2017 Club Championships: Day 2 Live Coverage

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Charlie Eisenhood October 20, 201710:01 am

Welcome to our day two coverage from Sarasota! Prequarters are cooking right now. Updates coming via Twitter and our live page.

Charlie Eisenhood October 20, 201710:15 am

Charlie Eisenhood October 20, 201710:16 am

Charlie Eisenhood October 20, 201710:17 am

Doublewide is up big (11-6) on Johnny Bravo. Winner faces Florida United in quarters at 2 PM.

Orion Burt October 20, 201710:43 am

And Doublewide advances:

Orion Burt October 20, 201710:45 am

Scandal narrowly beats 6ixers with a break on DGP

Orion Burt October 20, 201710:48 am

BFG over Mischief

Public Enemy gives up a few breaks to Steamboat but wins with the hard cap

Orion Burt October 20, 201710:59 am

Drag’n Thrust holds off Toro (final score 14-11) to advance to quarterfinal against Slow White.

We will be streaming Drag’n v. Slow at 11:45AM EST: ultiworld.com/live

Orion Burt October 20, 201711:03 am

PoNY makes it to the quarterfinals for the first time ever!

Katie Raynolds October 20, 201711:16 am

Vancouver Traffic 15 – 8 Minneapolis Pop (Women’s Prequarters)

Traffic’s upwind hold for the first point of the game would set the tone for this pre-quarter matchup, and it would foreshadow the game’s conclusion: from the first point to the last, Traffic was polished and working hard on defense. Pop, on the other hand, was their own worst enemy in the wind. Many of Pop’s turns, while under pressure, were simply drops or faulty throws.

Traffic took an early 6-2 lead, and while Pop managed to get a break off, Traffic would end the half 8-4.

A dropped pull and more flustered errors defined Pop’s second half as Traffic excelled. Rena Kawabata absolutely commanded the field; she looked like she was playing a different and better sport altogether. Her defensive fire carried Traffic through the second half to a 15-8 victory.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 20, 201711:24 am

Seattle BFG 12 – 10 San Francisco Mischief (Mixed Prequarters)

BFG escaped a surging Mischief team 12-10, in a windy prequarters matchup. A strong crosswind hurt the throwing ability of both teams, as numerous marathon points dragged out the proceedings. BFG broke on the first point, but Mischief brought it back and pushed through to take a 7-5 lead. At this point, the wind shifted and the game became an upwind/downwind affair. BFG held and then broke twice in a row to take half 8-7. Going up 9-7 out of half, Mischief brought it back to 9-9 when soft cap went on. BFG eventually closed it out with a break on one of the better upwind deep looks of the morning from Tommy Li.

Adam Simon (1G, 2A, 2D) led the way for BFG, pushing the pace from the handler set for the Seattle team, but BFG used their depth for more effectively, with no player notching more than one goal or two assists. For Mischief, Gina Schumacher was the standout, notching four goals and making endless cuts regardless of how long a point may last. Jordan Jeffery (1G, 3A) also had an excellent game, cleaning up errant swing passes and providing a big target for San Francisco upwind looks. However, as Mischief relied on Schumacher and Jeffery more and more, BFG’s depth shone through.

BFG moves into the quarterfinals, and will take on Fort Collins shame. at 2PM this afternoon. Mischief drops into the Pro Flight Play-In bracket, facing Minneapolis No Touching! at 11:45.

Cody Mills Cody Mills October 20, 201711:25 am

Ring of Fire 15-7 Machine (Men’s Prequarters)

Ring of Fire steamrolled Chicago Machine in their pre quarter match, running out an 8-3 halftime lead before finishing off a 15-8 win.

The game started off clean with both teams working their deep games. Machine, in particular, was true to the scouting report as Pawel Janas led the throwing attack (assisting two of the first three points) and big-man AJ Nelson sprung open deep twice. For the part, Ring looking equally untroubled, hitting Goose Helton deep and methodically working the unders when necessary.

Machine tried to slow down Ring by throwing their diamond zone look once and, generally, their poachy transition defense, but the Ring handler core was unfazed. The O-line has just four turns the whole game((Two of which were a wide open hammer drop by Henry Fisher and a point block on Dillon Lanier)). Despite their strong person defense and often-potent zone look, Machine did not register a break.

In contrast, Ring seized control of the game early by running off five straight breaks into half. Ring played solid defense, but for the most part it was Machine killing themselves. When teams limit Chicago’s deep game and force a high volume of throws, Machine nearly always gives up a chance at a break. In order to stay competitive, Chicago needs their opponent to also struggle with possession, something Sockeye provided but Ring certainly did not.

