Past Articles in Europe

  1. Bologna Invite Cancelled due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Another major European tournament cancelled.

  2. Paganello Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Paga's 30th anniversary tourney will be postponed until 2021!

  3. EuroZone: Interview with WFDF’s Brian Gisel

    Hear from the WFDF Ultimate Chairperson!

  4. EuroZone: Windmill Team Reveal 2020

    EuroZone exclusive Windmill team reveal!

  5. EuroZone: New WFDF Rules, EUICC Recap

    European indoors was a blast!

  6. EUICC 2020 Preview

    EUF hosts their first indoor event!

  7. EuroZone: EUICC Preview

    Europe's Indoor Club Championship is coming up!

  8. EuroZone: UltiLeague Interview

    Learn more about the new mixed, semi-pro league in Europe!

  9. Tom’s Tourney Releases Team List for 2020

    See who's going to be "In Bruges" this May!

  10. UltiLeague Launches Fundraising Campaign

    Mixed semi-professional ultimate may be coming to Europe!

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