Approximated USAU College Rankings: Post Warm Up & Prez Day

Huge changes to the rankings this week.

Carleton's Naomi Price-Lazarus at the 2017 College Championships.
Carleton’s Naomi Price-Lazarus at the 2017 College Championships. Photo: Paul Rutherford —

Ultiworld’s Cody Mills has put together a statistical tool to approximate the USA Ultimate rankings by using publicly available score data and applying the algorithm that USA Ultimate uses to run their numbers. While the results below are unofficial and could include some scores which are liable to be altered or removed from the official rankings, they are a good representation of the what the current rankings would look like.

Throughout the remainder of the college season, we will be running this USAU rankings approximation.

For more information about the USA Ultimate algorithm, ranking system, and some of its perceived flaws, see this FAQ from 2015.

Men’s Division

Note that Sunday games from Queen City Tune Up that did not reach halftime before the tournament was cancelled have been removed.

2Minnesota1836.268-1North Central
3Carleton College1822.128-1North Central
4North Carolina1814.9910-0Atlantic Coast
6Brown1736.258-1New England
7Massachusetts1704.584-1New England
8Cal Poly-SLO1682.6211-6Southwest
9Colorado1671.366-2South Central
10Virginia Tech1635.4712-3Atlantic Coast
11Brigham Young1609.5711-3Northwest
12Colorado State1605.135-3South Central
13North Carolina-Wilmington1602.5610-0Atlantic Coast
15Georgia Tech1588.5313-2Southeast
16Pittsburgh1578.313-2Ohio Valley
17Western Washington1575.5710-5Northwest
20Southern California1543.2810-6Southwest
21North Carolina State1539.1414-6Atlantic Coast
23Minnesota-B1492.725-0North Central
24Texas A&M1488.665-4South Central
25Texas State1486.709-0South Central

Implied Bid Allocation

AC 3 · GL 1 (-1) · ME 1 · NE 2 (+1) · NC 2 (+1) · NW 4 (+3) · OV 1 · SC 2 · SE 1 (-5) · SW 3 (+1)

Women’s Division

Note that Sunday games from Queen City Tune Up that did not reach halftime before the tournament was cancelled have been removed.

1Carleton2167.424-0North Central
2Pittsburgh2150.983-1Ohio Valley
3North Carolina2110.574-0Atlantic Coast
4Tufts University2098.373-1New England
6California-San Diego1961.5312-2Southwest
8Colorado1902.917-1South Central
9West Chester University1901.798-2Ohio Valley
10North Carolina State1871.883-1Atlantic Coast
11Ohio State1846.588-3Ohio Valley
12Texas1732.894-5South Central
13Wisconsin1655.601-3North Central
14Michigan1632.175-5Great Lakes
15Northeastern1625.422-2New England
16Dartmouth1619.294-1New England
17California-Santa Barbara1596.6617-6Southwest
18Vermont1593.275-1New England
19Georgia Tech1579.912-2Southeast
20North Carolina-Wilmington1567.519-2Atlantic Coast
22Western Washington1511.036-3Northwest
23Minnesota1509.835-4North Central
24Kennesaw State1493.597-4Southeast

Implied Bid Allocation

AC 2 (-1) · GL 1 · ME 1 · NE 4 (+1) · NC 2 · NW 1 · OV 3 · SC 2 (+1) · SE 1 · SW 3 (-1)

For more information, check out Cody’s rankings site, which also includes ‘seeded’ rankings for both Men’s and Women’s, that includes a component based on teams’ final rating from 2017 (which reduces the early season variance). Also, check out these cool connectivity visuals (Men’s / Women’s).

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