Though they did not look quite as dominant in the second half as the first— one Machine zone point stifled the Ring attack and Ring broke just twice— Raleigh was never in danger of giving up the lead. Jack Williams (1G, 3A) was exceptional for them, dominating the cutting space and making numerous flashy skies deep. Defensively it was a solid all-around effort but the highlight was certainly a Jon Nethercutt layout catch block on Walden Nelson to earn back an O-line turn.

Machine’s run of felling giants ended this round and few of their regular stars turned in a highlight performance. AJ Nelson was strong cutting, and Pawel Janas got his passes in (3 assists, though also 3 turns). At the end of the day, Machine was not clean enough on offense to be sustainable in the high pressure of the national bracket.

Preston Thompson October 20, 201711:29 am

Austin Doublewide 15 – 9 Denver Johnny Bravo (Men’s Prequarters)

Austin Doublewide avenged a Regionals loss with a 15-9 trouncing of heavy favorites Johnny Bravo. An 8-1 run from Doublewide sent the the fifth overall seed into consolation.

Both offenses were sloppy early, struggling to complete passes in the morning wind. They traded to 5-5, a scoreline that was already quite the accomplishment for the underdogs. From that moment forward, something clicked for Doublewide. Whether it was their relentless optimism to clean up the offense or their rotation of matchups on the Bravo stars, there was no looking back.

Doublewide proceeded to go on an 8-1 run that capitalized on a plethora of unforced errors from the Johnny Bravo offense. Denver almost limited the damage, but a layout block Sam Ward on the goal line let Austin work the full length of the field upwind for the halftime break. The 8-5 lead wasn’t enough. The Doublewide defense kept their foot on the gas with stellar standout performances from Jason Holleran and Kaplan Maurer.

The Bravo offense was frankly non-existent. If Austin took away the first two looks off of the pull, the countdown began to an unforced turnover. The Bravo offense turned it over six times in the second half alone, and when they finally worked through the miscues the deficit was too much.

Austin Doublewide was consistently better on defense, and patient enough on offense to get the job done. Their 15-9 win sets them up for a matchup with Florida United in the quarterfinals.

Daniel Prentice October 20, 201711:31 am

Washington DC Scandal 13-12 Toronto 6ixers (Women’s Prequarters)

In the most exciting game of the division to this point, Scandal squeaked past 6ixers, breaking on double game point to advance to quarters. 6ixers broke on the first point of the game, but didn’t hold their advantage for long, surrendering back to back breaks at 2-2 to fall behind 2-4. But 6ixers didn’t crumble. The rest of the half was a little back and forth, with 6ixers tying the game up at 5-5, but then going into half down 6-8. The second half was an absolute thriller.

6ixers held out of half, and then immediately broke to level things up at 8-8. Like much of the day yesterday, Scandal’s offense looked out of sync. 6ixers played good defense and got some big plays from their athletic defenders, but DC struggled to reset the disc at times and committed far too many throwing errors.

They righted the ship for a few points out of half, getting a couple of easy downwind holds, but at 10-10 the demons returned. A simple throwaway gave 6ixers short field to break, and they took advantage. The break not only gave 6ixers their first lead since 2-1, but it also flipped the field in their favor. Now with a chance to break downwind, against a shaky offense, Toronto could virtually put the game away.

And they had two glorious chances to do so. With two opportunities from within the redzone, 6ixers threw away both opportunities to give themselves some real breathing room. Scandal eventually held up wind, starting a trade of tenuous upwind holds between the two sides. At 12-12, 6ixers was looking at needing one more for the upset win.

But Scandal’s defense was tenacious, taking away anything easy early in the possession after a great pull. 6ixers turfed a blade in their own redzone to give Scandal a short field break opportunity. Jenny Fey picked up the disc and then seemed to throw it into empty space. But then Sandy Jorgensen streaked into the picture and plucked the disc out of the sky to win the game for Scandals.

It was fitting that Jorgensen made the game winning catch. She single-handedly was the difference between the two teams, scoring four times, assisting once, and registering a few key blocks.

“If you ask me, she’s the best, most dominant player in the division,” said Scandal coach Alex Ghesquiere. Her performance in the game against 6ixers certainly warranted the praise.

So Scandal has survived yet another scare. This one was much more impressively played from both teams than their close shave from yesterday, but it’s still surprising to see Scandal be pushed to the brink by teams that had been perceived to be their inferiors. They’ll certainly have to step up their performance, especially their offensive efficiency, if they are to test Denver Molly Brown in their impending quarters matchup.

