Past Articles in USA Ultimate

  1. USAU Extends Eligibility for Fifth Year Rostered Players

    A highly anticipated decision is finalized.

  2. 2020 Callahan Award Still to Be Awarded, Nominations Now Open

    Voters are to consider full college careers, not just 2020 season.

  3. Opening Pull: No College Championships This Spring, No Worlds This Summer

    More big news from last week.

  4. College Championships Are Postponed Indefinitely

    Another major tournament falls off the calendar.

  5. WATCH: Beach of Dreams Showcase Games

    Top players compete on the Santa Monica beach.

  6. Could College Nationals Actually Happen?

    University travel restrictions are ubiquitous.

  7. USA Ultimate Extends Suspension of Competition Through May 10th

    College Regionals cancelled; Beach Championships indefinitely postponed.

  8. USA Ultimate Suspends Competition until April 20

    There is still hope for a college postseason.

  9. Opening Pull: PUL Player Sponsorship Program, Coronavirus Reactions

    Catch up on the ultimate news from last week.

  10. USA Ultimate & Community Relations: An Interview with Maelyn Divinski

    Some candid thoughts from the outgoing digital communications manager.

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