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Past Articles from Dave Lipson

Dave Lipson is a former player and captain for the Harvard Red Line and Boston’s Sons of Liberty club. He is a current co-coach of the Harvard BRed Line. He resides with his wife in Cambridge, MA.

  1. Tuesday Tips: 3 Secondary Cutting Actions, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    By adding a second element to your cut, you can stay dangerous for longer.

  2. Tuesday Tips: Be Fluent In Body Language, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    Knowing how to read an opponents' hips and eyes can give you an advantage -- whether on offense or defense.

  3. Tuesday Tips: Get Your Throws In Shape, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    Throwing on the correct flight path needs to happen not just on the highlight-reel hucks and break throws, but on EVERY throw.

  4. Feature Game Preview: Oregon Ego v. Colorado Mamabird, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    Can Colorado find a way to gum up Oregon's elite offense?

  5. Feature Game Preview: Minnesota Grey Duck v. Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    Can Trent Dillon take over in Pitt's biggest pool play matchup?

  6. Feature Game Preview: UNC Wilmington Seamen v. Wisconsin Hodags, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    High-flying, shoot first offense against physical, grinding defense.

  7. How Chain Isolates Deep Space: Video Analysis Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Chicks dig the longball. Here's how the longball happens.

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