Graham Gerhart October 20, 201711:33 am
Dallas Public Enemy 15 – 10 Cincinnati Steamboat (Mixed Prequarters)
Here’s a question, at what point are we allowed to call the Public Enemy victories an upset? So far, all their games they’ve played as the favorites.
The Dallas team has a masterful backfield. Mazur, Christian and Runzo are steady with the disc and so collected. Steamboat started the game with super high energy and tried to use that against Public Enemy. There was not a batted eyelid nor a shaky hand. Public Enemy carved the game wide open and simple execution errors from Steamboat lost them the game.
Let’s be clear, Public Enemy still has problems. Their defensive unit has a tendency to avoid passing to women and they are undisciplined downfield. The thing is, they can be undisciplined because their throws have been accurate so far. A man can sit around on the break side because a laser flick will hit them in the chest if the stall count gets high. Public Enemy also wins with their mental game. Their pregame talk is always “This is just another frisbee team we’re playing.”
It works for them. Kevin Christian mentioned that they had allowed themselves to be intimidating by teams in the past so they created a mentality that avoided over-hyping their opposition. “We knew Steamboat had a good zone, but we also knew we were good at playing Ultimate, so we focused on our own game rather than theirs.”
To Steamboat’s credit, they came together really well at the end of the second half. There was a run of 3 goals that Steamboat scored right at the end of the game which showed flashes of the team Cincinnati could have been. Their zone was working overtime and their handlers were aggressive. During that time they also started hucking, something that they had avoided most of the game despite winning matchups in the air frequently.
Ultimately Steamboat lost due to execution errors. Brittany Winner was still the best woman on the field with both teams and its a shame she will not be continuing to play in the bracket. The Cincinnati team had a high ceiling, but went up against a team seeded criminally low.
Preston Thompson October 20, 201711:35 am

Doublewide’s Matt Bennett on their 21 year old standout defender:

“Kaplan Maurer is a crazy good defender. It’s all in his brain and his legs don’t stop. He’s got the willpower. We let him guard whoever we need him to.”

Watch out for Maurer in the quarterfinal against Florida United.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 20, 201711:36 am

Boston Wild Card 15-9 San Francisco Blackbird (Mixed Prequarters)

With no wind to slow down their crisp offense, Boston Wild Card handily won their prequarters matchup with San Francisco Blackbird, 15-9. The two-time former semi-finalist has answered any doubts about them being back to form, as they earned five breaks and yielded none in an extremely low-turnover game.

There was speculation heading into Nationals that Blackbird might make a deep bracket run. They looked polished at the Pro Championships and won a historically strong Southwest region. But by the end of Thursday’s games, their tanks were already empty, having allowed Philadelphia AMP to rout them 14-9, and they did not look any fresher at the start of their match with Wild Card.

Malina Wiebe was Blackbird’s greatest weapon on offense, getting open with ease and catching four goals. John Kolb (4A) steadied the offense behind the disc while Barrs Lang and V.Y. Chow kept the offense flowing with inside breaks downfield.

Alina Li had a huge presence defensively for Wild Card, providing crafty lane poaches and suffocating Blackbird handlers on the reset, as well as getting a huge point block that led to a Wild Card break late in the game. Ian Engler (2G, 2A, 1B), who did not play on Thursday (work commitment), was unguardable in the backfield while Robin Meyers (2G, 3A) dominated in the red zone.

Wild Card will play Seattle Mixtape in the quarterfinals round at 11:45 today.

Katie Raynolds October 20, 201711:37 am

San Francisco Nightlock 13 – 10 Seattle Underground (Women’s Prequarters)

While their city counterparts rested for quarterfinals, the second San Francisco and Seattle teams battled in the wind. While Nightlock would eventually surge past Underground, efficiency was not the name of the game. Neither team hesitated to take their shots for position in the wind, praying that receivers could make the play in the wind.

Nightlock hit a hot streak at 5-5 to break upwind, and they would seal downwind after an excellent aerial block from Shayla Harris. Nightlock captain Adrienne Lemberger called out Harris for her play in the pre-quarter, and indeed she had 2 assists, 1 goal and 1 block in the game. Her defense gave Nightlock an additional break, and they would go on to take half 8-6 and hold out of half.

Yet the game wasn’t over. Underground’s set an effective trap zone on Nightlock, and San Francisco struggled to reset the disc to the high side. They crashed and reset on repeat up the trap side until they could punt.

The zone – and some Nightlock fumbles – earned Underground two breaks in the second half to tie the game at 9-9. Yet the zone dragged the clock out, too. When Underground’s D-line did have chances, Nightlock applied extra pressure on the resets, and swings from the Underground handlers popped up.

