Past Articles in Triple Crown Tour

  1. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Tournament Preview (Mixed)

    The opening salvo in the elite club season!

  2. Here Is The 2018 Triple Crown Tour Schedule

    Same dates, new locations!

  3. Here Are The 2018 Pro, Elite, And Top Select Flights

    With Nationals in the books, we can look ahead to next year’s Triple Crown Tour and see where teams landed in various tiers (Pro, Elite,…

  4. Women’s Pool B: 2017 Club Championships Preview

    Can Ozone break through?

  5. Women’s Pool A: 2017 Club Championships Preview

    Riot is quarters-bound.

  6. Friction Gloves Catch Of The Month: Rival’s Sara Scott


  7. [WATCH] Double Game Point Between Steamboat & BFG At Pro Champs

    Watch the final point of the first round matchup between Cincinnati Steamboat and Seattle BFG at the 2017 Pro Championships.

  8. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Recap (Men’s)

    Revolver bounced back to claim another tournament crown.

  9. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Recap (Mixed)

    Seattle teams sweep the major stops on the Triple Crown Tour.

  10. Pro Championships 2017: Women’s Day Two Recap

    Brute Squad is back.

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