Past Articles in Return to Play

  1. Returning to Play Isn’t So Simple

    Grappling with trauma is a part of the process.

  2. PUL Announces Regional Tournament Weekends for Championship Series

    Three-team tournaments will take place in New York; Milwaukee; and Portland, ME.

  3. Sin The Fields: Pickup Is Back

    Are you ready?

  4. Sin The Fields: Doctor’s Orders

    Getting back out there without killing yourself!

  5. PUL Planning To Hold 2021 Championship Series In August

    The league will organize geographically limited tournament-style competition as well as off-field equity efforts.

  6. Mailbag: Getting Back on the Field, December College Nats

    Should USAU be doing more to push for a return to the field?

  7. UKUltimate Reveals 2021 Club Series

    A new season format from the UK!

  8. Ultiworld Discord Debates: Should The 2021 USAU College Series Come With An Asterisk?

    Will the 2021 college national champions necessarily be seen as lesser than other past title teams?

  9. WUL Aiming to Take Field in “Late 2021”

    The league is also set to launch a new video series

  10. Return to Play Tracker

    Updates from around the sport.

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