Bets Perspective: AUDL 2022 Playoff Round 1 Picks

Finding value as the postseason begins.

Salt Lake Shred vs. San Diego Growlers during the 2022 AUDL regular season.
Salt Lake Shred vs. San Diego Growlers during the 2022 AUDL regular season. Photo: Joel Dehlin — Salt Lake Shred

Hello and welcome to a new frontier in ultimate frisbee: you can legally bet on the sport. That’s right: DraftKings has started offering markets for the AUDL in a growing number of states, although not all states with legal access to the service currently have access to AUDL markets…yet.

This column for subscribers provides weekly AUDL betting picks, our best bets, and game analysis. If you’re new or need to brush up on the sportsbetting basics, check out our introductory entry.

The postseason arrives, bringing three divisional matchups that will feed into divisional title bouts next weekend. That means opponents with plenty of history to look back at, while also trying to adjust for the conditions of the playoffs. The entire crew is here to break it down!

Playoff Week 1 AUDL Games

PHI at DC (-2.5) [43.5]

Keith: Two one-point games, including one in which Philly’s D-line had the disc, up one, with under a minute to go1, and blew it. So there’s two key pieces of information there: these two are evenly matched, and Philly is the absolute worst in the clutch, going 1-4 in games decided by a single goal, and have basically no playoff experience.2 Everything screams close Philly loss. PHI +2.5

Mike: I have to confess, I might be allowing club results to skew my perception of this match up. It’s really difficult to see how incredible the Truck Stop offense looked at the US Open and think that momentum won’t carry over to this game. I know Philly kept it close in the regular season, but I feel like DC has another gear, whereas we’ve seen the best from Phoenix. I’d take this line anyways, but getting it at plus money feels like a gift. DC -2.5

Charlie: I know Philly kept it close during the regular season. I know that DC has looked lackluster. We are going to see a much more focused and prepared DC team now that we are into the playoffs. This is now a team that knows what counts – showing up for the postseason. They were the darlings of the 2021 regular season and look how that turned out. Raleigh was just OK during last year’s regular season and then they went on a tear. DC is the much more talented team. What line would you set on this game if they hadn’t played two one-point games this season? Exactly. DC -2.5 (at plus money)

  1. What was Eric Whitmer thinking with that reset? 

  2. At least they have a bunch of practice? 

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