AUDL Weekly Fantasy, Presented by VII Apparel: Week 4

Who is the best value in Week 3?

The Rush's James Lewis during their 2022 AUDL regular season home contest with the Outlaws.
The Rush’s James Lewis had a big performance against the Outlaws. (Photo: Toronto Rush — AUDL.)

Our 2022 AUDL Fantasy game is presented by VII Apparel Co., who provides premium performance apparel for the active world, featuring their proprietary GreenLine fabric.

The 2022 AUDL season is upon us. The league has, perhaps quietly, become the leading source of data on ultimate. This has enabled not only further statistical analysis, but also given us an opportunity for new types of fun. This season, our AUDL fantasy game is taking a novel direction, copying the popular format of daily fantasy sports. DraftKings is again offering lines in their sportsbook,1 and the daily fantasy model that made them a household name should make for a lot of AUDL entertainment.

We’ll assign players salary based primarily on performance, and give you a budget, and you can pick a team for the weekend within that budget. And that’s it! It is free to enter, and we’ll be awarding prizes every week, as well as a season-long prize for players who can put up good scores over multiple weeks.

Enter Week 4 Here

Week 4 Pricing Spreadsheet

Week 3 Recap

The full scoreboard for entries, and other information, is available here.

After a dispersed Week One, Week Two showed the power of stacking, a popular DFS strategy of putting together correlated players, usually teammates and/or opponents, to take advantage of their fantasy context. In this case, Indy and Detroit played indoors with underwhelming defenses, while Portland and Colorado both showed their offensive explosiveness, and benefited from some extra time in OT (albeit the rain maybe canceled that benefit out).

Maryanne Stones took home the Week 3 title with just our second 150+ performance. That entry put in four 20+ scorers, including James Lewis (#2 on the week) and Alex Davis (#6) at just $4 each. That’s some quality value shopping.

Maryanne Stones, 150.03 Pts
James Lewis (TOR, 33.10) Zach Norrbom (DC, 12.84) Oscar Stonehouse (TOR, 16.72) Sean Mott (PHI, 8.21) Jordan Kerr (SL, 23.59) Sean McDougall (SD, 5.72 ) Keegan North (IND, 24.73) Abe Coffin (MIN, 15.49) Alex Davis (CAR, 23.54)

Rounding out the weekly top three are Keegan Miller with 142.13 points and Desmond Staples with 136.05 points.

Top Entries

StandingNameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
1Max Charles156.83122.98123.21403.02
2Keegan Miller127.13123.62142.13392.88
3Maryanne Stones99.20127.10150.03376.33
4Emery Jonas134.83133.5395.92364.28
5James King109.57144.42107.67361.66
6tony leonardo97.94122.69131.87352.50
7Ricky McBride103.48127.01116.19346.68
8Danny Klein114.54135.4291.33341.28
9Keith R114.80126.7096.88338.38
10Akshat Rajan129.7284.89123.40338.00
11Ben Cook131.10101.19101.18333.47
12Colter Jonas91.68123.53116.37331.58
13Ryan Jiang100.16121.41104.29325.86
14Julian Korchin126.2983.87113.94324.11
15Alex Rubin111.65106.34101.52319.50
16Desmond Staples89.5891.47136.05317.10
17Adam Wulkan122.6797.0393.06312.76
18Clint Hanson116.0089.04106.99312.04
19Chas Busch122.8870.77117.88311.53
20LP Blouin141.6643.90124.32309.87
21Jon Alton93.72101.29114.52309.54
22James Lehner118.4385.5697.04301.03
23Ian McNamara96.35103.7298.99299.07
24Shawn Wilkey94.0798.68102.31295.05
25Fischer Dastrup104.77105.7184.00294.47
26Toya Chukwumerije107.8383.75102.44294.02
27Matt Barr102.3791.0499.23292.64
28Fletcher Jonas81.89103.86103.25289.00
29jade jonas79.36102.38100.63282.37
31Ben Kass-Mullet66.4994.39115.28276.17
32Jacob Scobey78.11116.9179.24274.26
33Cody H59.5299.73114.68273.93
35Jake McCurdy112.5969.4288.75270.75
36Ezra Van Negri124.20137.12261.32
37Kristen Pojunis84.8887.5083.89256.26
38Nate hess100.3271.6582.51254.48
39Chris Selwood133.06108.25241.31
41Alex Stapleton119.16101.86221.02
42Jack Eads96.43124.39220.81
44Sam Masling108.9599.87208.82
45Erick Lankey111.1195.14206.25
46Caleb Cannon135.9669.31205.27
47Josh Sefcik93.88109.73203.61
49Dmitry Suvorov87.82105.20193.02
50Cassidy Bruner100.5190.58191.09
51Aaron Hoshide57.18121.14178.32
52Eli Hoshide77.5499.86177.40
53Lige Merrill89.7681.59171.36
54Patrick Lindsey109.2859.82169.10
55Tyler Mahony91.0673.37164.43
56Geoff Richardson66.0396.72162.74
57Colby Kervick94.7367.46162.18
59Paul Ballard57.4699.43156.89
60Asa knapp89.4266.05155.46
61Matthew Taleghani55.4095.47150.87
62Sascha Vogel137.25137.25
63Zach Washburn134.27134.27
64Andrew Stephen129.56129.56
65Toya Chukwumerije128.66128.66
66Dexter Clyburn79.8648.74128.61
67Matty Weasel124.72124.72
68Jasmine McKnight124.32124.32
69Alex Shragis119.35119.35
70Griffin Yas117.93117.93
71Benjamin Yam113.68113.68
72Michael Ball111.76111.76
73Kyle Hunter111.53111.53
74Shashank Alladi109.59109.59
75Jacob Kerr109.41109.41
76James Gough105.12105.12
77Rick Liebling104.87104.87
78Sean Udow102.16102.16
79Jonathan Miller101.87101.87
80Benjamin Sadok99.4099.40
81Tanner Yorgason98.1798.17
82Adrian Santos98.1398.13
83Luke Kim97.8397.83
84Hewitt Jonas97.0197.01
85David Jensen96.0996.09
86Kyle Twadelle95.0595.05
87Dusty Smith93.6293.62
88Ethan Gerds92.6192.61
89Justin W92.5392.53
90Declan Jackson91.7491.74
91Aidan Campolettano91.6391.63
92Chance Burdette89.5489.54
93Jennifer McDonald89.5389.53
94Eli Hoshide87.2087.20
95Grace Conerly87.1387.13
96Joseph Branson85.9285.92
97Matt Bennett85.6785.67
98Elle Christakos83.7483.74
99Cassidy Bruner83.6283.62
100Christopher Saacks81.4381.43
101Garrett Houston81.2581.25
102Mohammed Ajan Al Hadid80.6480.64
103Beth Burdette79.5979.59
104Diego Donna79.4479.44
105Mitchell Bennett79.1679.16
106Edouard Berton77.5877.58
107Avi Ghitterman77.4577.45
108Vikram Deepak77.1177.11
109Indigo Jonas76.2876.28
110Bret Engstrom76.0676.06
111Greyden Jonas75.2975.29
112Patrick Russell73.3473.34
113Ethan Ruh70.6870.68
114Shelby Salkar70.4970.49
115Adam Ruffner70.3970.39
116Jonathan Blondel70.2470.24
117Zeke Plewniak69.9769.97
118Dylan Baker69.4469.44
119Brendan Smith68.4668.46
120Noah Smith68.1168.11
122Couper Kerns67.1867.18
123Andrew Cohen66.3866.38
124Hugo Sowder65.9765.97
125Jacob Smith64.8364.83
126Liam Searles-Bohs61.5561.55
127Zechariah Avello61.2761.27
128Andy Wang60.9760.97
129Joel Brown58.8058.80
131Leon Vitaliano53.7453.74
132Dustin Udall49.8049.80
133Alex Turney44.2944.29
134Elijah Hoshide43.3243.32
135Drew Wiseham41.9241.92

