Better Box Score Metrics: Rowan is Back; Empire Stuff the Efficiency Leaderboard

Plus DC/TOR set new marks.

Summit's Jay Froude.
Summit’s Jay Froude. Photo: Ryan Segal / Colorado Summit.

In a season where a number of teams have ratcheted up their offensive efficiency, DC and Toronto set the new high-water mark for single-game scoring efficiency (SE); their combined 0.726 SE (53 goals and only 20 turns) edged out the 0.724 mark set only two weeks ago by Toronto and Ottawa. This can result as much from lax defense as stellar offense, but the four squads with team SE above 0.6 (DC, Indy, New York, and Carolina) have only two losses among them (and DC’s was to NY).

Note that team SE combines the O-line and D-line efficiencies, and so while NY has the highest O-line efficiency, Indy and DC lead the league in D-line efficiency, the latter upping their percentage by going a perfect six for six in break opportunities against Toronto.

And to cap off the discussion of that game, Rowan McDonnell had by far his best individual performance in the recorded-yardage era—888 yards, 12 scores, and just one turn, for a week-leading EDGE-O score of 7.9—suggesting that his hammies may finally be feeling better.

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