Underground’s trap zone resulted in long points, including two points with 12+ turnovers. Nightlock broke through in one of these marathon points to score upwind, and as cap approached, it was clear Underground was running out of time. Nightlock built themselves a nice 12-9 lead late, and they would fittingly march their downwind hold in to a bidding Harris to score the final point, 13-10.

Simon Pollock Simon Pollock October 20, 201711:39 am

PoNY 13-12 Toronto GOAT (Men’s Prequarters)

Put it in the books:

PoNY pushed through to quarterfinals for the first time in team history, and they did it with a very special win over longtime Northeast Region rivals, Toronto GOAT.

Follow along with the sluggish, but exciting end of the game, starting at PoNY 12-10 GOAT via the periscope:

PoNY got out ahead following outstanding contributions from Chris Kocher, Sean Keegan, Sam Little, Harper Garvey, Ben Jagt, and Mike Drost. With Clark Cofer helping punch in early breaks, that fine-tuned core never gave up the lead once they took at at 3-2 early on.

GOAT kept themselves in the game, with standout work from Andrew Carroll’s massive downwind throws to Cam Harris. And in the second half, they closed the gap to 10-9 on the back of some excellent reset defense. Garvey started to feel the heat, darting around the backfield and getting smothered. It took Keegan, Kocher, and Little to shake off the tough handler covers.

The calls came out early and it stayed that way, though no team received a TMF. Observers gave a few warnings, and spoke with coaches at halftime to suggest that players lighten up on talking back to the observing crew, but all agreed that the level of physicality was fine and could continue.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 20, 201711:42 am

Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust 14 – Durham Toro 11 (Mixed Prequarters)

Drag’n Thrust held off a tough Toro comeback to escape with a 14-11 victory, advancing to the quarterfinals against Boston Slow White.

Minneapolis went up 8-3 on the back of four first half breaks. Mike Clark scored three first half goals to lead the way for the Drag’n, and at half the game seemed to be completely in the bag. Drag’n eventually stretched the lead to 11-5, but Toro refused to give in, running off three second half breaks and pulling the game back to 12-10, but Minneapolis tightened their rotations and closed the game out riding their stars.

Sarah Meckstroth had another standout game, with two goals and two D’s. Bryan Vohnoutka also had a solid performance, with two goals and two assists, but the Drag’n offense seemed out of sync the entire game. Throwing contested looks to deep cutters and launching ill-advised hammers, Drag’n looked careless at times, and Toro capitalized to get back into the game. Paul Weeks (2G, 2A) was instrumental in several Toro holds, and Sarah Hasch had a standout game as well, getting open underneath consistently.

Toro now drops into the Pro Flight Play-in bracket against Madison NOISE at 11:45, while Drag’n appears on the Ultiworld live stream against Slow White at 11:45. Tune in for a great matchup!

Daniel Prentice October 20, 201711:42 am

Atlanta Ozone 15-9 Portland Schwa (Women’s Prequarters)

Ozone used a run at the end of the first half and into the second half to put away Schwa 15-9 and advance to a quarters matchup with Seattle Riot.

The game was fairly even up to the 4-4 mark. Both teams equally lacked crispness in the wind. But then things began to click a bit more for Ozone, as their depth of talent proved greater than Schwa’s. They scored eight of the next nine points to establish an 12-5 lead. Schwa went on a little bit of a run to end the game and make the score a bit closer, but the game was already well out of reach by that point.

Katherine Wooten led the way down the stretch for Ozone, registering three assists in the second half, and four for the game. Ozone moves onto that quarters matchup with Riot immediately, with first pull set for 11:45.

Patrick Stegemoeller October 20, 201712:08 pm

Washington D.C. Truck Stop 14 – 10 High Five (Men’s Prequarters)

Another year, another trip to the quarterfinals for Truck Stop. The fourth overall seed took care of business against High Five, riding runs at the end of the first and second half to win 14-10.

High Five initially seized the upper hand, breaking on the first point of the game after Nicky Spiva turfed a flick for Truck Stop and Johnny Bansfield sent a flick huck upwind to Phil Cherosky for the score. It was not Spiva’s best game, with three turnovers and only a single assist, and High Five took advantage of Truck’s early offensive troubles to build a two break lead.

“We were running this junk that we basically made up during the Revolver game” said Cherosky. “It was one of those things where we didn’t really know what they were doing, so we figured they didn’t either.”

Trailing 5-3, Truck Stop’s defense got into gear. They employed a switching poach scheme to get the disc out of the hands of Bansfield and Paul Arters, and fronted High Five’s cutters. This led to some of the secondary throwers on High Five throwing a lot of hucks, which played right into Truck Stop’s hands. Some missed connections in the deep game gave Truck the chance to get breaks back, and their D-line was clinical.

