hucks connected off a handler in a power position. These hucks accounted for at least 5 of their goals. If they had discovered this earlier in the game the score may have been closer.

The 6ixers also were efficient with preventing Riot from attacking deep despite the height advantage of the Seattle team. In different circumstances, the game may very well have been closer.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 20173:35 pm

San Francisco Blackbird 15-11 Durham Toro (Mixed Pool B, Round 3)

After a hard fought game with AMP, Durham Toro again refused to go down easily against San Francisco Blackbird, keeping pace with the former champs through 6-6. Blackbird began pulling away late in the first half and extended their lead further, going up 13-8 and cruising to a comfortable 15-11 victory.

Castle Sinicrope (3A), Barrs Lang (2G, 1A), and Vincenzo Vitiello (2G, 1A, 1B) paved the way for Blackbird. Lucas Darden finished with three goals for Toro while Christine Bookhout had two goals and one assist.

Daniel Prentice October 19, 20173:37 pm

Vancouver Traffic 15-11 Madison Heist (Women’s Pool C Round 3)

Traffic was just more clinical down the stretch to fight off Madison Heist 15-11 and lock up a top two finish in the pool. Madison struggled with offensive efficiency in the red zone, and while Traffic wasn’t lights out in that regard, they were good enough to pull out the win.

The teams traded a pair of early breaks, but were mostly level before the break. Long points toward the end of the half came back to bite Heist, though. After a 13 turn point, Heist was forced to play an o-line point without any of their top players on the line, and even when Robyn Wiseman came on for an injured played halfway through the point, they didn’t have enough firepower on the field to avoid the break.

Heist’s offense held on the first few points of the second half, but couldn’t generate any break chances some points, and couldn’t capitalize them on others. Curiously, Heist never put all of their top players on a line at the same time, even as they needed a couple of breaks late to get back in the game.

Traffic will now play Molly Brown to top the pool, while Heist will square off with Schwa to stay alive and move to prequarters.

Orion Burt October 19, 20173:40 pm

Fury v. Scandal livestream starting in 5 minutes! Watch on our Live page or YouTube.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 20173:41 pm

Boston Wild Card 13 – 12 Fort Collins shame. (Mixed Pool B, Round 3)

A tightly contested, windy game saw Wild Card barely hold off a strong challenge from shame., with both teams battling the breeze as much as each other. Shame. kept pushing the disc downfield whenever possible, which netted some quick downwind points but gave Wild Card ample opportunities to recover on defense upwind. Reliant as ever on the abilities of Jake Juszak, shame. kept the game close throughout, but fell apart when his legs gave out.

Wild Card played very methodical offense in both directions, staying disciplined with the disc and willing to work it through their dominant female cutters, particularly Eva Petzinger and Hailey Alm. Wild Card’s handlers, particularly Robin Meyers, did well to move the disc laterally despite gusty conditions, opening up more opportunities for the Boston cutters to gain big chunks of yardage. The win puts Wild Card in good position to win pool C and earn a bye to the quarterfinals.

Preston Thompson October 19, 20173:43 pm

Boston Ironside 15 – 9 Toronto GOAT (Men’s Pool C, Round 3)

After a slow start had them trailing 6-5, Boston unleashed a 10-3 run to take down Toronto GOAT 15-9.

For the second time today, the Ironside offense struggle in the early parts of the game. The surging winds forced both offenses to slow down and questionable shots from the Ironside offense put them in another tight game.

Andrew Carroll presented a matchup problem for Boston, scoring one goal and throwing two assists in the first half. As the main cog of the Toronto offense, Carroll registered only one turn for the entire game.

Ironside came out in the second half with their best person defense of the day. GOAT was forced to move laterally in the wind or take an ill-advised deep shot. Boston’s D-line showed patience with possession, finishing with a 10-3 run. The 15-9 defeat forces GOAT into an elimination game for the last round of pool play.

Ironside will play Ring of Fire with a first round bye on the line.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 20173:45 pm

Philadelphia AMP 12-11 Connecticut Metro North (Mixed Pool B, Round 3)

After grinding out a win against Toro, Philadelphia AMP came out firing against Connecticut Metro North, opening the game with three breaks. Metro North answered back soon, tying the game up at 4-4, but could never retake the lead as the teams traded goals for the remainder of the game. AMP’s offense held on double game point to win 12-11.

