Virginia Vault 2023 Roster

Photo: Kevin Leclaire –

A banner year for Vault brought their young program into the spotlight. That’s attracted some solid talent to help them continue to progress.

Here is their 2023 roster.

Captains in bold.

Adam Norrbom
Brandon Lamberty
Cam Barnhardt
Casey Mann
Colin McLaughlin
Dane Warner
David Slade
Elliott Rosenberg
Garrett Braun
Jack Field
Jarrod Banks
Joe Merrill
Johnny Walden
Josh Bransford
Kevin Healey
Kevin O’Malley
Kees Humes
Kris Harrison
Matt Neeley
Max Cassell
Michael Snead
Miles Grovic
Peter Mancini
Rami Paust
Ryan Weaver
Steven Wartinbee

Coaches: Thomas Owen, Joe “Peanut” Dweck


Adam Norrbom (Returning)
Casey Mann
Colin McLaughlin
David Slade
Elliott Rosenberg
Joe Merrill
Josh Bransford
Michael Snead (Returning)
Rami Paust
Ryan Weaver


David Zimmerman
Jeremy Knopf
Lloyd Blake
Tim Jackson

Practice Players

Adam Weiss
Akram Abudheer
Alex Turney
Austin Bartenstein
Brett Gramann
Chris Letai
Leo Pierson
Matthew Beaudet
Matt McGoogan
Sasha Frank-Stempel
Sean Plunkett

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