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Past Articles in Triple Crown Tour

  1. 2017 TCT Guidelines Announced, Include New Mixed Gender Ratio Experiment

    Photo: Kevin Leclaire — On Friday, USA Ultimate announced the 2017 Triple Crown Tour guidelines. Though many of the rules remain the same, there…

  2. USAU Considering San Diego, Sarasota For 2017 Club National Championships

    Nationals could return to Sarasota this year. USA Ultimate has narrowed the search for the location of the 2017 Club National Championships to San Diego,…

  3. Here Is The 2017 Triple Crown Tour Schedule

    Now we await locations.

  4. A Tale Of Three Teams: The Exclusivity Of The Triple Crown Tour

    Examining the requirements and sanctions imposed by USAU's club structure.

  5. USAU Releases Dates For 2017 Triple Crown Tour

    Big changes to order and timing of marquee events

  6. Most-Watched Games Show College Ultimate’s Potential

    ESPN has been a presence at USAU events for the past four years. Photo: Brian Canniff — Last week, USA Ultimate announced the top 10…

  7. A Look At The 2017 Pro, Elite, and Top Select Flights

    Some surprises in consolation!

  8. Prequarters Recap (Men’s): 2016 Club Championships

    Sockeye ekes out a win against Dig. Doublewide, Ring of Fire, and Furious George all advance with dominant upsets.

  9. Prequarters Recap (Mixed): 2016 Club Championships

    After a wild Thursday, everything went to chalk in the prequarters of the Mixed Division: NOISE, Steamboat, Mixtape, and AMP all advance.

  10. Prequarters Recap (Women’s): 2016 Club Championships

    Tough battles in the wind, but Traffic, Showdown, Scandal, and Nightlock move on to quarterfinals.

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