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Club Update: Similar Season Structure, Event Rosters Down to 26, More Teams at Nationals?

A few notable changes this year.

2019 Club Championships medals. Photo: Paul Rutherford —

USA Ultimate just published their annual report on the Club Division’s competition working group meeting that was held in early December. Here’s a summary of the latest developments in the Club Division:

  • The 2020 Triple Crown Tour will largely mirror last season’s TCT structure. “TCT events for 2020 will include Pro-Elite Challenge, Select Flight East and West, U.S. Open, Elite-Select Challenge and Pro Championships,” and the season will again end the weekend before Labor Day for all teams not competing at the Pro Championships. Dates and locations for the 2020 events have not yet been announced.
  • The event roster size is dropping to 26 players (from 27) this season.
  • USAU is considering adding more teams to the National Championships.
  • Mixed teams will be required to have “five man-matching players and five woman-matching players for all sanctioned regular season and postseason events.” The on-field player ratio will remain genzone decides, except at the US Open, where Ratio Rule A (“prescribed ratio”) will be in effect, alternating between four women and four men every two points. Ratio Rule A will be in effect at 2020 WFDF events, and USAU is planning to move further towards using Ratio Rule A in future years.
  • International games at the US Open will now count towards club rankings.
  • In the Women’s Division, up to 16 teams will continue being invited to Regionals, regardless of the number of teams at Sectionals.
  • Sectional boundaries are being reconsidered “in areas where the number of teams in a section is low, and combining sections would not create inconvenient travel for teams attending.”
  • A new task force will consider sliding scale bid fees based on travel distance to postseason events.

Read a deeper discussion of all of the above points on USA Ultimate’s website.

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