“I think out D-line was dialed in the whole time” said Truck coach Darryl Stanley. “It was a really great game plan from [defensive coordinator] Will Smolinski. It was a dominant defensive performance, and an okay offensive one.

Johnathon Neeley, who has been moved over from the O-line this season was the driving force, notching a goal and an assist in Truck’s four break run that gave them an 8-4 halftime lead.

The pendulum swung back in the second half, with High Five going on a four point run of their own to tie the game. Truck’s offense still wasn’t completely in sync, missing on hucks and failing to utilize the break space. Spiva got handblocked on his own endline and High Five broke to make it 8-7, and on the next point Tyler Monroe overthrew an open Eric Miner in the endzone, which lead to a huck from Joe White to James Highsmith that tied the game at 8-8.

Truck’s offense got it together and put a stop to the run with a huck from David Sheilds to Markham Shofner and a quick dish to Brain Marshall for the hold. From there, Truck Stop pulled away, with High Five looking like they had expended most of their energy to make up the deficit.

With the score 12-10, High Five had a shot to break but Daniel Lee had a brutal drop in the endzone and Truck proceeded to punch in the hold and the following break to win 14-10.

Patrick Stegemoeller October 20, 201712:09 pm

Quote from High Five’s Phil Cherosky on the defense they were running against Truck Stop – “We were running this junk that we basically made up during the Revolver game. It was one of those things where we didn’t really know what they were doing, so we figured they didn’t either.”

Orion Burt October 20, 201712:26 pm

Big halftime leads from some favorites: Fury 8-3 Traffic and Revolver 8-2 PoNY.

Orion Burt October 20, 201712:29 pm

Drag’n Thrust back in the game with a run of 3 points after being down 2-6 to Slow White

Orion Burt October 20, 201712:32 pm

Orion Burt October 20, 201712:43 pm

Dig was up 5-2 on Ring of Fire, but Ring scores 4 straight to take the lead

Orion Burt October 20, 201712:56 pm

Mixtape & Wild Card tied at 9’s – check it out on Periscope: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OdKrArnLmOxX

Orion Burt October 20, 20171:08 pm

Ozone still up 11-7 on Riot! Watch link:


Orion Burt October 20, 20171:26 pm

Orion Burt October 20, 20171:36 pm

Orion Burt October 20, 20171:43 pm

Onto semis!

Ozone 12-11 Riot
to play
Fury 15-5 Traffic

Mixtape 13-12 Wild Card
to play
Slow White 15-8 Drag’n Thrust

Revolver 15-4 PoNY
to play
Ring of Fire 11-10 Dig

Daniel Prentice October 20, 20171:49 pm

San Francisco Fury 15-5 Vancouver Traffic (Women’s Quarters)

Fury is playing their best ultimate of the season right now, hands down. They absolutely demolished Traffic in their semi matchup, the 15-5 scoreline accurately reflecting the difference between the two teams.

Few things went right for Traffic, with little drops and quirky plays going against them, and Fury had throws impacted by the wind a few times, but Fury was simply the better team in the game.

Opi Payne had an impressive game with two goals and two assists, but truthfully, all of Fury’s players played well. They’ll now play Atlanta Ozone in semifinals, while Traffic has been relegated fighting for a place in the pro flight.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 20, 20171:59 pm

Seattle Mixtape 13-12 Boston Wild Card (Mixed Quarterfinals)

In what might have been the most exciting game of the tournament so far, Seattle Mixtape staved off a surging Boston Wild Card, breaking upwind on double game point to advance to semi-finals. Khalif El-Salaam earned two blocks to get the disc for Mixtape, and Henry Phan outread a pack of Wild Card players on an Evan Klein throw to haul in the game winner.

Breaks were plentiful for both teams (5 each) as the wind picked up from earlier in the day. Mixtape employed poaches in the lanes early on to disrupt Wild Card’s small ball, but their handlers were unphased. Ian Engler and Robin Meyers sliced and diced regardless of what throwing lanes they were afforded. Boston exhibited impressive patience as they looked off questionable deep throws on long possessions, opting instead to work the disc by attacking laterally through their resets. Hailey Alm (2G, 2A) and Eva Petzinger chewed up big yards in the cutting lanes and kept the offense flowing with inside breaks.

Mixtape’s offense was far less methodical, attacking deep at will and trusting their athleticism to win the disc back, epitomized by Evan Klein skying for a callahan on a floaty Wild Card throw. Paige Kercher (2A) and Mark Burton (2G, 2A, 1B) anchored the Mixtape offense, while Brad Hauser (3G, 1A, 1B) dominated the cutting space.