Linda Morse had the play of the game, getting a run-through block-to-Callahan at 7-7 to preserve AMP’s lead through half. Anna Thompson (3G, 3A) was unstoppable on offense for Philly. Lauren Doyle, Eugene Yum, and Amanda Walker all played well for Metro North.

Simon Pollock Simon Pollock October 19, 20173:47 pm

Men’s Pool B is in tatters

Florida United and PoNY stayed in control after this pool’s second round. Florida outran and outplayed Machine in the steady Sarasota wind winning 14-11. PoNY hung tough against a talented Sockeye roster, staying with their gameplan and letting Harper Garvey take control of the offense with his throwing.

Two straight rounds of upsets leaves the pool’s No 3. (Florida) and No. 4 (PoNY) set to play for a bye in quarterfinals in their last round of play today, while the No. 1 (Sockeye) and No. 2 (Machine) will battle it out to make prequarters. The winner of that game will draw a tough crossover matchup in prequarters with the loser of Raleigh Ring of Fire and Boston Ironside.

PoNY and Sockeye were trading leads late into their game. Sockeye went to the bench, and a number of players that didn’t see much of the field in their loss to Florida were out in a zone lineup and deep O-lines. Ben Snell, Donnie Clark, and Donyang Chen were all in action.

As the soft cap drew near, Dylan Freechild eyed up a poach block on the force sideline and charged under a PoNY cutter to snag the disc. He collided with PoNY’s Sean Keegan and both players went down. Freechild stayed down with a nasty cramp, while Keegan slowly made his way up and the two talked through a strip call. The disc stayed with PoNY and they avoided a point swing and kept the game close. Freechild stayed out for the rest of the game.

Chris Kocher and Sam Little put the game on ice for PoNY. Kocher stuffed Trent Dillon’s attempt at a flick huck to help PoNY level the score at 10-10. Little dished in a go-ahead score to Clark Cofer, and caught the game-winner.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 20173:49 pm

Dallas Public Enemy 15 – 10 Madison NOISE (Mixed Pool A)

Public Enemy ran away with their final game to lock up the second seed in pool A, racing out to an 8-3 lead and winning 15-10 over NOISE. Chris Mazur (3G, 3A) and Kevin Christian (1G, 3A) controlled the disc throughout, patiently working the disc between them while looking for a deep shot.

NOISE never seemed comfortable in this game, though Kyle Weigand (4G, 1A) did his best to keep NOISE close. Despite his performance, Public Enemy never looked to be in danger throughout the game, easily locking down a prequarters berth against the winner of the Cincinnati Steamboat/Minneapolis No Touching! final round matchup.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 20173:53 pm

Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust 11-10 Denver Love Tractor (Mixed Pool C)

After being upset by Fort Collins shame. in the first round, Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust had another slow start against Denver Love Tractor, going down 2-4 and 5-7. They rattled off three straight to take half 8-7 and held serve through a short second half to hold on to a 11-10 win.

Sarah Meckstroth had a huge game for Drag’n, catching an upwind huck for a goal and throwing deep to set up the winning score. Jack McShane did everything he could for Love Tractor, tallying three goals and four assists, while Chloe Green added two assists of her own.

The last round of pool C should be interesting, with there teams capable of winning the pool and three teams capable of being eliminated.

Orion Burt October 19, 20174:04 pm

Pool A started early and had no byes, so they’re done for the day now. Final standings:

Women’s Pool A
3-0 Riot (#1)
1-2 Underground (#13) [+5 tiebreaker point diff]
1-2 6ixers (#8) [+0 tiebreaker point diff]
1-2 Showdown (#12) [-5 tiebreaker point diff]

Mixed Pool A
3-0 Mixtape (#1)
2-1 Public Enemy (#13)
1-2 Mischief (#8)
0-3 NOISE (#12)

Men’s Pool A
3-0 Revolver (#1)
2-1 Doublewide (#12)
1-2 HIGH FIVE (#8)
0-3 Sub Zero (#13)

Orion Burt October 19, 20174:34 pm

Schwa up 8-5 at half with the chance to knock out Heist for entry into prequarters:

Orion Burt October 19, 20174:36 pm

Florida United one half away from securing the top spot in Pool B

Orion Burt October 19, 20174:46 pm

Sockeye facing elimination if they can’t make up ground against Machine in the second half:

Orion Burt October 19, 20175:13 pm

Dig working from behind as well:

Katie Raynolds October 19, 20175:23 pm

Schwa knocks Heist out of contention with a 15-9 upset!

