Past Articles in Callahan Award

  1. Pittsburgh’s Lakshmi Ilango for Callahan 2019

    Pittsburgh Danger has nominated senior cutter Lakshmi Ilango for Callahan. Here’s her video.

  2. Western Washington’s Samiya Ismail for Callahan 2019

    Western Washington Chaos has nominated handler Samiya Ismail for Callahan. Here’s her video.

  3. Minnesota’s Louise Beck for Callahan 2019

    The Minnesota Ninjas have nominated handler Louise Beck for Callahan. Here’s her video.

  4. Oregon’s Leandro Marx for Callahan 2019

    A runner up for Ultiworld’s Defensive Player of the Year award last spring, Leandro Marx may well be the best player in the Northwest region…

  5. Cal Poly SLO’s Ian Sweeney for Callahan 2019

    Ian Sweeney has been one of the best players in the Southwest throughout his college career, four times earning First Team All-Region honors while leading…

  6. Stanford’s Carly Eckstrom for Callahan 2019

    Big throwing Carly Eckstrom has patrolled the Stanford backfield for years, helping secure Superfly a championship in 2016. Now she’s their Callahan nominee.

  7. Tufts’ Meredith Bernstein for Callahan 2019

    Meredith Bernstein returned from a torn ACL to lead Tufts Ewo to Nationals this year, earning a Callahan nomination from her teammates.

  8. Yale’s Sam Feder for Callahan 2019

    Yale Superfly have nominated senior handler Sam Feder for Callahan. Here’s his video.

  9. Colorado College’s Frances Gellert for Callahan 2019

    Frances Gellert got some buzz as a Rookie of the Year candidate back in 2016 and has spent the last four years leading Colorado College.

  10. British Columbia’s Naomi Morcilla for Callahan 2019

    There are plenty of talented players who will not be at Nationals in a couple weeks and British Columbia’s Naomi Morcilla is among the very…

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