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Past Articles from Guest Author

  1. The Danger of Yellow Lights

    The case for outright canceling events instead of indefinitely postponing them in the age of coronavirus.

  2. Assessing Three Key Questions About Playing Ultimate While Pregnant

    The author shares what she learned from her research and first-hand experience playing ultimate during her first pregnancy.

  3. Tuesday Tips: A Resource Guide for Ultimate Under Quarantine

    Read up, watch film, and get better while you're at home!

  4. Penn Holds High Tide Commencement for Seniors

    It was in the midst of just another High Tide, the spring break ultimate frisbee tournament in Myrtle Beach, S.

  5. Tuesday Tips: Why You Should Be Throwing Alone

    You can get better while social distancing.

  6. What We’re Not Planning For With COVID-19: Heartbreak

    Organizers, coaches, and leaders in our sport can certainly hope for the best while also preparing players for the worst.

  7. Michigan Flywheel Holds Impromptu Graduation Ceremony For Seniors

    After finding out that classes, practices, and tournaments were over, Michigan Flywheel seniors and fifth years were left distraught and confused.

  8. A Viewer’s Guide to FCS D-III Tune Up

    Live D-III ultimate!

  9. Understanding And Applying The Clarified Dangerous Play Rule

    Trying to remove the confusion and stigma from calling dangerous plays.

  10. Train Smarter In 2020 With The UAP New Year Deal

    A deal to help you start the new year!

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