Orion Burt October 19, 20175:24 pm

Sockeye out. Machine moves on to prequarters!

Katie Raynolds October 19, 20175:26 pm

Guys. Sockeye.

Katie Raynolds October 19, 20175:28 pm

Sandy Jorgenson with a rough performance in that streamed game against Fury: 0G, 0A, 5D

Katie Raynolds October 19, 20175:32 pm

Minneapolis Pop, in their first appearance at Nationals since 2010, advances to pre-quarters after a 14-12 win over Rival

Orion Burt October 19, 20175:33 pm

Some other wins to advance to prequarters: Nightlock 14-11 over Nemesis. GOAT 12-9 over Patrol.

Orion Burt October 19, 20175:45 pm

Toro eliminates last year’s runner up, Metro North:

Orion Burt October 19, 20175:45 pm

Daniel Prentice October 19, 20175:50 pm

Boston Brute Squad 15-9 Atlanta Ozone (Women’s Pool B Round 4)

Brute put in a solid performance in a very windy final round to defeat Ozone 15-9 and top the pool. It was by far the nearest game Brute Squad played, but their pool crown was still never in jeopardy. Brute’s offense was in a completely different class than Ozone’s. They made the wind a non-factor with their impressive low release backhands that every player on the roster seemed comfortable with. Their defensive pressure was present as usual, but for the second season in a row, it looks like Brute Squad might be the most equipped team in the division for the wind.

Ozone, in spite of the loss, still takes second in the pool, and they will play Portland Schwa in prequarters tomorrow morning.

Orion Burt October 19, 20175:54 pm

Women’s elimination bracket after Day 1

Preston Thompson October 19, 20176:02 pm

Toronto GOAT 12 – 9 Philadelphia Patrol (Men’s Pool C, Round 4)

A second half surge in a sloppy game gave GOAT the 12-9 win over Patrol. GOAT advances out of pool play and into prequarters.

After an early 5-2 deficit, Philadelphia Patrol gave it all they had with elimination on the line. A run of breaks tied the game at 6-6, but they couldn’t sustain the momentum through halftime. GOAT finished on a 6-3 run, jumpstarted by Bretton Tan’s two goals to start the half. Hard cap put the game away and gave Toronto the 12-9 win.

GOAT will face off against PoNY in tomorrows prequarters.

Daniel Prentice October 19, 20176:04 pm

San Francisco Nightlock 14-11 Chicago Nemesis (Women’s Pool D Round 4)

A tightly contested first half ended in a huge momentum changing point and ultimately sent Nightlock to the bracket over Nemesis with their eventual 14-11 win. Both teams traded breaks through the first half, but Nightlock got that coveted break into half. When they held to start the second half, they created a 9-6 advantage that they would not relinquish for the rest of the game.

Nightlock didn’t play especially well, but they won those two crucial points that ultimately decided the outcome, and they did a nice job of preventing Nemesis from getting any breaks back in spite of their chances.

Natasha Won was big for Nightlock, putting up a game high 5 points. Sara Miller led the way for Nemesis in the losing effort, registering a pair of goals and a pair of assists. Nightlock moves onto prequarters, where they will play Seattle Underground, while Nemesis is out of contention.

Graham Gerhart October 19, 20176:10 pm

Women’s Pool C: Denver Molly Brown 15 – 8 Vancouver Traffic

Molly Brown’s offense simply wore out an already exhausted Traffic.

The stars on Molly Brown’s offensive unit have been praised all year and did not disappoint in this game either. Molly Brown had few turnovers on offense and when they did were quick to get the disc back. Claire Chastain was still as crafty as ever but the game was defined by the rest of her roster. Paige Applegate was an anchor that kept the offense from coming untethered and Liza Minor was saving discs all weekend. Molly’s pull plays are almost unstoppable in the women’s division and they have so many contingency plans that it’s rare to prevent at least one open look. They also did not struggle in the wind. As an offense, they looked great.

