Past Articles in Shippensburg Men’s

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  1. D-III College Men’s 2019 Season Primer

    Your guide to the 2019 college D-III men's season.

  2. D-III Regionals 2018: Mega-Preview (Men’s)

    Nine bids to the D-III College Championships are on the line!

  3. D-III College Men’s 2018 Season Primer

    Your definitive guide to the 2018 D-III men's division.

  4. 2018 College Preseason Power Rankings: Teams #15-11

    Almost into the top 10!

  5. Shippensburg’s Zac Sands For Donovan

    Shippensburg’s Zac Sands gets his team’s Donovan nomination. Check out the video.

  6. Ohio Valley D-III Regionals 2017: Tournament Recap (Men’s)

    #1 Franciscan demonstrated why they are a title favorite by winning the Ohio Valley -- but not without being tested.

  7. College Update: Northwest Challenge, Bidwatch

    The biggest women's event of the regular season and lots of bid picture pieces from around college ultimate!

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