Past Articles in Coronavirus

  1. Mailbag: Fall College Nationals, WUGC Reschedule, AUDL Picks

    The Mailbag is now for subscribers only. That’s going to do a few things: it will keep me committed to writing it every week.

  2. Mailbag: Who Would Win Easterns?, Long-Term Coronavirus Impact

    Running a tournament in my head.

  3. College Championships Are Postponed Indefinitely

    Another major tournament falls off the calendar.

  4. Worlds Players React to Tournament Cancellations

    Thousands of players preparing for three major World Championship events this year — the quadrennial World Ultimate and Guts Championships, quadrennial World Masters Ultimate Championships,…

  5. How AUDL Teams Are Coping with COVID-19

    On March 9, as the threat of the novel coronavirus set in for much of the United States, the AUDL issued guidance for fan behavior.

  6. WFDF Cancels or Postpones World Championships, Junior Worlds, Masters Worlds

    A smaller national team event may replace WUGC for World Games qualification.

  7. Opening Pull: WFDF Summer Events, Color of Ultimate

    Ultimate news updates.

  8. Sin The Fields: Dunkirk, But Staying On Your Couch


  9. Deep Look: Coronavirus Impact, AUDL’s Tim DeByl, US National Team

    Things have changed a lot in a week.

  10. More Than a Game: Why Ultimate’s Absence Hits So Hard

    Ultimate isn't a distraction from the real world. It is our real world.

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