Traffic’s offense was similarly spectacular, for the first half. After halftime, there were many execution errors and the speed that had once put Molly Brown on the back foot was lost. Traffic does not have the throwers to threaten a huck from a standstill but they did use their power position well. Most turnovers were thrown out-of-bounds and were execution errors due to fatigue.

Still, Molly Brown’s defense was not unbeatable. They were not aggressive in their zone set and were definitely not as athletic as the Traffic players. Molly’s defense thrives on smart placement and switching for each other. They frequently poach and never let off an around throw. Manuela Cardenas is their deep defender and has fit into the system fully. Jesse Shofner struggled but still is an important cog in their offense after the turn. Molly should be confident going into their games tomorrow. Traffic should get rest when they can and focus their energy in their offensive structure.

Orion Burt October 19, 20176:12 pm

Charlie and Keith doing a Day 1 Wrap Show right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnTRnFgS6Jc

Tweet, chat, or comment your questions! key

Preston Thompson October 19, 20176:19 pm

Boston Ironside 13 – 11 Raleigh Ring of Fire (Men’s Pool C, Round 4)

Ironside played their best offense of the day en route to a 13-11 win. Their undefeated day gives them a first round bye into the quarterfinals.

After exchanging early breaks, the downwind offense dominated the game for both teams. Break chances were rare as they traded to a 7-7 tie. Ironside found a chance that point, as Kurt Gibson called timeout on the goal line. With the high-powered Boston offense and the disc in the hands of their best player, there was no doubt they were going to find a way to score. Gibson broke the Raleigh mark for the 8-7 halftime lead. It was worth a bit more than just the break, as Ironside scored an easy hold after half going downwind.

Boston found another upwind break after a Kurt Gibson Callahan, and they held that lead until the end. Ring of Fire had multiple chances to earn breaks back, but couldn’t capitalize.

The Boston offense was as cold as ice going upwind, and the defense never gave the Raleigh cutters more than a step or two. It took most of the day to get there, but Ironside looks to be in good form heading into the bracket.

Ring of Fire will play Chicago Machine tomorrow, again. Ring’s youth gives them a lot of upside going into the bracket, but the youngsters will have to improve if they’re looking to make a deep run.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 20176:19 pm

Boston Slow White 15 – 13 Seattle BFG (Mixed Pool D, Round 4)

Slow White escaped a tight matchup with a victory and the top spot from pool D. The game stayed on serve through 11-11, despite several turns from both teams. As well as staying on serve, each score up to that point landed in the downwind end zone until Slow White finally got its chance. After multiple deep looks out of the back of the end zone from BFG, Slow White slowed the pace down and pushed upwind on the break sideline, finding Dan Glatt in the front corner to get the first break of the game. Boston immediately got the downwind break to go up 13-11, and it looked like the game was in the bag.

BFG was not ready to call it a day, though. After a quick downwind hold, strong handler pressure forced a goal line turn from the Slow White offense and BFG got a quick upwind break to tie it at 13-13. On the ensuing upwind point, the breeze died down just enough to give Slow White a clean look at a hold, and they converted to make it 14-13. With Seattle fighting to stay in the game on the next upwind point, Chris Waite pulled in a block and Miles Montgomery-Butler got free deep, flipping a high release over his mark to an open Mia Bladin to seal the win.

Jeff Smith (1G, 6A) was a force in the Boston handler set, distributing to multiple receivers and keeping the offense flowing. Bladin and Hannah Baranes were disruptive defenders for Slow White, slowing down BFG’s offensive flow and looking to push the pace on a turn.

For BFG, Bryson Simon-Fox flashed elite speed on his way to four goals and huge gains on in cuts. Jeff Pape had four assists in a row, and Crystal Koo (1G, 2A) stood out in the Seattle handler set as well, working well in the increasingly windy conditions.

