Financial Times Does Puff Frisbee Piece on Pinterest Founder

It certainly won’t qualify as competitive Ultimate’s most serious foray into mainstream journalism.  But the Financial Times profiles Evan Sharp, Pinterest Co-Founder, through the lens of a throwing session for the reporter.

Sharp, 31, insists he’s not that serious about the game and that it is his 6ft 5in frame, rather than any special skill, that gives him an advantage; it slowly becomes clear, however, that he has long been a frisbee player . . .

At university in Chicago, where he studied history, Sharp was a college champion at ultimate frisbee, where teams of seven race to pass the frisbee to a player in the opposite “end zone”. There’s a lot of running, falling over and skidding, a bit like American football, without the bruising macho element.

  1. Sean Childers

    Sean Childers is Ultiworld's Editor Emeritus. He started playing ultimate in 2008 for UNC-Chapel Hill Darkside, where he studied Political Science and Computer Science before graduating from NYU School of Law. He has played for LOS, District 5, Empire, PoNY, Truck Stop, Polar Bears, and Mischief (current team). You can email him at

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