USAU Approximated Club Rankings: Post Pro-Elite Challenge

The Pro-Elite Challenge brought some big changes.

Nicky Spiva (Truck Stop #36) catches. Photo: Alex Fraser --
Nicky Spiva (Truck Stop #36) catches. Photo: Alex Fraser —

Ultiworld’s Cody Mills has put together a statistical tool to approximate the USA Ultimate rankings by using publicly available score data and applying the algorithm that USA Ultimate uses to run their numbers. While the results below are unofficial and could include some scores which are liable to be altered or removed from the official rankings, they are a good representation of the what the current rankings would look like.

Throughout the remainder of the club season, we will be running this USAU ranking approximation and, later, possibly applying different algorithms and/or ranking methods to test alternatives to the existing algorithm.

For more information about the USA Ultimate algorithm, ranking system, and some of its perceived flaws, see this FAQ from last year.

Men’s Division

The rankings below include only teams with at least five sanctioned games.

#1Truck Stop2289.46
#7Johnny Bravo2117.83
#8Florida United2104.11
#10Chain Lightning2044.05
#11Madison Club2023.73
#12High Five1974.04
#15Sub Zero1885.60
#18SoCal Condors1804.49
#21Ring of Fire1732.90
#23Prairie Fire1670.12

Implied Bid Allocation

Great Lakes: 2 bids
Mid-Atlantic: 2 bids
Northeast: 3 bids
Northwest: 2 bids (+1)
North Central: 2 bids
South Central: 2 bids (+1)
Southeast: 2 bids (-1)
Southwest: 1 bid (-1)


Very solid season opening campaigns from Truck Stop and Doublewide land them both squarely in the top 10, with Truck’s high margin wins over top opponents vaulting them straight to the top of the rankings. The bid picture, though, is still very much in flux. A dreadful weekend from Temper means they won’t earn a bid for the Mid-Atlantic, and Patrol has slipped out of the top 16. With Floodwall likely to drop out later this season, the onus will be on Patrol to claim a second bid for the region.

Guerrilla and Condors also have work to do to earn a bid beyond the one that Revolver will get for the Southwest. Guerrilla had their chances this weekend but didn’t come away with enough big wins. The task may fall to the new combo Condors team.

Rhino’s strong weekend only moved them up to the #16 spot, so they will need to play tough at the Pro Flight Finale to ensure they hold a second bid for the Northwest.

Mixed Division

The rankings below include only teams with at least five sanctioned games.

#1Slow White1994.49
#4Seattle Mixtape1920.90
#5Drag'n Thrust1877.81
#7The Chad Larson Experience1823.10
#8Metro North1807.44
#12Love Tractor1728.79
#15Cosa Nostra1663.65
#17Wild Card1635.60
#217 Express1568.99
#22Charlotte Storm1556.94
#23Polar Bears1546.88
#24Dub Club1541.27
#25Ambiguous Grey1532.86

Implied Bid Allocation

Great Lakes: 1 bid
Mid-Atlantic: 3 bids
Northeast: 2 bids (-1)
Northwest: 2 bids
North Central: 3 bids
South Central: 3 bids (+2)
Southeast: 1 bid
Southwest: 1 bid (-1)


The two predominant powerhouse regions — the Northeast and Southwest — are staring in the face of a combined three bids. While the regions are down a bit from their usual strength, it is still a scary sight for teams in those regions (particularly the Southwest) who know that many opponents are capable of winning on any given Sunday. There is time left, and teams like the Polar Bears and Blackbird have a chance to play back into the top 16, but the pressure is real.

The South Central can’t quite start celebrating yet, but a three bid outcome seems plausible. shame. — a relatively new team from Fort Collins, CO — is undefeated save for a one point loss to Love Tractor from June, a close loss that is floating them to #13 in these approximated rankings. They also have their 10 games, so they could opt out of future tournaments and possibly land a bid at the end of the season.

The Mid-Atlantic continues to sit pretty with three bids as well, after Alloy held their own this weekend at the Pro-Elite Challenge.

Women’s Division

The rankings below include only teams with at least five sanctioned games.

#1Brute Squad2276.16
#2Seattle Riot2269.42
#3Molly Brown2228.78
#17Green Means Go1578.50
#22Huck the Patriarchy1436.29
#24Hot Metal1335.16

Implied Bid Allocation

Great Lakes: 1 bid
Mid-Atlantic: 1 bid (-1)
Northeast: 3 bids
Northwest: 3 bids
North Central: 1 bid
South Central: 2 bids (+1)
Southeast: 2 bids
Southwest: 3 bids


Showdown’s solid weekend in Denver moved them into the top 16 and knocked out Green Means Go, sending a bid from the Mid-Atlantic to the South Central. Otherwise, steady as she goes with plenty of potential drama at the cutoff. Currently, there are six teams within 100 points of one another from #15 to #20. Even second-order effects could cause changes in the final two bid slots.

One worry has to come from the Northwest. Despite Traffic’s solid debut at #7, the region doesn’t pick up a bid because Schwa got beat down and went winless at the Pro-Elite Challenge. Their regional opponents will surely help Portland plays better at the Pro Flight Finale very close to home.

USA Ultimate is expected to release the initial official club rankings later today. Score alterations and ineligible teams can cause some differences between these approximated rankings and the official USAU ones. We will be watching closely!

  1. Charlie Eisenhood
    Charlie Eisenhood

    Charlie Eisenhood is the editor-in-chief of Ultiworld.You can reach him by email ([email protected]) or on Twitter (@ceisenhood).

  2. Cody Mills
    Cody Mills

    Cody Mills currently coaches New York PoNY, Cal Poly SLO, and the USA U-20 Open team. He was a captain then coach at Stanford and has previously coached San Francisco Revolver and Oakland Guerrilla in the club men’s division. He also runs

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