The win gives Boston a bye into the quarterfinals, waiting on the winner of Durham Toro vs. Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust. BFG now has a long road ahead, with a prequarters matchup against an underachieving San Francisco Mischief team, with the winner meeting an inconsistent Fort Collins shame. team in the quarterfinals.

Daniel Prentice October 19, 20176:22 pm

Minneapolis Pop 14-12 Columbus Rival (Women’s Pool B Round 4)


Pop topped Rival 14-12 in a Midwestern battle for tournament lives to end the day. Downwind holds were the story in the first half, save for one break per team. The game turned in the second half when Pop managed to grab an upwind break immediately followed by a downwind break to turn a 9-8 lead into an 11-8 lead.

But Rival wasn’t out yet. At 12-9, they rattled off three straight goals in quick succession to knot the game up at 12 apiece. A long point ensued, and Pop was forced to call a timeout, desperate to hold downwind. Rival seemed to have notched the break twice; once, when Sophie Knowles came down with a huge sky, only to land out of bounds. And then a second opportunity to sky turned into two Rival players whiffing on their bids.

Pop eventually got the hold, and then on Rival’s ensuing downwind O point, they turned the first throw. Using a very short field, a lob into a crowd of Pop players was pulled down by Rose Gruenhagen for the win. Rival’s comeback effort came up just short, and Pop advanced to prequarters in their place. They’ll place Traffic tomorrow morning as a result.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 20176:23 pm

Durham Toro 12-11 Connecticut Metro North (Mixed Pool B)

In a battle to avoid elimination, last year’s runners-up Connecticut Metro North jumped out to a 6-2 lead over Durham Toro and carried it to an 8-4 halftime lead. Toro then ran off 5 in a row out of half en route to a 12-11 win and a spot in tomorrow’s pre-quarters against Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust.

Toro got huge contributions from Christine Bookhout (3G, 4B), Tristan Green (4A, 1B), and Paul Weeks (3A, 1B). Elsa Regnéll (2G, 1B) and Brent Anderson (3A, 1G) stood out for Metro North.

Patrick Stegemoeller October 19, 20176:23 pm

Boston Dig 12 – 10 SoCal Condors (Men’s Pool D Round 4)

Boston Dig completed their second rousing comeback win of the day, this time to stave off elimination, coming back from a 10-7 deficit to win 12-10 and secure the top spot in Pool D.

In the windiest round of the day, the Condors adapted to the upwind/downwind game quickly, staying patient with upwind offense and airing it out after their D-line forced turns. SoCal spread the wealth around, with no one player dominating the stat sheet. Jesse Cohen put in the most notable performance, grinding unders and finding the endzone twice, eventually forcing Dig to throw Jeff Babbitt at him.

Dig’s offense was rough in the first half, and their D-line offense was worse. They failed to connect their handling core with the motion of their cutters downfield, and their handlers were only able to get unproductive resets, backwards on the force side. This lead to turnovers, and the Condors took advantage, tagging Boston with three breaks in the first half en route to an 8-5 lead.

With Truck Stop leading Bravo at halftime, Dig were facing a situation in which a loss would eliminate them, but a win would put them atop the pool. All or nothing for Boston.

Dig started the second half with a grueling upwind break on a point with seven combined turns.Thomas Edmonds made a tough read on a back shoulder blade to pull Dig back to within two.

The teams traded upwind holds to 10-8, before Dig made their move. The Condors turfed an around and Dig hucked to Jeff Babbitt for the break. They broke again to tie, with Tim Schoch dishing to Spencer Diamond.

At 10-10, Babbitt took over.He handblocked Cohen on the goal line, then skied for a goal to give Dig their first lead since 1-0. SoCal worked the disc downwind, looking to score to force universe, when Babbitt got a massive layout block at the front cone. The Condors were reeling, and Diamond hauled in a huck on the goal line for Dig before dishing to a trialing Bartoli to give Dig the win and the pool.

Simon Pollock Simon Pollock October 19, 20176:26 pm

Florida United Locks Up Pool B With 14-12 Win Over PoNY

Mischa Freystatter and Co. staved off a smart PoNY team with a last round win, securing a bye to the quarterfinal round. Freystatter was all over the field, aided by some jaw-dropping athleticism from Jeremy Langdon, Bradley Seuntjens, and Billy O’Bryan.

