Past Articles in Europe

  1. EUF Proposing Restructure to the Club Championship

    No more Regionals and structured regular season in tiers.

  2. xEUCF 2020 Cancelled

    Switzerland also cancelled Nationals.

  3. Switzerland Returns to the Fields

    Remember ultimate?

  4. xEUCF Bid Distribution Announced

    Plus a projected team list!

  5. Tom’s Tourney Streaming Games on Saturday

    Watch some great Euro games on Saturday!

  6. EuroZone: Tom’s Tourney 2020

    Look back on the history of a great European tournament!

  7. Bologna Invite Cancelled due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Another major European tournament cancelled.

  8. Paganello Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Paga's 30th anniversary tourney will be postponed until 2021!

  9. EuroZone: Interview with WFDF’s Brian Gisel

    Hear from the WFDF Ultimate Chairperson!

  10. EuroZone: Windmill Team Reveal 2020

    EuroZone exclusive Windmill team reveal!

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