Top Coaches & Leaders On The Importance Of An Ultiworld Subscription

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Our first-ever subscription drive comes to a close tomorrow and we are very happy to see that we are incredibly close to reaching our goal. By the time you read this, we may have already surpassed 1,000 subscribers!

If and when we do eclipse our goal, the work is not over. We will continue to need your support (for reasons outlined here) for us to continue to provide and deepen our coverage of the sport.

If you’ve been on the fence or aren’t sure why a subscription matters, please take a look at some of the testimonials below from respected coaches and leaders in the community. You can subscribe here. Thank you so much for your support and continued reading of Ultiworld. We are grateful to have such an engaged and thoughtful audience.

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David Allison, coach of Virginia Hydra & Raleigh Flyers

Ultiworld has worked hard over the past several years to provide quality coverage of ultimate for minimal cost. As we currently remain a ‘niche’ sport, it is imperative that the video coverage, analysis, and stories originate from within the community itself. Fortunately, Charlie Eisenhood and Ultiworld provide the medium by which we coaches, players, and fans can access relevant ultimate events across the world. Their efforts help bring the ultimate community closer. As a coach in various competitive divisions, the video subscription services that Ultiworld provides have been instrumental to the improvement of my teams from season to season. I have also become a better coach through film review and articles that cover the fundamentals of ultimate, as well as strategy. These types of services and reporting definitely facilitate the growth of ultimate at-large through increased exposure to new ideas and philosophies. Utilizing their subscription services not only satiates your hunger for quality ultimate coverage but provides more opportunities for access to the community at large.

Ben Murphy, coach of Michigan Flywheel, co-captain of mixed club team Hybrid, player for the Detroit Mechanix

As a coach, I value the Ultiworld subscription because the access to video helps me prepare and game plan for opponents in ways that would be impossible without all the footage that Ultiworld provides. As a player, I enjoy having an Ultiworld subscription so that I can listen to the new Sideline Talk podcast and read about updates across the sport. As a member of the community, I am glad that I am helping to support having an independent media resource to cover the events and news as impartially and objectively as possible. As a contributor of content for Ultiworld, I am happy to also subscribe to further support efforts towards equity in ultimate.

Bryan Jones, coach of New York PoNY & UConn Grind, AUDL commentator

Ultiworld is incredibly important to our community, sport, and me as an individual. Sustainable coverage of the college, club divisions, and players has more value than the simple entertainment of being able to watch games. With Ultiworld’s drive to uphold journalistic standards to their investigative reporting, they are able keep the community at large informed of issues big and small. As someone involved in the media past and present, I can say firsthand that creating substantive commentary on the sport is often left unrewarded. Charlie and his crew are incredibly passionate about covering the sport, but that is not enough fuel to make the efforts continue to grow at this pace.

Personally, Ultiworld serves me as a coach with their massive bank of video coverage, providing me the ability to scout from my couch. As I prefer for the club and college season, I’m able to prepare my teams as a result of having my subscription. I’ve been able to read opinions on complex issues from voices that often go unheard. Ultiworld not only entertains, but serves the community as a valuable hub for discourse.

Passion is the booster rocket that helped found Ultiworld and made it the pillar that it is today. Passion isn’t enough, sustainability is the answer. Do what I did, purchase a subscription today.

Tiina Booth, coach of UMass Zoodisc & Boston Siege, former Ultiworld columnist

Tiina Tweet

Kyle Weisbrod, coach of Washington Element, former UPA Director of Youth Development, Ultiworld contributor

Ultiworld has worked hard over the past three years to take ultimate coverage to the next level. They are the first consistent ultimate news organization we have. They’ve made strides towards greater gender equity. And their video coverage is the most extensive we have in the sport. $4/month is a deal for anyone. It’s a drop in the bucket for what you spend on ultimate each year and it helps move the sport forward. They are 11 subscribers away from their goal. Please consider subscribing.
Do you have thoughts on why an Ultiworld subscription is important? Please share in the comments below!

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