Mixtape will face Boston Slow White in semi-finals on Saturday.

Orion Burt October 20, 20172:03 pm

Austin Doublewide v. Florida United in the quarterfinals live on Ultiworld right now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNBai8ms1u0

Simon Pollock Simon Pollock October 20, 20172:04 pm

San Francisco Revolver 15-4 PoNY (Men’s Quarterfinals)

After fending of Toronto GOAT in a game that slowed to a crawl in it’s waning points, PoNY couldn’t power up to meet the adrenaline-charged pace on display from tournament No. 1 seed San Francisco Revolver.

The odds heavily favored San Francisco, but the shift in style and intensity was remarkable after the first morning round. In a blink, Revolver had a break and the lead. Then they started hitting upwind hucks, and the game fell away. Revolver took half 8-2.

“I think you feel it at the beginning for sure. [Revolver] were just playing really hard [defense]. And I think the way we started the game was looking off a few open hands. And a team like Revolver, they really clamp down after that. After you look off your first good look, you might not get a second one,” said captain Markian “Muk” Kuzmowycz.

PoNY eked in two more hold, but they were outmatched at nearly every position and the wind neutralized a handful of throws to initiating cuts.

“It sucks to go out this way, but it’s frisbee,” said Kuzmowycz.

But while Revolver moves on, turbo-charged today and with fresh legs for semifinals tomorrow, PoNY is in new territory, fighting with a fresh focus and confidence that left the New York players feeling like they belonged at this level.

“We know how we can play when everything’s clicking. We didn’t do it today in this game, for sure. We’re definitely not looking at it as if we were just happy to make quarters and just coasting from there. Our goal from day one has been to win a national championship. It’ll be the goal next year, too,” said Kuzmowycz before moving on to consolation play.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 20, 20172:07 pm

Boston Slow White 15 – 8 Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust (Mixed Quarterfinals)

Slow White raced out to an early lead in their quarterfinal matchup against Drag’n Thrust, going up 5-1 before taking half 8-5 on Minneapolis. Coming out of half, Boston kept their foot on the gas, looking deep early and often to get the disc down the field and keep pressure on the Drag’n handler set, pulling away to win 15-8 in a comfortable quarterfinal victory, even though the second half was plagued with turnovers from both sides.

“We were motivated by our loss to them at the U.S. Open,” said Olivia Hampton. “We knew they liked to huck it deep, so we put a flatter mark on them and made those hucks less consistent in the wind.” In addition, Slow White pulled a few of of their O-line handlers over to the D-line to help convert upwind. Boston’s strategic adjustments limited Drag’n’s effectiveness with their deep game, and despite the best efforts of a healthy Brian Schoenrock, the Boston flat mark forced Minneapolis to move the disc laterally more than they would prefer, resulting in missed swings and errant resets.

Tannor Johnson had a standout game, coming up with several deep blocks on the floaty around hucks from Drag’n. He also was a big target downfield for the Slow White offense, catching big gains downfield and distributing to the Boston handlers. He also did well to draw defenders away from the attacking space, giving cutters like Lexi Zalk even more room to operate, especially in the end zone. Zalk was also a constant deep threat, and her duel with Sarah Meckstroth was a fun one to watch.

Slow White moves on to play Seattle Mixtape, who survived a scare from Boston Wild Card, tomorrow night.

Preston Thompson October 20, 20172:26 pm

Raleigh Ring of Fire 11 – 9 Boston Dig (Men’s Quarterfinals)

Raleigh overcame some early offensive woes to take down Boston Dig and advance to the semifinals. The 11-9 win pits Ring of Fire against Revolver, a rematch of last years semi.

The first seven points of the game tested the endurance of both teams. Marathon points were littered with jump ball deep shots and throws taken by the wind. Dig took the majority of these contests, building momentum to a 5-2 lead.

The four man cup of Boston gave Raleigh trouble early on. A minor hamstring injury to Brett Matzuka forced some personnel changes for Ring, but once Noah Saul came over to the offense things drastically improved.

Down 5-2, Ring Head Coach Mike Denardis brought his defensive unit together on the sideline to regroup. They put themselves back into the right mindset, and ran wild. Ring took half 8-6 and never looked back.

Late in the game, Jeff Babbit seized an opportunity to bring the contest back within one. Nethercutt fired a huck downfield to win the game, but Babbit came over the pile to snag the block. He sprinted downfield and leaped completely over Goose Helton to sky for the goal.

The late surge brought the game within one, but Ring of Fire held on for the 11-9 victory.