New York was ready for Sullivan’s throwing, but Florida didn’t fall into the huck and play defense strategy that won them the Sockeye game this morning until they started to run out of gas. After facing a four point deficit at 11-7, PoNY’s depth went to work, coalescing around Harper Garvey, Chris Kocher, Jack Marsh, Sam Little, and a cast of dedicated roleplayers. New York defenders were hitting the deck, hopping into lanes, and contesting each of Freystatter’s throws. They closed the lead to 13-12, but Florida hung around to seal the win late.

Florida will play the winner of the Denver Johnny Bravo vs Austin Doublewide prequarter. PoNY takes on Toronto GOAT in their prequarter matchup.

Graham Gerhart October 19, 20176:31 pm

Women’s Pool C: Portland Schwa 15 – 9 Madison Heist

Portland took advantage of a tired Heist to gain an early lead and rode it out until the end. They broke seed and qualified for prequarters.

Schwa came out of the gate firing. Ella Hansen was unstoppable with her throws and they took advantage of miscues from the Heist offensive unit to start the game with three straight breaks. Schwa was aggressive and did not allow the Heist defensive to develop a rhythm. When Heist gained any momentum, Schwa had a great play to discourage the Madison team.

Schwa was not tired, at least not in comparison to Heist. Their athletic receivers also recovered on defense well to ensure that breaks were few and far between. Heist also could not figure out how to match the deep game of Schwa and lost the shooting match that Schwa was happy to play.

Heist, to their credit, never gave in. There were a few times where they genuinely seemed to be creating a comeback. They played very even lines, preferring to rest their stars rather than have them play too many consecutive points. Unfortunately, this backfired in the sharpest way and by the time Heist realized that they had to assimilate talent it was never going to be enough to get back into the game. Heist was clearly exhausted after their close game against Traffic. They seemed a few pieces shy of making a very deep run in the bracket.

Simon Pollock Simon Pollock October 19, 20176:35 pm

Chicago Machine Stuns With A 13-10 Defeat Of Sockeye

Chicago Machine let it fly against a reeling Seattle Sockeye and came away with a win to stay alive in the championship bracket tomorrow. The win put Machine into what’ll be a much-talked about prequarter crossover with Raleigh Ring of Fire, while Sockeye will move into consolation play.

Not much has changed in Machine’s athletic, grinding approach to ultimate since the end of the regular season. When a deep look was open, they took it. When it wasn’t…they often did it anyway.

For Sockeye, center handler Montague joined the injured Dylan Freechild on the sideline halfway through the game, coming down awkwardly on a contested catch in the end zone. Seattle went to the bench and put the backfield in the hands of Danny Karlinksy, Mario O’Brien, and Chris Kosednar. They generated classic backfield movement, but the execution errors continued to plague Seattle all over the field.

Machine put the nail in the game with a downwind break. Sockeye has more ultimate to play tomorrow, but it won’t feel the same for this very talented squad. Something was off, and the team might not even know how to put it into words yet.

Patrick Stegemoeller October 19, 20176:42 pm

Washington D.C. Truck Stop 14 – 11 Denver Johnny Bravo (Men’s Pool D Round 4)

Truck Stop rebounded from their first round collapse to Dig, ending the day with an impressive three point victory over Johnny Bravo. While one point short of winning the pool, D.C. will have to be happy with their performance against the tournament’s number five seed.

Truck Stop slowly built a lead in the first half thanks to some excellent play from big thrower Markham Shofner. In a stiff wind, he was able to put deep discs on a plate for cutters that Denver were fronting, presumably because they weren’t afraid of the deep game in the windy conditions. Shofner was consistently able to use handler movement to open up opportunities to launch backhands downfield, and while he only tallied one goal and one assist, he was integral to Truck Stop’s upwind efforts.

Bravo made things interesting in the second half, closing Truck’s lead to 12-11. But DC shut the door with a clutch hold, punctuated by a huge grab from Rowan McDonnell for the score. They closed out the game on the following point, breaking upwind on a flick huck from Johnathon Neeley to Jeff Wodatch.