Most Popular Players

  1. Jordan Kerr 53.33%
  2. Ryan Osgar 46.67%
  3. Ben Jagt 41.67%
  4. Anders Juengst 36.67%
  5. Joe Merrill 26.67%
  6. Jonny Malks 25.00%
  7. Abe Coffin 25.00%
  8. Travis Dunn 21.67%
  9. Rowan McDonnell 18.33%
  10. Sean Mott 16.67%
  11. Sean McDougall 16.67%
  12. Will Selfridge 16.67%
  13. Sam Cook 15.00%
  14. Declan Miller 13.33%

Top Scoring Players

Joseph Cubitt39.04$5
Keegan North34.73$11
Jonathan Nethercutt33.93$15
Daniel Lee28.69$14
Carter Rae28.14$11
Rick Gross27.33$11
Jack Williams26.74$13
Alex Atkins24.29$11
Eli Friedman24.25$14
Thomas Edmonds22.24$9
Willie Stewart21.65$11
Chris Walsh21.33$7
Sam Kaminsky20.57$6
Benjamin Sadok20.27$18
Dalton Smith19.82$8

Best Possible Lineup

Joseph Cubitt39.04$5
Keegan North34.73$11
Jonathan Nethercutt33.93$15
Daniel Lee28.69$14
Carter Rae28.14$11
Rick Gross27.33$11
Jack Williams26.74$13
Alex Atkins24.29$11
Thomas Edmonds22.24$9

Enter Week 4 Here

Week 4 Pricing Spreadsheet


Each weekly winner will receive $15 in credit with VII Apparel, so they can get some awesome AUDL gear or other cool products.

Every top three weekly finish will earn an entry into an end of season drawing to get an Ultiworld Greatest Bag.

The season long winner will receive a home and away VII jersey of their favorite AUDL team! We will determine this total by combining the seven highest scores of each entrant, so if you miss a few weekends, that’s okay. But the more you play, the better chance you have of putting up the best score.


Components of these rules (such as budget) may be adjusted  between scoring periods in order to facilitate the healthiest game environment.

  • Entrants will roster nine players, and their top seven scorers will count towards their total for the scoring period.
  • Each player has a salary, and each entrant has $100 to spend on their nine-person roster for the scoring period. You do not need to spend the entire budget, but you cannot exceed the $100. Salaries will be displayed in a weekly spreadsheet.
  • If a player plays in multiple games during a scoring period, their highest single-game score will be counted. Players are priced with consideration for this.
  • One entry per person; Ultiworld reserves the right to deny prizing for any reason.
  • Entries must be received prior to the start of the first game of the scoring period.


These numbers may be adjusted in order to facilitate the healthiest game environment.

  • 1 pt per Goal
  • 1 pt per Assist
  • 1 pt per 33 Throwing Yards
  • 1 pt per 50 Receiving Yards
  • 4 pts per Block
  • -3 pts per Turnover

  1. In specific states. 

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