Tim McAllister cemented his status as one of the division’s best defenders, nullifying Sadok for most of the game. Nethercutt’s contributions came on all sides of the disc, with some clutch blocks in the first half.

Orion Burt October 20, 20172:37 pm

Brute Squad takes a quick half to 8-3 over Nightlock

Orion Burt October 20, 20172:39 pm

Orion Burt October 20, 20173:20 pm

AMP up 12-8 on BFG. Periscope here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OyKAdwkaANxb

Orion Burt October 20, 20173:50 pm

Onto semis!

Brute Squad 15-6 Nightlock
to play
Molly Brown 13-11 Scandal

AMP 15-10 Public Enemy
to play
BFG 12-11 shame.

Doublewide 13-11 Florida United
to play
Truck Stop 14-10 Ironside

Orion Burt October 20, 20173:55 pm

Daniel Prentice October 20, 20174:07 pm

Boston Brute Squad 15-5 San Francisco Nightlock (Women’s Quarters)

Brute Squad easily dispatched Nightlock to claim their semis berth with a dominant 15-5 win. From the opening pull, Brute Squad came out with a vengeance on defense, and a ruthless efficiency on offense. They were broken once, downwind at 4-1, but other than that they completely overwhelmed their opponents.

Lien Hoffman was an absolute menace on defense, registering six blocks in addition to her two goals, while Kami Groom was unstoppable on offens, putting up three goals and two assists. In the loss, Jackelyne Nguyen scored a pair of goals for Nightlock, including one monster layout in the endzone for the most undeniable play of the game.

Brute now advances to semis, where they will play Denver Molly Brown.

Colin Clauset Colin Clauset October 20, 20174:42 pm

Seattle BFG 12 – 11 Fort Collins shame. (Mixed Quarterfinals)

BFG recovered from an early deficit to put away an athletic shame. team. After an early 1-3 deficit, BFG rattled off two breaks of their own to go back up 4-3, and kept pressing their advantage to take half 8-5. After going up another break to lead 10-6, the Seattle team eased up a bit and traded to 12-8. Hard cap went on with BFG up 12-10, and while shame. scored the final goal, BFG had already wrapped up a berth to the semifinals.

Shame. came out with the same gameplan as ever, looking to Nick Snuszka and Jake Juszak to shoulder the load, but BFG did well to limit shame.’s deep game and force the disc to other players. Zack Fleming (4G) picked up the slack a bit, but only when the game was already out of reach.

Adam Simon put together another strong performance against shame., with five assists and excellent upwind hucks to keep the pressure on Fort Collins, while the team’s impressive depth spread the work around. BFG had contributions from the whole roster, and that proved to be the difference. Fresher legs throughout the Seattle team’s roster, despite shame. having a bye into the quarterfinals, led to far fewer execution mistakes and pushed BFG into the semifinals.

BFG will play Philadelphia AMP in the semifinals tomorrow night.

Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick October 20, 20175:21 pm

Philadelphia AMP 15-10 Dallas Public Enemy (Mixed Quarterfinals)

In the second round of Mixed quarterfinals, Dallas Public Enemy took an early 2-0 lead against Philadelphia AMP and extended it to 6-4 off the sound handler movement of Chris Mazur, Kevin Christian, and Dani Runzo. AMP started throwing different looks on defense, with smart lane poaching from Carolyn Normile and Anna Thompson, and built a 7-6 lead that they carried into half on a monster Michael Ing sky, 8-7. They refused to take their foot off the gas in the second half, earning three more breaks and yielding none as they won comfortably, 15-10.

AMP clearly benefited from being able to scout Public Enemy’s prequarters match against Cincinnati Steamboat, as Philly was prepared for the small ball game of Mazur, Christian, and Runzo. They capitalized on their depth, as well as the rest earned from their bye to quarterfinals, throwing a fresh pair of legs at the Dallas trio throughout the match.

On offense, AMP was the smoothest they’ve looked all tournament, despite the slightly windier conditions relative to pool play yesterday. Thompson (1G, 1A), Calvin Trisolini (3A, 1B), and Nico Lake (2A) all moved the disc with confidence, and Ing (3G, 2A, 1B) has become a favorite for Player of the Year with his performance.

Public Enemy had strong all-around contributions from Chris Pleshek (1A, 1G), Dan Matt Hudspith (1A, 3G), and Jenna Bigbie.

AMP will face off against Seattle BFG in the semifinals tomorrow.

Patrick Stegemoeller October 20, 20175:33 pm

Austin Doublewide 13 – 11 Florida United (Men’s Quarterfinals)

Austin Doublewide will be making their first trip to the semifinals since the last time Nationals was held in Sarasota. That 2012 Doublewide team ended up taking home the trophy and this year’s team is starting to believe after knocking off Florida in a game that could charitably be called “chippy.”