The bright side for Bravo, who dropped from first to third in the pool with the loss, was the phenomenal performance of Mark Lloyd. He looked like his old self, imperious in the air and distributing intelligently with the disc.They’ll need him to continue his hit play tomorrow in bracket play.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 20176:43 pm

Cincinnati Steamboat 12 – 11 Minneapolis No Touching! (Mixed Pool D, Round 4)

In the other pool D matchup, Steamboat outlasted No Touching! 12-11 in a tight, wind-blown matchup featuring plenty of turnovers on both sides. Tim Settles was a force in this game, notching three goals, three assists, and an incredible layout D on a No Touching! in cut. Brittany Winner (1G, 1A) was her usual excellent self, stretching the Minneapolis defense vertically and laterally, opening space for her teammates and creating opportunities for easy conversions.

No Touching! moved the disc very smoothly against the Steamboat zone, capitalizing on tired legs and waning concentration in the final round to find gaps in the cup. Graham Brayshaw (4G) and Patrick Jensen (4A) led the charge against Steamboat, but the team defense from Steamboat proved too much in the end.

Cincinnati fought their way into the prequarters, where they will play a strong Dallas Public Enemy team which gave Seattle Mixtape a tight battle for the top of pool A. The winner of that match will see Philadelphia AMP in the quarterfinals. No Touching! now finds themselves in the consolation bracket, and will see Madison NOISE in the crossover.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 20176:51 pm

Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust 12-9 Boston Wild Card (Mixed Pool B Round 4)

Boston Wild Card entered the last round of play 2-0 and looking to clinch the top spot against Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust. After jumping out to a 4-2 lead, they relinquished the lead 4-5 and never reclaimed it as Drag’n won 12-9.

Both teams threw confidently in the wind, putting up deep hucks and crisp breaks regardless of direction. Wild Card in particular moved the disc well laterally, changing the point of attack to create new throwing lanes. Drag’n employed their trademark physical defense to earn blocks and pressure high stall throws to generate turnovers down the stretch.

Sarah Meckstroth had two upwind scores for Minneapolis and a clutch end one block late in the game to prevent a Wild Card break. Charlie Schuweiler demonstrated extreme poise in the wind handling for Drag’n Thrust and added two goals of his own. Casey Terp hauled in 4 goals and notched one block for Wild Card and Alina Li (1G, 1A, 1B) had an all around impressive game.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 19, 20176:58 pm

Fort Collins shame. 14 – 13 Denver Love Tractor (Mixed Pool C, Round 4)

In a game of runs, shame. put together just enough consistency to put away Love Tractor and seal the top spot in pool C, earning a bye into the quarterfinals. Ashley Daly Morgan was a goal-scoring threat all game long, pulling in the final three goals for shame. on her way to a five goal performance, with Vinny Fiacco (1G, 5A) also providing a boost to a team that has a tendency to rely too heavily on Jake Juszak.

Jack McShane (1G, 5A) turned in yet another impressive performance, but it wasn’t quite enough to get Love Tractor past their Fort Collins rivals. In a battle between two teams that tend to rely on individuals, it was shame.’s depth that won the game in the end.

Love Tractor drops into a consolation crossover against Connecticut Metro North, while shame. awaits the winner of Seattle BFG and San Francisco Mischief.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 19, 20177:10 pm

Philadelphia AMP 14-9 San Francisco Blackbird (Mixed Pool B Round 4)

After surviving double game point against Metro North, Philadelphia AMP finished the day with a statement win, 14-9 over San Francisco Blackbird. AMP went 3-0 to win the pool and a bye to quarter-finals; Blackbird finished 2-1 and will play Wild Card in pre-quarter tomorrow.

AMP again jumped out to a 3-0 lead and extended it to 5-1. Blackbird was able to close the gap to 7-6 before half but it wasn’t enough, as AMP put together their best half of the day to close things out, earning two more breaks and yielding none. Philly’s perennial focus on fitness shined through as AMP defenders were able to poach lanes early in the stall count and clamp down on resets as the count grew, disrupting the Blackbird offense and forcing errant throws.

Philly got contributions from top to bottom, but had standout performances from Anna Thompson, Calvin Trisolini, and Michael Ing. Barrs Lang and V.Y. Chow were impressive for Blackbird on offense.

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