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Past Articles in Presented by BE Ultimate

  1. BE Ultimate Block of the Month: Schwa’s Angelica Boyden

    When one defender outwits both thrower and cutter.

  2. BE Block of the Month: Drag’N Thrust’s Erica Baken

    The BE Block from EB!

  3. BE Block of the Month: Brute Squad’s Jessie Grignon Tomás

    The back corner of this end zone is closed.

  4. BE Block of the Month: United States’ Samiya Ismail

    Have you seen a footblock like this before?

  5. BE Block of the Month: Colorado’s Quinn Finer

    The Colorado star with a filthy sky.

  6. BE Block of the Month: North Carolina’s Walker Matthews

    "A great block to save that one."

  7. BE Block of the Month: BYU’s Taylor Barton

    Recovery block o'clock.

  8. BE Block of the Month: UCSD’s Dena Elimelech

    A huge chasedown block!

  9. Ultiworld’s 2018 Block Of The Year: Olivia Arellano, Presented By BE Ultimate

    Congratulations to our winner.

  10. Ultiworld’s 2018 Block Of The Year Bracket: Final, Presented By BE Ultimate

    This is it.

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