1. Bidwatch: USA Ultimate’s Final 2022 Club Rankings

    Reacting to the final bid allocations and the results that led to them.

  2. Approximated USAU College Rankings: Post-Centex & Northwest Challenge

    Will the Northwest take down 5 bids in women's?

  3. Approximated USAU College Rankings: Post Warm Up & Prez Day

    Huge changes to the rankings this week.

  4. Approximated USAU College Rankings: The Early Season Bid Picture

    Ultiworld’s Cody Mills has put together a statistical tool to approximate the USA Ultimate rankings by using publicly available score data and applying the algorithm…

  5. USAU Releases Final 2017 College Rankings, Bid Allocation

    The bid picture is settled!

  6. USA Ultimate Announces Preliminary College End Of Season Rankings

    A first look at how the Nationals bid allocation could shake out.

  7. USAU Releases Post-Stanford Rankings

    Yesterday, USA Ultimate released the second iteration of the College Rankings that will ultimately determine the bid allocation to Nationals.

  8. Updated USAU Rankings Ahead Of Regular Season’s Final Weekend

    With one weekend remaining to shake up the bid allocation, here's where things currently stand.

  9. Rankings and Super-Regionals: Time to Reconsider the Abandoned Idea?

    When the Triple Crown Tour was originally proposed, a Super Regionals idea was also on the table. New columnist Alex Edinger looks at the potential merits of that system and how it might solve bid allocation controversy.

  10. Can’t We Do Better? What’s Wrong with the Rankings Now and Some Ideas to Fix

    No ranking system will ever be perfect, and USAU gets lots of criticism for minor differences on the margins. But there are some serious problems that still need to be addressed -- and maybe some innovative solutions that could be employed.

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