Florida started on offense, with Cole Sullivan calling a foul on his mark as he tried to clear room to throw a backhand. Then he called another foul for the same thing. And then another. It would become a pattern.

Sullivan eventually got enough room off to launch a backhand into the stratosphere, nominally aimed at Florida’s towering cutter Mischa Freystaetter. Doublewide’s defenders swarmed to Freystaetter and prevented him from securing the disc, but the deflection landed in the hands of Florida’s Jeremy Langdon. This too, would become a pattern.

The first quarter of the game would be defined by these two things, a torrent of cynical foul calls and a “hail mary or bust” approach to offense for Florida. It became clear that United’s gameplan was to have Sullivan throw it as far as he could downwind at Freystaetter. If the big target caught it, great. If not, then Florida rolled out their gigantic four person cup, looking to stifle Doublewide in the wind. This was a tactic that Doublewide road to their 2012 title, when Sullivan was on their roster.

The other part of the plan was evidently to wage mental warfare against Austin by calling travels or marking fouls on virtually every throw. Doublewide responded in kind, haranguing Florida with fast count and double team calls. The actual on field action was completely enveloped by the the embroglio of violations, fouls, and endless arguments.

Doublewide was able to finally work their way though the tangle of Florida’s zone and calls to score on their first few offensive possessions, and Florida’s huck and hope approach worked well enough that the game managed to crawl to 3-3, Austin up a break after Kai Marshall hit Dan Emmons. The calls and spite calls had gotten so out of hand by that point that the tournament’s head official, Mitch Dengler, who was not one of the observers assigned to the game, stepped in to order a spirit time out.

Coming out of the spirit time out, the tenor of the game shifted. Both teams seemed sedated, as though they had channeled all their intensity into the arguments, and instead of refocusing that intensity into the game they just dialed back their overall energy. Doublewide went up a break after a throwaway from Jeremy Langdon, and both offenses cruised from there into half, with Austin leading 8-6.

“The first half was a drag” said Florida captain Chris LaRocque. “A lot of calls, a lot of stoppages. I think both teams were making them. Our four man cup tends to cause a lot of issues, a lot of calls for double team and stuff like that.”

The intensity started to ramp up again in the second half, as Florida abandoned their huck and set strategy, and resorted to more traditional methods.

“They stopped the huck and zone stuff, and that made a big difference” said Doublewide coach Jose Cespedes.

United’s offense became efficient, relying on Freystaetter as a possession cutter. He and Michael Fairley, another one of Florida’s stable of giant athletes, used their size effectively around the disc, sealing off defenders from contesting upline cuts and getting easy resets.

Doublewide’s offense was similarly mechanical, with Abe Coffin driving the action from the center handler position. With Florida abandoning their zone approach, it was open season for Coffin’s picture perfect hucks, and he finished the game with three assists and two goals.

Doublewide got a tad too huck happy though, and Florida put in their first break of the game after Chase Cunningham shorted a flick huck and Fairley replied with a perfect flick huck of his own, upwind to a streaking Billy O’Bryan. That made the score 10-9, and Florida’s sideline was fully alive again after being somewhat muted since the debacle of the first half.

United broke again a few points later, after Travis Catron footblocked Brandon Malacek and Jeremy Langdon slipped a push pass to Bobby Ley. With soft cap sounding before the score, this made it 11-11, game to 13.

While Doublewide still was up on serve and had the wind going into the final frame, all of the momentum belonged to Florida. When Mitchell Bennett overthrew a huck and United had the disc to take the lead, it looked like the game was really about to turn.

Enter Dalton Smith.

After famously making an incredible layout block as a rookie for Doublewide in Sarasota in the 2012 championship game, the Texas A&M alum made his mark again as he got an incredible block, coming out of nowhere to knock aside what looked like a routine reset to a stunned Bobby Ley on the goal line. Smith picked up the disc and, after a foul call from Florida on his pivot, slipped a flick to Carter Hollo for the score.

Now trailing 12-11, Florida needed to hold to avoid elimination. They failed to do so in heartbreaking fashion. Tyler Kunsa bobbled and dropped the centering throw from Michael Fairley, and Jeff Loskorn squeezed the disc at stall eight into Kaplan Mauer, giving Doublewide the win and sending them into semis.

“It’s crazy to even be saying it. Semifinals!” said Doublewide’s Matt Bennett after the game. “That game was just insane.”

“I wish we could have pulled it out” said LaRoque.”But that’s just how it goes sometimes. We were a little bit tentative, and didn’t make the throws we needed to, and they just did.”

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